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The Painting In Which I Have Captured Your Portrait

On November 03, 2018, in Leadership Expert, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to make use of a mix of art and decor, by guaranteeing the authenticity of your own confessions.

Her memory preserves the exact mark of every single thing, from the artistic to the aesthetic, vis-à-vis everything that surrounds her, so she does not miss any detail, no banality, no episode experienced in her presence. It never happens to her, like writers who tell their story sensitively but captivating, to hesitate for too long or to decide too quickly in the way they make a state of affairs in the event of an unpredictable conjuncture. It’s just her. Everywhere and in any context.

Usually, when you try to characterize someone you omit to mention their name, but you always assign them a fictitious identity that can support the reasoning based on the finitude of a closed world between the macrocosm and the microcosm. Somehow, I feel as if I have to embrace a star that illuminates the dark night sky only, without expecting anything in return other than the thrill of living in which she becomes invisible. And if I try to characterize in one word the young, beautiful and mysterious young lady, I would struggle with the pleasure of taking possession of what I love, without getting what I’m fighting for.

She seems to benefit from all the strengths of a master actor in non-verbal theater art. I am the skilled magician of the words made to rhyme with the voice of a demiurge who knows the language of silence.

The image of the reality focused on the experience of looking into yourself depends on the white background surplus that you cannot highlight in a painting of great refinement.

If I were to portray the traits of her personality beyond the immortality of a material world in the universe of human passages, as a kind of representation of an alternative reality, I would probably wreak havoc in a surrealistic collage of images seen only through the kaleidoscope of a century of loneliness. Garcia Marquez would envy my literary style for the strange play of the plausible and surrealistic associations that only allow for the rest of a reading to identify a space strongly impregnated with symbolism. A symbolism placed on a demiurge who, absorbed in himself, endlessly shapes ever deeper universes.

With a glance, she tries to discover all my thoughts, judging me coldly, as a lawyer, but that only gives me a better position in the midst of trying to find a secret geometry in the nature of an intelligent volitional intervention that fascinated creators over time. The particular form of reason that can be attributed to it under the unpredictable sign of a destiny reconstituted in imagination belongs to the skill of creating a complex world illustrated by the surplus of the power of coloring some sequences born of the mystery of a challenging and risky game: "who manipulates who".

A young and beautiful girl is a reality that is found in an eternal dream, a parallel existence in my writings, an appreciation of the past, and no indication of the future, especially when by consulting art an attempted is made to penetrated into the literature of a world that is revealed in the formula of the agglomeration of fine details. I still have a lot to learn about life, even more about art, especially if I would imagine myself searching the mind of a girl enclosed in a representation of a different reality, which seems to send out a triumphal cry out of the heart: "I admire you, but only from far up !"

Leadership: Can you engage in a harsh action of overturning appearances beyond perception, in relation to deepening into a unique painting from which the main figure stands out?

It is never the case that she forgets something without suspended herself in an imaginary space. She was a tough, cold girl in the old days, but you could easily get in her good graces as soon as you tickled her pride. I would like to be more lenient now. Often, reality is a deepening in an original painting from which the main figure stands out. I’m not the way you imagined, but you’re just the way I imagined. Have I not arranged them well? I have not given due importance to an expression of things that benefit the quality of your power to share intrinsic knowledge? Know, dear lady, that art means to detach yourself from the fund of a composition that resembles another.

The depth of symbolic content lends itself to the use of a varied chromatic field, made up of red, orange, yellow and purple, which increases the efficiency of intellectual activity and influences the search for novelty satisfaction. As a side note, this kind of association between the beauty of the model, the enigmas of a forgotten book and the symbolic space of a work with metaphysical depth, has its historical precedent in the technique of cubist collage that captures the momentary state of things, unlike the futuristic current that captures their movement.

She continues to believe in me, through direct intuition, that I will be able to make the core of a deep-seated creation only by increasing the intensity of the colors obtained by direct contact with the environment, with different images and natural objects. At the same time, the expression of her face seems literally the opposite of the impression I had about her. Seems like she’s devising a way through which everyday objects take the form of people, which she would like to lead on a permanent journey into enigmatic realms full of magic and detective plots. Probably, my dear, you have forgotten who the creator is and who the viewer is.

Leadership: You benefit from the perceptual availability of the eye to move successively from one vision to another on the background of the same composition, knowing that on the back of the painting hides another painting?

By triggering positive affective feelings due to the appreciation with which I have been overwhelmed many times, I succeeded in achieving a natural empathy stemming from the impulse of the desire to conceal a bit of my arrogance and attitude of superiority in front of a being that is just barely approaching that savoir faire of reading art. I gave her the impression that I still have a lot to learn before I get creative in the true sense of the word. Clearly, I acted modestly, but behind the modesty lies the shadow of an eternal glory.

I will always admire you in many ways, you are attractive, intelligent, you know how to appreciate the man who always has back wind on his sail. But out of the shadow of a secret look, if I try to bring you a delight of the senses through a coloration of eyes, from the serene purity of a summer morning to the gentleness of an autumn sunset, I would probably not be able to reproduce the real image of what is presence or lack thereof, calling or refusal, perspective or opacity, innocence or mistake, proximity or distance. Reality gets another look in the angel-winged painted man in a chromatic gamut dominated by browns and bright orange.

Art is the detailed version of a solemn world defined by feeling. The brush full of the meaning of a story where everything seems miraculous as long as everything seems full of meaning, renewed from eye to soul, becomes enriched with a feeling of happiness of a completely different nature. A beautiful young woman has the gift of suggesting a series of passionate associations, a formula that tells my imagination that I can go against the current. Which does not tire her, it stimulates her. Clearly, seduction is the beginning of an adventure where things become interesting.

But she lacks the boldness of the painter who knows how to turn a boring topic into an interesting one. She does not at all fight to own what she truly loves, she is led by a sort of cowardice covered by pride, a collage of sensibilities that do not advance to virtue. Something, however, gives her the necessary moment to enjoy the little things, fine pleasures, without thinking that things could be different, by their very own power to associate or to substitute themselves. The art of conquering a woman consists in abandoning all the things she controls.

I will not ever know you too well, I will never be able to save you from the depths of a heart devoid of content, but intuition tells me that you are part of my universe. Because you will never be able to leave the painting in which I have captured your portrait.

Leadership is the portrait you masterfully craft to define someone’s profile, yet leaving a small white background circle that occupies the forefront of a world never known to the fullest.

The Painting In Which I Captured Your Portrait can best be found in my heart, who never knew the regret of knowing you, but rather the regret that I could not render you in a more expressive, clearer and more transparent manner.


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