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The Moment That Decides Your Faith (I)

On July 17, 2010, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Win a better understanding of what you don’t know, in order to be much more selective in what you have to decide.

After more than three years of study in Paris, during which he learned everything a skilled doctor must know, young Zaleukos decided to find his way in the world. Every city he arrived in, he used to send word to everybody through a written paper that he is a doctor and he cured many diseases – and indeed, his balms and remedies were effective and brought him lots of money. But he didn't make money only from medicine, but from trade, as well.

Eventually, he arrived in the city of Florence, Italy. Being tired of so much walking, he decided to stay there longer. He opened a shop in the part of the city called Santa Croce and soon announced people about the naturopath services ne provided. Even from the first days, he gained his fame as a doctor and a good medicines' seller.

Leadership: Is your intervention at the blows of destiny dependent on the dimensioning of the task that makes you think about the real possibilities of the person "anonymously" designated to offer these answers?

Destined to play an important role in a bizarre business. One night, before closing the shop, he found a note which announced him to come at midnight on the bridge called Ponte Vecchio. Believing that someone wants to call him in secret to some sick man's home, which often happened to him before, Zaleukos went without suspecting anything doubtful. There, he met a mysterious gentleman, who really needed his help as a doctor, but not for a man who was alive, but for one who was dead.

In return for four hundred sequins (a lot of gold at that time), Zaleukos accepted the totally strange proposal of the mysterious gentleman with a red robe. According to him, his sister suddenly died because of an incurable disease and, according to the custom in his country, he had to leave her body to her relatives, but he had to send her head to her daughter, so she could see her one more time.

Although this custom of cutting the heads of the loved ones who died seemed awful to him, Zaleukos accepted his proposal, particularly because he was good at embalming the dead. *

Leadership: Can you satisfy an impossible search of truth that you wrongly think it must be fully accepted?

Truth represents a neutral space for objectively allocating the meanings of past experiences, wavering between two extremes – now and later – that don’t automatically exclude themselves, but instead they potentiate each other, producing a formidable continuity in the act of personal training. It’s highly likely that what you are really living will become a facilitator of the high quality of future projections. But looking beyond the context in which you are confronted with ambiguous situations, it’s all the more likely that what you are now changes in the following instant.

The truth of what you are in every instant of your existence has an interesting construction, subscribing under the implicit tendency of bringing a small contribution to certain causes that you believe in, but which the battery of your conscience overloaded with tension – in the guise of mood changes – is able to dissipate them. After this indication, your personality is reflected in what you accept as being true when you reject the null hypothesis: „the two environments are similar". Which means, what you are waiting to happen and what’s really happening behind everything that you know.

One of the biggest evidence of your value is the ability to recognize the negative side of a situation before it becomes an uncertain criteria of the truth that represents you. You can reach a more complex moral appreciation of a situation only if you reason it guided by the command impulses of your own conscience. And this is actually a tool of leadership oriented towards a certain stage of your Ego, or better said towards a new clarification direction of the judgment and discernment that helps you sieve the real values, even if you’re constrained from the outside by an absolute novelty.

The value that characterizes a person depends on the extent of the acts he is willing to do under the tutelage of the consciousness that tries to control his leap towards the mystery of an unknown world.

Only an awakening in the company of a self-acceptance in profoundly meaningful missions can emanate that profound understanding of an authentic experience. Because the ambiguity of a situation that makes you feel unsatisfied by what you have in order to understand its implications, given the fact that the inconvenient truth doesn’t start to occupy a large space of influence, it marks an inclination towards that introspection that allows you to signal the foreseen errors and mistakes.

The moment that decides your fate targets the inner approach of a real situation that asserts itself with an indisputable "authority" and that you can’t fully understand.

Satisfying an impossible search for truth, that you wrongly think it must be fully accepted is relevant for the perception of a certain message-feedback interdependence from the approach of an inadequate relationship to reason that stands at the base of your identity. The only voice that resounds redemptory above the unpleasant state created by indecision or confusion is the conscience that can be extended to certain past actions and thoughts, reminding you to be sure of what you believe you are, what you feels, what happens around you, what you decide.

* Note: Wilhelm Hauff - The Severed Hand.


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