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The Phenomenology Of Authentic Knowledge

On February 04, 2016, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be your own model of inspiration, escaping from the habit of accepting narrow horizons of perception of reality.

I pounced on a small part of the border called "My secret plan" with full responsibility, like Jean Valjean who tenses all of his powers to pull old man Fauchelevent from under the stuck carriage. I realized that the effect I had upon the world was in fact a replica of the attempt to "share your own kind of hero."

And since no one can easily move his beliefs, as a chess piece is moved when in danger of being taken by the opponent, it was vital for me to consistently follow my entire counterbalance in the face of an eventual error resulting from this border. A narrow horizon of knowledge aims to bypass a dreamlike, unexplored world.

Seen from somewhere up above, everything happening in this tight engagement of the conjunctural experiences, between the simple exploration and the different interpretation of the events of my evolution, as far as the possibility of applying the coercion called "Transcendence", it would’ve seemed without a doubt to be an intangible invention, a case of turning a random fact in the reason of my being above what can be thought of or understood.

Only after a few years, reaching the sublime of an immense victory over a certain type of being, I was going to realize that during this whole journey in me stesso it was as if I was seized in the spell of bizarre situations, worthy of the game "XCOM: Enemy Unknown". From explorer I had become a conquistador.

I could not say even today if this had happened due to the influence of the belief that I am more than the arithmetic sum of simple incentives, or if it was merely a consequence of the surpluses of appearances from which essence transpires. A single thing I can say with certainty: you must be a gamer to make it easier to obtain control over inner relationships and at the same time to become aware of what is happening outside of you.

Leadership: Is the main object of your knowledge the relationship between the strength of your presence in a place where you have not physically lived and the strength of your life in a continuous superlative?

A tendency of the attempt to escape from the habit of accepting narrow horizons is felt in the fact that can’t always convincingly distinguish between the two opposing forces, otherwise defined in the abstract. It is the force of your presence in a place in which you haven’t lived physically and the force of your experience in a continuous superlative. Both show the quality of your mind of developing a new understanding and of not being limited to what we call the conventional parameters of the "experiment" of life.

Leadership, introduced in the backbone of performance reaches new limits, always accepts new challenges, involving varied experiences of the self. You are your own model of inspiration. In this regard, the ability of using and exploiting the power of the mind – to jump in alternative borders and install alternative versions of observation, so to see everything from somewhere up above, always from a different height, must always be strengthened by the belief that you will always have something new to learn from yourself.

The main object of the knowledge that the creator of an image of the type “an existence seen in opposition to an illusory essence” proves is the alternative of a world cloned after a reality much deeper and more advanced than the one accessible to all.

I cannot disregard what a representative character of Paul Auster’s work thought of: "We are not where we are, but rather in a false position. Because of a weakness of our nature, we forge an imaginary situation and we sink in it, and thus, we find ourselves in two situations at the same time and it is twice as hard for us to escape."

Here we distinguish the conditions of a superiority that resides in fabricating and immersing into an imaginary situation, which places us on a different plane than the one related to the conventional of certain situations. It is a false place in relation to what it appears we are experiencing in reality. What is the place we occupy in the perimeter of an independent understanding called compromise?

The compromise with conscience, negotiating the limits of a victory over the inertia of assuming other perspectives and ways forward, can change the ratio between what you can know and the objective reality. If you are in a false position, forging all kinds of imaginary situations, it actually means that you manage to rise up on a different path, towards a new dimension that at first you couldn’t even imagine and one which brings an important contribution to individual knowledge.

Consciousness has as a support the approval of accepting a reality that others deny. People who cannot assimilate a new knowledge through self-induced revelations can only relate to the arguments offered by the surrounding reality, which they assess rationally. But for brilliant minds, the surrounding reality sometimes proves to be a prison, not a calling to themselves that facilitates that "much too far away" of authentic knowledge.

A single grain of the great wisdom of the world can withstand any temperature: "When you are in a prison without bars the worst thing is that you are not aware of the screens that close the horizon; you wander through a thick fog, believing that you can see through it. You don’t even suspect the existence of things that escape you."

The progressive acquisition of an increasingly complex knowledge is the result of an individualization creation, of good quality, which emphasizes the reality seen in opposition to the daily existence of each person.

The Phenomenology Of Authentic Knowledge highlights that personal "declaration" of accepting the conditions of a superiority residing in fabricating and immersing in an imaginary situation, but one that turns each individual into their own unique model of inspiration.

Authentic knowledge results from the interpretations you ceaselessly attribute to your inner world, in the countless quarrels with yourself, with your soul, and with your mind.


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