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The Novels Of Closed Worlds

On April 10, 2014, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Express your self-identity by living the experience of self, realizing the communion between a closed and onerous world, and the world of unlimited knowledge.

I am but an unanswered question in this world, without which I could not exist. I am the actor in the middle of a play, without assimilated experiences, fitted with a mind of no return, for which only a master of hyperrealism could have an answer: "I think even if the world does not exist."

Why am I how I am? This complicated question asks to be carried by many other questions, just as blood circulates in the body providing nurture to all organs and cells, shoving into the account of my existence concerns and contradictions from which I cannot turn my mind away from. Admittedly, my world is more and more like the novel of an illustrious exile on the page of a destiny that assumes a less ordinary history, the novel of a case of conscience that lives through a destiny of no one, but which has the idea of a fragment from Umberto Eco’s book (From the Tree to the Labyrinth):

“Not only does Borges’ character forget nothing, but within the obsessive memorial flow he manages to make us miss the only thing that matters in finding the solution. The Borgesian text, telling us about a character who remembers everything, actually speaks to us in a metanarrative way about a reader who remembers nothing and a text that does everything to make him forget.”

Leadership: Does your experience of an atypical destiny empire favor the impulse of your awakening from the apparent wake of a surreal world?

Why am I how I am? But the doubt that this question sparks, more and more intense and full of experience, to which the most convenient answers would take me by surprise and to which the universe itself, embodied in an infinite number of meanings would encounter great difficulty in finding its place in its continuous expansion, somehow favors the impulse of revival from the apparent watch of a surreal world.

The idea that this question triggers about myself is not the one the common man gets, one whose thinking registers in the phenomenon called "normal-mode". But the one lived by an independent spirit, freed from the void of a closed world, as if forced to keep hidden deep inside the true secret of universal creation. While others are experiencing science without seeing the layer of radical reform of knowledge, I remake it after my own laws.

I feel overwhelmed with thoughts, confused by the small internal revolutions that time and space trigger, with their power of conceiving the world. As if I were attracted by the gravitation of an unknown matter, found outside of the universe. Like any writer bent to the frontiers of fiction and the Unknown, in the creative process of an unparalleled art, I build my world marked by a surrealistic imagination, which is in fact the result of an inner anxiety, a torrent of feelings from which multiple and varied images emerge about myself, false images in the eyes of other people.

I am the secret history of a world that you can understand only by shutting yourself in an internal solitude, of which madness and reason, like two boxers in love, disguised in a surveillance unit, are unaware that they are manufactured by the same man.

Leadership: Do you know how to turn the experience of the self into a path of unparalleled knowledge through the position assumed by the requirements of an art that refuses to lend itself to repeatability and inertia?

Do you know that chess player who for years never knew any other opponent than himself? He had been imprisoned during World War II, locked in an empty room. He learned to play chess by producing his own chess pieces from the buttons on his tunic, the board being the checkered sheet. For years he played alone, only against his imaginary opponent. And when he finally met the world chess champion, Mirko Czentovic, in his first and only match against a real opponent, he won without an issue.

This is the fruit of the unbeatable experience of the self, behind the great science, making the amazingly mature and precise x-ray of leadership that reaches that level of mastery incomprehensible and unimaginable for the limited spirits or even of those superior. An enigma for the small ones, a meeting point with the infinite for the great ones.

Because the personal way of development, without decomposing your knowledge into factors of vulnerability, representing one of the first "productions" of existence based on using inner resources, reconstructs on a small scale the closed worlds in terms of a specific way of being. The self sets the tone.

An art that refuses to lend itself to repeatability and inertia reveals itself as a meeting with yourself in a reality that does not necessarily have to be believable, but to draw as much attention to the echo that the mixture (in varying amounts) has between “truth” and “the projections of a new and expanded consciousness.”

Grand Alchemist, Father of pottery, Bernard Palissy, said regarding what constitutes the safety of full knowledge, which cannot stagnate indefinitely, but occupies a large expanse in the depth of the times: "I have no other book but the heaven and the earth that are given for all to read."

The heaven and the earth symbolize the landmarks of an ongoing investigation, the result of an initiative of changing the perception of reality and the development of an imaginary representation of the world and of life. That constitutes the premise of implementing a way of thinking in leadership without which man could not compete at the peaks of thought, that means everything. And the boundlessness that maintains the great science.

Listen to yourself, and thus you will learn everything. Why are you what you are? Why do you know what others do not? Are you the secret history of a world that you can understand only if you shut yourself in an inner solitude?

The basic subject of authentic writing is the experience of self in the backdrop of an uncertain and unknown reality, which few anticipate, but which has the role of highlighting the huge force of reinventing a story that treats life from the point of view of an expanded consciousness.

The novels of closed worlds highlight those latencies of the self that no one has access to, those superior capacities of man, developed over time. Of those people whose consciousness is not enough for them to learn to interact with all levels of reality, but who must be given the temptation of knowing another dimension of the world, even an imaginary one, aimed at the better management of renewing and progressive personality types.

The leader is a gripping novel, appreciated, modern and complex, with a strong symbolism, built first and foremost around a single powerful character: himself.

Leadership is an addition to what science and practice, which support each other, should provide as an alternative to the consumption of intellectual matter. You can rise to a higher degree of understanding for the doctrine of a wider identity only if you learn to make the experience a path of self-knowledge unparalleled in the face of others. In the face of the crowd who is ready to understand the existential questions or your revelations, that can become the tool for promoting new intellectual "products".


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