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The Passionate Anger Of Blind Souls

On May 12, 2014, in Leadership Magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

Check your character traits, by interacting with what is beyond your own appearance.

The child stopped at the bush without noticing Jean Valjean. A 40 copper coin dropped on the ground and rolled into the thorn bush, towards Jean Valjean, who immediately put his foot on it.

- Sir, said the little Savoyard with that childhood confidence made out of ignorance and innocence, give me back my money.

Jean Valjean, tired and angry, suddenly rising to his feet, with his sole still on the coin, became almost menacing: "Get out of here, boy !"

After a few moments, the child left, running for his life, not daring to look back or give a shout.

The shadow dropped around Jean Valjean. He had not eaten all day. He pulled his cap over his eyes, unconsciously sought to wrap his coat, stepped forward and leaned to lift his stick. And at that moment, he saw the 40 coppers coin that his foot sunk into the ground, which glittered among the rocks. He felt like an electric shock: "What is this?", he said through his teeth.

Simply put: it wasn’t him who stole, not the man, but the animal that, usually and instinctively, foolishly put his foot on that coin, while his intelligence struggled in the flood of so many new and unheard obsessions. When his intelligence woke up and he realized the animal’s deed, Jean Valjean drew back in terror and gave a gruesome yell: "Oh my God, what have I done? I am a bastard !" *

Leadership: Do you shape your character in terms of "good" that is evil or "evil" that is good?

In terms of how you perceive and manage your own being, activating that force of the soul, which according to experienced reality, determines it to manifest more and more pronounced, you cannot avoid the emergence of a completely new automatic control system, with new forms of protest, but also with new values. And, obviously, with new representation and operating structures, and with new, solid, simple, clear and harsh laws, which make life seem a hard to climb mountain or a river passing mountains.

Leadership becomes, in this case, a new symbolic superstructure, respectively a second order authenticity, in that it cannot indicate the ratio of authority, influence and impact, due to moral and value constraints.

Leadership becomes a practical uncertainty, a shift from material to spiritual world, depending on a two temporal dimensions situation – past and present – that could facilitate your future interaction with what is beyond you. More specifically, with the experience of "good" that is evil or "evil" that is good. In symbolic terms, the two extremes are represented by "The Man" and "The Animal".

Little Gervais, the child who lost his coin, made an indirect good to Jean Valjean, helping him understand his dark side. And Jean Valjean, who remembered the evil man that he was, had to rehabilitate, doing only good deeds.

Leadership: Do you consider the possibility of losing yourself in a foreign character when your existence is lost in the outcome of a situation that is distinguished by the impossibility of understanding it?

The true face of battle, which rises or descends leadership, here it is. It is this challenging and powerful meeting point between what you are capable of becoming, creating a vacuum to be "filled" by an effort of understanding what you are, in terms of how you react to what you experience, and what you have actually become from how you managed the personality "crisis" that you crossed.

The bigger the discrepancy between the emotional Ego (often singularized through your external manifestations) and the self-consciousness (expressed through the inner verbal discourse, creating opposites that allow you to think), the lower your degree of maturity. No wonder Anthony Silard, President of The Center for Social Leadership, often advised: "Focus only on your high-quality ingredients, which make you unique, dynamic and worthy of love."

To develop your leadership in situations where you feel out of control, it is not important the possibility to get lost in a foreign character, which intrigues and enslaves you at the same time, obeying those high vibration thoughts that cause you negative emotions. But to contribute to reduce those life aspects, which in dealing with yourself, can bring you value.

You cannot always change what you’ve done; you cannot always "patch up" your remorse with optimism and cheerfulness, but you can try to humanize "the animal" you feel that you’ve turned into.

The character that limits your leadership is the finding you make about your personality in a context where your profession, activity or mission records major image costs.

The Passionate Anger Of Blind Souls concerns that way to evolve to good and very good, on an upward trajectory, unclouded by pride, passion and violence.

* Note: Victor Hugo - Miserables;


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