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The Only Indicator For The Value Of A Leader

On April 17, 2020, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Rise to the level of superiority required by the complete leadership model, without descending to the level of inferiority required by the subtlety of a choice that transcends you as a possibility of achievement.

Writer Mika Waltari once wrote about Sultan Mehmed II, the conqueror of Constantinople:

I took from the history books the passages that described the most important battles of Hannibal and Caesar. I listened intently to every story of a siege, every description of a war machine tearing down walls. I studied their plans and drawings and compared them with the siege cars used by Alexander the Great. I had read all that had been written about it in Greek and Arabic on my own. I was not a pleasant student, because I used every opportunity to make fun of people’s credulity and good intentions.

“The more I study history”, said Sultan Mehmed, “the more I am surprised at the folly of the people.” There is no lie that they are not ready to believe, as long as they are given enough assurances. Victory crowns the most infamous betrayal, and success is the only indicator of a leader’s worth. The victorious leader is above the gods. Alexander called himself Zeus-Amon, and the stories also give him the name Bicorn. The first condition of power is a solid army, but a sovereign must also know how to organize his empire and be right as long as it fits with his objectives. He must build sustainable structures, protect scholars, historians and poets so that they can pass on the names of those who will come, and make sure that they mention only his victories, omitting the evil deeds that are prerequisites for the former. *

Leadership: Does everything under your influence operate in a context that allows you to set goals and achieve them, forming a perfect harmony between exterior and interior?

Believing in your own abilities to act effectively, trying to bring the significance of your events into history, is always learned from a relationship with something: the value between what you know you are in reality and what you foresee sees a whole world in you. What does that mean? It means that the privilege of being a leader can give meaning to life lived at a time when you must link the image of a vertical-spiritual aspiration with the image of a brilliant personality.

What you propose as an event of a personal history, leaving the imprint of your own vision over the centuries, is learned from a whole personal struggle, not only as a method of promoting the image of a winner. Your involvement in history must foster a supreme power that “rules” and not “leads”, one that does not shape “an end”, but grinds a new beginning.

And in relation to the reality of a higher power, I believe that the value of the quality of knowing how to get what you want, must be in accordance with the way you act in terms of significance to your membership as “immortales hominem” and “homo religious”. What a triumph, isn’t it?

To bring closer to your image of leader that ability to manage events in time and space, to start the construction of an image of the past made with the soul of a believer who knows that he has a precise duty to the great deed, this is tied to how one sees the world, life and those around, to reconnect with your inner being, to rediscover the immense potential you have: to give meaning to a continuously reinvented existence.

The leader is not an ordinary man, he is a man who makes a difference between people.

The leader is not only an example of victorious deeds for the present full of the unforeseen, but also represents the motivation to pass on what is beautiful in itself, that is to appreciate and favor the subtlety of such a choice that exceeds the possibilities of other people.

At the same time, the leader risks descending to the level of inferiority required by the subtlety of a choice that transcends him as a possibility of realization, when what he is able to accomplish does not respect the essential conviction of a good Christian: namely, that everything from him can be safely fulfilled or that everything he leaves behind will never collapse.

The goals you pursue can form a perfect harmony between the outside and the inside, when everything your personality can offer despite its (seductive) appearances is kept in the sphere of a positive approach to the Self from the perspective of divinity. Or, according to the writer Mihaela Malic, to remain situated in the Divine means not to give way to those who want to destabilize you. It also means, as the Lord Jesus said, to live on earth as in heaven, that is, to attain spiritual perfection, immortality, through power, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge.

Can you maintain yourself in the sphere of a positive approach to the Self from the perspective of the world that belongs to the being, and through the prism of the being that belongs to the world?

Your mission is to make sure that every event you organize as a “tribute to history” is a success, so that you get rid of any imperfections and enjoy every path you take in life. The ideal is to realize that that single event can be overcome only by facing what you feel and accepting the situation. If you change the event, so that it is linked to another project of your evolution, you must first know that, even if you do not trust people, you will always need them.

An entire personal promotion strategy is a construction of the image of the present made by an artist of the future.

The Only Indicator For The Value Of A Leader is the superiority with which he presents himself in the middle of the world, as if the whole world were the representation of a supreme deity from some times that always return in another version of reality, in another life story.

P.S. The only choice that surpasses a leader as a possibility of achievement is to become an ordinary person again. Or, as Sultan Mehmed said, success is the only indicator of a leader’s worth. The victorious leader is above the gods.

* Note: Mika Waltari - Young Ioannis, Polirom Publishing House, 2020


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