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The Pilgrimage Of Truth

On April 02, 2009
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Leadership R2-Premiere by Neculai Fantanaru

Carefully take care of every detail of your personality, showing skill in shaping your character.

No one dared to help the widow Regina Lampert besides Peter Joshua, a stranger whose good and generous intentions ultimately proved to be just a strategy to enter her good grace with any price, in order to obtain her deceased husband’s wealth. Everything was perfect between the two of them. He showed a responsible and trustworthy attitude, expressing in a clear and deep manner a sense of security and solidarity, while she, mesmerized, seduced by his charm, gave herself up to his imagined scenario, making everything under his guidance and influence.

Everything changed in her life when she came to the conclusion that Peter Joshua was just a crook who used the qualities which nature endowed him with to persuade her to disclose him where her husband’s money were. Thus, for the first time, the link between the two plans was clarified: the affective plan, which created her a sense of safety and comfort, and the rational plan, which caused her a certain degree of instability, risk and interior depreciation. Regina Lampert was submitted to a real challenge.

For those who watched the movie “Charade (1963)”, it is clear that, in the young widow, coexisted two mentalities, two different conceptions about Peter’s character, which were, however, both diametrically opposed on the relationship between them. One was the limited, careful attitude towards him, the other was an acceptance of any compromise, which gave him a state of apparent security and stability.

Leadership: Can you reveal the value of your own self with the help of a visual-revealing experience corresponding to the unfolding of a flow of images strongly loaded with emotional states?

A movie with a happy ending, I would say. Peter falls in love with Regina and even saves her from death, rescuing her from the hands of other hunters of her dead husband’s wealth. But what turned Peter into a good Samaritan?

His character. Or, better said, the need to restore the balance and truth in his life and in those of others. He had the will to eradicate “the evil” out of his own interests and harmful thoughts. The moral returning to his old concepts and beliefs meant his release from “the dock”, the cage of impure and harmful beliefs.

There were always sensational images between Peter and the Queen, good to set against the backdrop of a troubled, but adventurous and challenging life. Images full of surprises in which a search for emotional states can be performed, more on how the human personality is shaped around lives in which needs and circumstances are intertwined, in which small things make big differences.

We can more easily understand how images can make a positive or negative impact on people’s lives based on how they look their pain in the face and begin to feel equal.

Some people view their differences as resources of sensitivity and reasoning about the essence of self-respect. Others, perhaps more deprived of the spiritual dimension of life, look upon their perishing with their own eyes, than to share their possessions, often losing the comprehensive understanding of the life of the world and their life within it. And there are those who secretly look at their own weaknesses as they would look at their reflection in the mirror, and indirectly refer to their shortcomings, thus having no chance of achieving their goals.

Leadership: Does the way you turn things around that you consider are under your control mean that any character can appear in the multiple position in which he is positioned by the meaning of life?

You shape you personality as you please, according to the rules that you impose yourself. It is interesting and significant the fact that the germ of truth and personal knowledge emerges precisely from here. Getting to know your own “content”, your own personality – where positive attitude, a healthy mentality and chosen and well-established qualities should prevail – is the first step towards gaining peace of mind and a resonance deeply beneficial over others. In confrontation with yourself, you appear to be another man; the whole conception of others on your personality changes. They get acquainted with another man.

Just as a swallow return in the spring to its nest which it left the previous autumn, so do you, for your leadership to have an echo to honor you, you must first rediscover yourself, you must return to you own “shelter” that you left by your fault or that of others, and you must restore your inner balance. Take care of every detail of your personality, showing skill in shaping your character.

A character can appear in the multiple position in which he is positioned by the meaning of life when he has to choose between two opposite variants: he can imagine things that are false, but he can only understand things that are true, or when he tries to keep his integrity despite the most terrible attempts.

Leadership can broaden the meaning of life if we come to the conclusion that any man who has power is inclined to abuse it; that any man who tries to be good all the time is obliged to ruin himself among the great number of people who are not good; and every man who loves something feels the need to confess.

The Pilgrimage Of Truth designates that inside process of knowledge by which you separate good and bad. The way you shape your character resides precisely of this self-knowledge process by which you can “overcome” this sloping road which, in time, can seriously damage your leadership and relationships with others.

True verdicts are given when knowing the truth. If people find a difference in “tone” among the majority of your actions, then they will leave you.


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