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The Perfect Coincidence Between Image And Sound

On April 02, 2008, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

For two reasons, I love art so much: changing perspective and broadening my vision.

Prokofiev considers the director Sergei Eisenstein a fine musician precisely because he notices the symphonic character of his editing constructions, the nuanced understanding of the musical phenomenon. Eisenstein, who has often remarked on his inexperience in music, once wrote, “I think that I am a composer merely by chance. Because I am most passionate for compositional issues.” And Prokofiev, a brilliant composer, takes into account the musical opinions of the director, he happens to remake the music of a fragment six times and when he introduces some themes composed earlier, he then recreates the music at the request of Eisenstein who “did not allow for old tunes to slip by.”

When Prokofiev starts, the director adapts his editing to music, according to a special mechanism. First of all, he has to imagine very vividly, to see clearly all the plastic material available for that scene. Then he has to look for the perfect match between a precise image and a certain fragment of music. He seeks the coincidence between the “make of the object or landscape” with the time of a musical passage, an intimate consonance that cannot be explained rationally, between a musical fragment and a fragment of the image. It’s not so simple, because at this stage the fragments of images are in chaos and their ordering, according to the precise structure of the music, pushes him to jump from one end of the film to another, to guess which side of the fragments will correspond to a certain musical phrase”. *

Leadership: Are you determined enough to look for the perfect match between a precise image and a certain fragment of a sensitive act of communicating emotions, at the junction between what is hidden and what is shown?

What did I learn from this? That only in a context of representation of artistic Creation, by ensuring the image of subjects of great scope and great relevance for the contemporary world, will you be able to perceive the difference between what you think and what you generate through your feelings and intuition. Moreover, considering the vision of a surprising reality appeared in the phenomenal artistic horizon, looking for the coincidence between the “invoice of the object or landscape” you will be able to express remarkably a sensation of rebirth, revival to life with the help of suggestive images.

How do you reach the coincidence between the “make of the object or landscape”? I think that through a conjugation of images that capture an abstraction, through a mystery of a historical or spiritual nature, through a projection of an idea of becoming through emotion, through a projection of a reality that escapes the ordinary capacity for perception.

In the art of film directing, it is important to adapt the montage to a revelation of knowledge, enlightenment, ideal and beauty, as proof of high spiritual values. It is important to create a creative atmosphere, full of emotions and surprises, just with the help of simple elements and in just a few seconds.

Then, the fragment of any image you expose to the whole world must capture the states of people in extreme situations, so try to appeal not only to the art of looking, but also to the art of thinking with sounds, with sensory elements, so that to bring the spectators to a point where they are totally open and able to better understand the connection between symbolism and realism, between old and new, between static and dynamic.

Leadership: Can you express in a practical and flexible way the concept of personalization of a subject very little present in the public sphere that would keep the fundamental idea of a new form of dissemination of a message or a teaching?

Note the following. Many times, directors direct the combination of what is expected to happen with the characters and what exactly happens during people’s lives in reality, in order to be able to express emotions visually, artistically. Therefore, the directors practice the awareness of a dramatic intention to develop film scripts to a fabulous level, promoting the art of managing the impression produced by the act of responsibility of the critic towards the value of the creators. So, through creation, it is necessary to appeal to free artistic living and expression, better emphasizing the idea of synchronicity between fact and fantasy, between what is and what is possible, between what could be true from what is in fact real.

A broadening of the vision of art occurs with the use of music as a dynamic factor of action (the art of movement), or as a factor of temporal direction of movements and aesthetic cultural education, especially as a factor of spiritual uplift or as a tool for predicting a worlds to come, And if it is true what the singer Diana Saveanu said, that music is a language that allows you to convey much more easily what you feel, then the image that is projected using this language must have a metaphorical level, a high resolution of the captured scenes (highlighting important objects and details) to announce a new approach to the subjects and a new expression of the reality of life.

The change of perspective in art occurs as a form of expression of people’s feelings and beliefs, with the help of a language through which you have the opportunity to superlatively express a certain idea, beyond images, beyond words and gestures, beyond appearances.

The Perfect Coincidence Between Image And Sound is obtained when the vision you project about Creation and Art exerts its force to traverse time, to traverse different worlds with the help of a language through which you communicate your ideas, feelings, life experience.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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