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The Mystery Of The Art That Seeks Its Meaning

On January 07, 2018, in Leadership Journal, by Neculai Fantanaru

Reinvent your way of making art, working in the real through the power of imagination that calls for the appearances of a direct accessibility.

I was welcomed by the world of living or inert things, as constitutive elements of a unitary organism, which we perceived directly as finite results, but extensively as an autonomous space with a certain energy which, according to general relativity, led to the expansion of the universe.

It is the universe of fantasies and contrasts, dominated only by genius creators, loaded with meanings that suggest tense expressions with the deep energies of authentic life, transfigured portraits of feelings and thoughts made with the sweat of consciousness, through which the taste of the eternity of meanings unravels the forms of content behind words born out of primordial matter. They are aligned within the perimeter of expressive association allowed only by the enigmatic hieroglyphs of the Great Work, giving to the laws of reality an answer based on riddles: "The white field, the black sheep / He who sees them does not believe them / He who takes care of them knows them."

The great revelation of art is to see what everyone else loses track of, to give the inert its own space of existence, with an emanation area of the spiritual uranium, and to turn it into a meeting place with God, to change the vision of the world with the same spell with which a seducer puts his gift into play.

Leadership: Can you accept your creative side without departing from the responsibility to overcome the condition of a "prisoner of creation"?

No wonder that I was aggressively confronted with the pulsations of a devouring noise, the doubt of gathering in an organic whole the force of attraction of subjective elements that reserved the privilege of breathing that unbeatable spell of living beyond the limits of classical perception, within the perimeter of random thoughts. Everything was in relation to a tonifying feeling of tranquility, comfort, reverie, as a seal of eternal connections with the essence of a fine jewelry called "symbolizing technique", which transcends space and time.

This mysterious occupation was eventually associated with a small bridge suspended over the distance that separated me from the scientist’s faith, as when you are looking for a thing that is impossible to predict, because I no longer believed in the intelligibility of the world subjected to research, based on direct observation and empirical formulae.

I was also trying to dispense myself of the colors of the modern and safe façade of art seen through the eyes of a photographer, thoughts slipping only towards that sense of the unmistakable of cosmic enmities, urging the pen to capture moments of dreaming, so that I learn to live from fragments of inspiration just as a seducer can live his whole life through seduction.

Before gaining access to the symbolic universe of a work whose consciousness is ready to uncover the imprint of the absolute, working in the real through charismatic power, you must taste the madness of Don Quixote. Then you must access the alchemy of Paracelsus’ laboratory research, from which to extract the "free radical" placed at the center of the composition of a formula expressed by abstract reasoning.

The leap towards the highest knowledge, the science of relating to the abstruse, double thinking, reaching the definitive phase of coincidentia oppositorum, the infinite reflection implied by the "anamorphic magic" produced by the mirror of another world, all of these cannot make a giant leap forward if there isn’t always another continuator of the Great Work !

Leadership: Do you need the unaltered "Other" that exists within the depths of your being, incorporated to the image you bear through creation, to ensure an optimal visibility of the message your art transmits?

And if are wondering how in my mind was produced this plan of an architect who builds the work of art of his own life by splitting the homogeneity of a figuratively seen universe, proving in full a fine and penetrating spirit of observation, then you must bear in mind the portrait of the great politician Talleyrand, as Jean Orieux built it:

"His gaze is all that is most impenetrable in the world, he looks right in front of him, but the one he looks at cannot tell if he sees him. Our power of penetration is too small, our experience too lacking, our imagination too limited for us to make a sufficient idea of such a being. This is the effect he will produce one day on the historian, who will be able to find a precious help in this portrait. He possesses the superior qualities and the modesty of genius in front of a genius of a different caliber."

Who is the one who does everything with refrain? Who can create such a mystery that arouses such a seduction and captures a certain interest, by resorting to mind games to the extent of the meaning assigned to the marriage between the sublime and the ephemeral, between the unknowable and symbolization?

This can only be an emblematic artist of the realistic-figurative art, ventured in a relationship with that dose of semantic uncertainty that characterizes the sacred text, a sort of Pigafetta that sooner reconciles with the silence of enclosed spaces and silent books, than with the sword drawn in the midst of struggles between feelings and indiscretions provided by the revelations of the real world.

To look at things from the perspective of art, learn to penetrate the mystery of a portrait by delving deeper into the details of an imaginary being.

The formula of mystery, created in the midst of an apparently verisimilar event, such as the history of a portrait in a mirror that tempts us into an imaginary universe beyond the represented one, is the result of an act of communication in which God Himself, the supreme infinite, reveals to man the secret which is at the same time a revelation of His essence hidden everything.

The otheris the projection of the Ego that says "Yes" to the changing of seeing "divine" forms that are at the basis of the visible world and give it life. It represents that sense of the victory to express the abstruse, the contradictory, the obscure metaphor, symbolizing the penetration in opposite of shadow, labyrinthic, of man.

The Mystery Of The Art That Seeks Its Meaning is found in the forefront of the curiosity of finding new things, doubting imagined ones, culminating in the attempt to express through their antithesis a new reality.


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