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The „One In Many” Principle

On August 28, 2022
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

The fact of individuals being in large numbers is the result of researching the actions of a small number of individuals.

At the last marathon in which I participated, everything was different, especially through the prism of the appearance of a torrential rain that seemed to never end, but also through the realistic assessment of the situation imposed by the manner of manifestation and action of the collective mind. Everything that resembled an unyielding will, um desejo enorme , a passion or a bold idea, did not tire anyone. No regret was visible on the faces of the runners, on the contrary, it was as if the nasty weather brought with it, in addition, that dose of challenge absolutely necessary to strengthen the general tone.

Being in solidarity with the ideas of sportsmanship on which the ideal of peace and friendship is based, I could by no means affirm that there was in me any bitter regret which could have irritated me, any feeling of pain, to wish to do something different or to cancel an action, for me, for which sport is a part of my life. By the way, recognizing that a healthy body is dominated by a healthy mind, existing in me, unfortunately perhaps, too much passion – even overflowing at times, here is that running succeeds in such contests in the performance of strengthening the friendship between the runners precisely through each one’s refusal of ever giving up, under any circumstances.

In many years, perhaps in old age, I will no longer be in the power to do anything outwardly voluntarily, so as to show again and again my valiant, impetuous, initiative character. Perhaps I will no longer be capable of spontaneous reactions, because for now everyone has this power through voluntary impulse. When my excitement wanes, I will have fewer aspirations, but more memories, like a reversible journey of the soul, accepting the form of accommodation with those emotional situations that the constraint of time, place and manner gives me, understanding that I never walked the wrong road.

Leadership: Is it difficult for you to combine experiencing an exceptional moment – with the immortalization of some images from which you can capture the pattern of a dual world transformed into a semi-abstract painting?

Creating my own reality based on understanding the atmosphere before the contest, focusing all my thoughts on a fixed, obsessive idea, which in the hands of others could have become dangerous, that Serestassifa-Mystica (the connection between things that no one would think), I turned my attention to the presence of the substitution effect of the added value of performance – with a unique and primordial sense of communion. Basically, I was struck by the solemn impression that people live together, belong to each other, and are not isolated.

In marathon competitions, everything is achieved through the mind-soul connection. Fiery, raised in the sphere of an ineluctable determinism, the emotional expression of each runner, combined with a game of spontaneous reactions and intentional facial expressions, make up a veritable language. Everyone offers everything from his soul, but no one wants anything from the soul of others, nothing except that ardent admiration that makes you choose a role model, a deep and intuitive insight into the sublime character of an entity that has the very cause and principle of its own existence based on unity and solidarity.

And I run, and I run, and I run, just as a painter exceeds his level of mastery at the most important results, where an unusual psychological endowment is required. And even if sometimes, during all this time, I feel that I am wandering in a surreal dream, sometimes touched by a more pressing outline around the idea of abandoning the “daemon”, that extraordinary something that goes beyond the ordinary and leaves him way back, I still search for my identity in the spatiality inherent in an image that is always glimpsed on the horizon and is stored, with a resolution of a second, in a mirror of the soul.

As the writer Hannah Arendt rightly remarked: “Each artist’s unique signature, their unprecedented sensitivity to style, proves a preoccupation with those traits by which the artist exceeds their skill and mastery in a way similar to the way each person’s uniqueness exceeds the sum total of his qualities.”

Leadership: Can you determine the accentuation of “One” in the plan of the evolution of the forms of visual and emotional communication, in a natural sequence of consequences that does not burden you with the effects of an analogical perspective, from the past?

At one point I saw a 17-year-old young man in sports clothes handing his own raincoat to another. In another moment, one of the winners on the podium offered to donate the prize of 350 RON to an athlete in a wheelchair. I couldn’t help noticing how some runners intervened on the mountain trail, when others didn’t know where to go. A truly friendly, unforgettable, accessible, and therefore totally non-competitive environment was created, with everyone being as if tense, active in search of a dual world in which one belongs to the others, and the others belong to only one.

“One” is best expressed in the form of an “acceptance of multiplicity”. Being in large numbers is the result of researching the actions of a smaller number of individuals. So, I should first specify the idea that no human is an isolated, singular occurrence. Leadership is an element of emphasizing “One” in the plan of the evolution of forms of visual and emotional communication, in a natural sequence of consequences that never burdens you with the effects of an analog perspective, from the past.

A long-distance runner is an example of this thinking: I realized that I am responsible for the emotions of others in a world where there is only “one in many”. I repeat. The moment when I am the happiest is when I want to know the glorification of the Self within me, to fulfill the expectations of my own individuality. Only in this way can I perfect a character of liveliness, spontaneity and freedom from any limitation.

The fate of the major transformations that occur in leadership depends on the realization of a dual confrontation: fighting a battle with yourself for a world in which you exist only as the equivalent of a multiple of 1,1.

The “One In Many” Principle applies to the situation where a single human depends on other humans to reaffirm his determination to be unique, respecting the minimum requirements set by the voice of authority that says: “you are more than you have become in a world in which everyone goes his own way”.

And, to conclude, I will say only this. There are only two consequences that do not burden you with the effects of an analogical perspective, from the past: there is no reward for deeds, but for the intention that generated the deed. And, then, it doesn’t matter what you get at the end of the race, but what matters is how much you give to achieve a change on a motivational level.

What was left in my mind and soul? The fact that these people do not wander through the world like blind people, nor stumble like drunkards in a continuous dialogue with themselves, on a tortuous, steep, zigzag climb, which many pretend not to notice. Sometimes they stop in one place, look around with joy, with longing. Sometimes they look to the ground to see how a flower grows, admire even the smallest blade of grass, listen to even the smallest “noise” of nature. After all, I think every runner has something of an artist in them…

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