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The Portrait Of Exceptional Personality In The Sphere

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Try to create the framework of expanding the ideal self by capitalizing on the experience of meeting yourself in the form of a manifestation of creation attested by the progress of science.

Nicolaus Copernicus was a young man with permanent intellectual anxiety, with an innate propensity to create new ideas, and during the Renaissance, he had the opportunity to make them worthwhile. He quickly adapted himself to university life, buying books with avidity (a new and wonderful opportunity that emerged with the invention of printing) and taking part in the courses of the valuable mathematics and astronomy school. He explored the humanist ideas from Italy that began to gain ground in the face of the rigid scholastic dogmas circulating in Krakow.

He studied canonical law without forgetting his first love, astronomy and mathematics, as well as Greek history, medicine, philosophy and Roman law. In Bologna he had the chance to study with Domenico Maria de Novara, one of the greatest astronomers of the time. He read all the books he found about astronomy and took advantage of every opportunity he had to learn about the observation methods as they used to be in those times. Apparently, he began to think about a new, simpler conception of the structure of the universe: a heliocentric system with the Sun in the center and the Earth with the other planets rotating in the orbits surrounding it.

He was afraid, as he was going to write later, that "some people will immediately cry out for me and my ideas to be kicked out of the scene", explaining further:

"For a long time I had hesitated whether or not to publish what I had written to demonstrate the movement of the Earth or whether it would be better to follow the example of the Pythagoreans who used to entrust their philosophical secrets to their relatives and friends in oral form. to leave the work completely in its final form because of the contempt that I had every reason to anticipate about the novelty and the apparent opposition to the reasoning of my theory. *

Leadership: Does your existence constitute a unique set of conditions for testing an alternative knowledge from which the propensity to promote a new conception of the evolution of creation arises?

People are fully aware of their own value, concerned about what they can really achieve with the help of science, rises above the status of autonomous practitioner of new thinking, to be considered a masterpiece of their time. They develop skills wherever they are, without being limited by the amplified proportions of getting close to or away from the value of a single "Restrict" type variable that blocks access to an advanced thinking.

They are constantly moving in a direction that offer the possibility for extending knowledge and evolution beyond the area of experience, always working according to moral reasons, philosophical, objective and subjective. They are like painters who make countless portraits, exposing their works internationally without having the necessary approvals and without getting involved with other authorities in the field. Because they are predominant in their desire to affirm where they had not once succeeded, the desire of the obliged to flee to be found and to be fulfilled, and finally, the desire of confirmation in a space that had remained inaccessible to a beginner level.

To open new avenues of research and development in leadership you must raise your level of knowledge and understanding of the elements that contribute to the development of that science whose guidelines are rising. Seeking to harmonize your thinking with new elements that the force of science can generate, you will become fully capable of owning this quality called "Shining", which can lead you quickly towards a new dimension of your value.

Leadership: Do you re-evaluate the idea of attitude towards life as the full potential of innovation, in the light of the importance of thinking a different style of communicating things that seem important to you?

If you want to overcome the limits of cheap and imperfect knowledge, brush up on your determinant elements that stimulate the progress of your science. And make an effort to make it so that your thinking and creation become an autonomous sphere of leadership. Be like a painter who oscillates between erudition and brush, the features of his works combining encyclopedism, while having as a model and horizon of ideality the rebirth of a new concept of life, of a new approach to art and the learning of science.

Your science can compile a unique set of conditions for testing an alternative knowledge only if you become the conscious creator of a reality difficult to reach by others. And only if you succeed in building the logical line of a reasoning that uses new hypotheses of interpretation of the matches between the "obvious" and the "hidden."

An artist in science continues to manifest his superiority in overcoming the banality of naturalism, the bare artificiality of formalist experiences, and maintaining his philosophy of life with new theories of rationality. One of these theories would say that nothing is more necessary to succeed in making room for refined and alchemy things in his life than to stand above all through a sort of anticipation regarding the apparent intellectual opposition of the other researchers that may be contrary and incompatible with its horizons of experience.

A new conception of the evolution of creation resides in the experiences of life that enrich you spiritually, which matures you with both the good and the bad if you can evolve through wisdom and patience.

The most valuable creation of an inventor is that form of existence that stimulates the capacity to develop itself as a personality and as a deep, superior, spiritual, consistent, systematized intelligence, one who understands the meaning of the events and knows how to arrange for them and scientific progress.

The Portrait Of Exceptional Personality In The Sphere Of Science consists primarily of the main dimension of the life of the inventor expressed by the appearance of the intellectual, physical and moral traits, showing a certain openness to culture, to novelty, to perspectives that approach the future in a very wide way.

* Note: Ray Spangenburg & Diane K. Moser - History of Science (vol.1) , Lider Publishing House.

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