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The Pain That Looks Towards The Stars

On March 03, 2014, in Basic Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Come closer to what makes a man “tick”, keeping into account those convictions regarding his capacity to ignore or accept negative realities.

Bishop Myriel could have been called anytime at the bed of sick or dying people. He knew that was his most important duty and his true purpose. The families of the widows and orphans didn’t need to call him. He went by himself. He knew to sit and keep quiet for a long time next to the man who had lost his beloved wife, next to the mother who had lost his child. The same as he knew how to keep quiet, he knew when to speak. A wonderful consolation !

He didn’t try to soothe pain through forgiveness, but to elevate it and crown it through hope. He would say: “Beware when you think about the dearly departed. Do not think about what rottenest. Look straight forward. You will see the living light of your dearly departed glowing on the sky.”

He knew the benefactions of faith. He tried to give advice and soothe a man caught in disbelief by pointing towards someone who has resigned. He tried to transform the pain that looks towards the grave, showing him the pain that looks towards the stars. *

Leadership: Can you accelerate a man’s access to a superior status by underestimating the functional authority that possesses him?

Are you trying to show that you can collect together other situation approaches than the participative ones in the development of man? How would it be, as leader, to try and accelerate the access of man towards a superior status “forgetting” himself, underestimating the functional authority that possesses him?

A superior status, of which everyone can pride themselves, that of a total man who knows and uses the instruments of science (philosophical, sociological, theological) to say without fear what he has, can be obtained by cultivating values such as: truth, good, ethics.

The functional authority that possess such a man, leaving aside any doubts about the correctness of its values and the content of his answers is given the duty that he assumes fully: to contribute to strengthening the role of an intermediary between good and evil, always leading a struggle for the development of full consciousness that is placed in relation to the “other” exterior, with a presence of the immutable, to reveal the divinity surrounding us.

The interesting fact for the future of leadership is that there will be no discussion about promoting a man that lacks spirituality and faith in a happy peaceful normality, in terms of either-or, but in terms of and-and. Which means you have to be a realist and a visionary, understanding and supporting, and a guide in the same time.

You can’t always limit a man’s reality, but you can try to change his existential status from "nonsen" to a certain level of perceptiveness. To place his thought, feeling and suffering reference frames in a different orientation. For leadership to have a soothing effect on spiritual pains, taking into consideration the dimension of your involvement in other people’s life, it’s not enough to try and bring to light that infinite beauty and love – which represents the foundation of life and exists in each of us.

Leadership: Are you trying to diminish the effected connected to sensitive phenomena that take place inside “living systems” with a bad orientation?

We have the strength to be aware of every situation that other people come across. We can choose what we do further so that they can appreciate more and remember their worth. We can assert our emotions in order for them to feel better in their skin, accept themselves, develop themselves both mentally and emotionally and reach their maximum potential. We can bring them back to a level of self-contempt that makes their life easier. Only in this way we can grow new aspirations from the seeds of our achievements.

All these aspects of our understanding and positive influence on a man, controlling his existence and needs in life strengthen and depend on each other. They form a painting full of vibration that represents our authentic self – who we truly are in situations where we feel that the others lose control over their lives.

Are you trying to make your way through the complex spiritual life twists and turns of the people around you?

Living systems are units of thought supplemented by assemblies of states, processes and the psychological characteristics peculiar to each individual, significant by their organization in a position of authority. They are compatible with the meaning that we give to the puzzling phenomena so much nowadays: ecstasy, insight, revelation, sensitivity to pain, healing effects produced by what is called more or less “faith”.

When these systems are not oriented towards an entity of a higher order, man loses his ability to recognize the transition from wakefulness to self-denial.

Leadership: What feeling do you convey when the beneficiaries of some negative experiences insistently demand an "invoice" for the guarantee of a new personal stability?

Think about this question: Who are you when you notice the inappropriate operation of the human existential apparatus? Are you a clockmaker who tries to fix the mechanism of human nature with patience, strictness and precision? Do you try to reassemble those pieces that don’t match their transformation dimensions that integrate perfectly only in the background of a barren reality, condensed in one situation or the other?

Let’s remember what Viorica Ardeleanu used to say: “Watch-making is taught daily. It happened to me many times that someone brought me a clock that I have never seen before, but that looked similar to others somehow. I created connections between the other models that I managed to fix and the clocks I saw for the first time. I fixed clocks with a golden cover, but also simpler clocks.”

The pain that looks towards the stars is all about those dark and hidden sides of your personality that if you can’t manage to understand and eliminate, you will find your foundation only in hesitation, embarrassment in your relationship with others and under-appreciation of  your own self.

* Note: Victor Hugo - Les miserables ;


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