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The Memories Of A Life That Repeats Itself

On July 23, 2019, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Leadership is the distinction you make between a reality that struggles in the middle of a “I’m repeating myself again” and a reality that is “already happening”.

I was always interesting to see a true story, strictly related to a double of mine, as an example of an artistic experience where one can reach the maximum freedom of expression and one can imagine the infinite possibility of an existence built on the idea of formally defining an objective content and presenting it as a continuation variant of reality.

The premise of a rational compromise between the emotional nature of the work and precise logic of compositional construction, which is reminiscent of early Renaissance art in Florence, make their way into a picture that delight any lover of beauty. Here arises the problem of consciousness, which I often imagine to be the quality of a human being set to seek the truth behind the image, in an immortal destiny.

Art is a victory of fertile soil, of flowers that cover it and of fresh air. I do not know how much time I invested, with patience and scrutiny, just to choose correctly between the crystallization variants of a nearby view, a form of special sensitivity, to raise that conceptual and experimental framework aimed at placing the human subject in coherence with the expression of a reality decorated with fragile contours.

The rose is still there, blooming with many peonies warmed by the sun’s rays, expressing the greatness of the artist who exposes his feelings in such a way that the one who sees his creation feels it as a part of himself. The story of the rose, as well as its main task, is to embody, in an appropriate artistic form, an idea of total realism under a certain dose of expressivity and superiority.

And from here, my life began to take on a special significance, constituting so many specific qualities for the style of an art that means both continuity and evolution.

Leadership: Can you externalize your personality by expressing the creative activity done with the help of the concrete from the plane of nature, so that you can capture the essential of an overview of life?

On the line of the image I reproduce below, dedicated to a topical theme, the material from which my life is made is reconditioned, the beginning of a new page of memory that will awaken nostalgia over the years. I try not to look more like who I am, just as the rose does not change its place in a magnificent garden which the artist incorporates into a signed painting: “Admiration for the beauty of nature”.

Everything that a rose feels and makes it human in a painting that starts from a simple game of varied colors and lines, can be shown with the artist’s hand in a confession that the Romanian writer Alexandru Vlahuţă makes about the painter Nicolae Grigorescu, with that charm of hidden power that gives the elegance of a conquering expressive sincerity:

“Eternally dissatisfied with his work, scratching a canvas ten times, leaving and returning ten times to the same corner of nature, which always said something else to him from the great mystery, and he always asked, feeling that, beyond the lines and the colors that are seen, there is something that cannot be seen, and which must still be seen. Must. For this is the calling of an artist in the world – to make you see for eternity what nature only shows once, at the flashing of a moment, only once, in the all-encompassing and frightening eternity of time.”

The rose still exists as the attribute of the soul to conceive a new reality, to go further, to evolve even more, to find oneself in the centuries-old experience of the human being.

An overview image of life can be obtained from the astonishment you have in front of a painting whose theme captures the horizon of defining its nature and beauty, during a memorable moment.

This is what makes a rose happy, eager to be immortalized in a picture full of color and nostalgia. I imagine it as being sublime and fascinating, as the author of an artistic creation that willfully mixes the register of the miraculous with that of the supernatural, in a magical game of composition effects:

To be a beautiful color, shining in the realization of a great dream that is more interesting from the perspective of an art testimony. To be a story of self-reflection that the artist uses to transmit a great teaching to the world, so that it exists only as an embodiment of a perfect spirit who, throughout his life, prefers to experience the particular of an isolated personality viewed in the mirror of an invariable universal reason.

To discover the qualities of a special brush that will print to my portrait, in time, elegance and softness, ensuring a perfect outline. To build my own world, as an alternative to communication with God in which will differ only color brightness and mystery. Not to disappear after death.

The rose is the spirit of a complex being, accepted by the arrangement of mysteries that are easily clothed in the coat of the word, as a replica of the imagination of an artist who describes a vision of nature to deepen the subject of a fabulous world, perfectly formed, but sometimes difficult to understand.

Leadership: Can your creation give that impression of reality in which the sensation of mystery and fabulousness prevail, to gain access to a different perception of the complexity of a “something that’s missing from your life”?

What is missing from my life is the very message that the rose conveys in the form of nostalgia, melancholy, attraction, consolation, the proof of love, because every time I look at it in the splashes of summer rain I feel that I am introduced in the marked episodes of a spiritual story.

“Hope itself is sometimes a form of pain.”

I'm just a rose. Please, cease to understand me through a multitude of glances, in all my colors, but possibly place me under a glass bell and contemplate me from the deep depths of a troubling destiny, written with the ink of the blood stream from the wounds of common mortals. Try to explore me with one eye, without losing the variety and complexity of a “something that’s missing from your life.”

I experience moments of confusion, often repeated, as a stereotype game, always the same way. A kind of feeling of abandonment in the face of transcendent power, the inability to fully control what is happening in worldly affairs. I lack that confidence to allow myself to overcome moments of high emotional intensity, but nevertheless they bloom more naturally than in the case of other flowers, even if the thorns themselves block me in a harsher reality, above that which falls below senses. Sono fuori su una nuova strada alla ricerca di una terra senza nome.

The rose denotes confidence in the experiences of another being with whom you reason in harmony with EVERYTHING, having access to a world exposed to interpretation and understood through an artistic referral, a metaphor: “The theme of life, as in a dream.”

Often, I imagine that I am the spirit of a being that traverses immortality in other roles, other rules, with other reasons for captivity, with other artistic activities, but always charged with the same mission: “È tempo di girare la pagina e iniziare un nuovo capitolo.”

Leadership, as a tendency to understand the artistic personality, aims at experiencing the moment, unrepeatable and invaluable, which you approach in a context of “visual similarity” when you are about to assume an identity from which you can no longer detach, precisely because you are complacent in the posture of a character found in the center of attention.

The Memories Of A Life That Repeats Itself take into account that source of exposition of ideas, emotions, imprint, perception and personal experience, in a creation whose main feature is the power to fulfill a destiny devoted to art. A destiny that defies the inherent ephemeral through an interpretive vision of a being similar to you, perceived as a symbol of a larger spiritual reality.

It is important how you refer to this being through a revealing comparison of truths, beauty, divine, durability, emotions, artistic potential, to make it accessible to the general public under different meanings, in a surprising story whose content is repeated at other times. and other places.

P.S. The expression “I repeat myself” resembles pleonasm. In the case of this article, I used “again” to reinforce a rule that applies over a longer period of time. If you say “I repeat myself” it may have the meaning of “it happened only once”. I have strengthened an idea, a belief, a fact, the meaning of “it happens numerous times” as a kind of deja-vu.


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