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The Principle Of A Dream Formed From A Single Glance

On July 14, 2020
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

The gaze cast in a dream that enlightens you is identical with the increased concentration of the artist’s eyes in the direction of his divine retrieval.

I had a tumultuous dream, unpredictable, but expressive, which seems to give meaning only to a work of art signed Admystierdhes (the product of a creation that dominates the divine). And in this strange dream, brighter than the stars of the night, more complex than the mere agreement of the colors of the oil, a splendid red rose appeared, the color of Moorish blood. But both the dream and the bloody rose seemed to spring from an enigmatic soul that in another century the ancient Kabbalists glorified in pages worthy of the history of an immortal nation.

Art unites the real with the unreal in a kind of creative attitude through which the artist justifies his existence extracted from the science of the divine heavens. This is why the dream, finely weighed with an artistic mind destined for the painting of the deep landscape, categorically surprises with a beautiful visual stratification of the various metaphorical correlations. I am referring here to the novelty accessible in an astral journey, through a design of open, authentic, spontaneous emotional expression, in a space whose watchword is fiction.

One day I will look back and remember my dream, so vivid, so profound, so necessary to the artistic act, and perhaps I will understand at least a small part of God’s plan for my destiny. The rose is part of an artist’s dream, just as the artist who accesses the divine consciousness is part of a privileged space, in which all aspects of the SELF unite in ONE.

Everything that makes the artist aware, resulting from the essence of his rediscovery in a game of chance, which is also another dream of approaching the imaginary of a world little known, refers to the effect of his work on the spiritual life or sensitivity of man. The SELF restricted into ONE is the most convenient starting point for a comprehensive treatment of art that begins with the harmony between the Divine and the Worldly, between Heaven and Earth, between the Creator and Creation.

Leadership: Can the work you create be an art of “double looking”, in which emotion plays a leading role in an artistic manipulation given by the background of a memorable image?

In the dream, the rose told me with that simplicity and warmth of the utterance of a great artist:

- Look around without looking at yourself as the world looks at you. Try to feel with your own eyes only what your eyes are prepared to understand in a time that has written a history of human spirituality, untouched by the vigor of forgetfulness and vanity. And if everything you feel is recognized in a meaningful look, from a time faithful to the divine will, then your art will be a warm and expressive homage to creative talent, which is the same homage to the life beyond death.

I listened to his advice. I took my gaze with the same ease with which the painter tries to paint the paper before applying it to the easel, raised it above the gaze of the world, and placed my hope in the highest spiritual otherness. Painting had become a part of the meticulous gaze, as beautiful as it could be in a painting whose viewer clearly realized, with all his might, the purpose of building a special culture for art. And if I had managed to constantly mirror my gaze, with pride and admiration, in the light of eyes that visibly broaden their horizons, then maybe, just maybe, I would have managed to enliven a story that descends from the mists of time and becomes reality in front of the easel.

For the same reason, of the dream that stunned my existence during sleep, my special eyes turned sentimental, with a fruitful look in a vision that means distance, to the words of Umberto Eco from the novel The Name of the Rose :

“A dream is a scripture, and many scriptures are nothing but dreams. However, the more I think about your dream, the more I find it more meaningful. Maybe not for you, but for me. Forgive me for taking possession of your dreams, in order to further my hypotheses; Yes, I know, it is an ugly thing, it shouldn’t have been done. But I think your sleeping soul understood more than I understood… awake.”

Leadership: Does the image you shape of a subjectively perceived world offer the possibility of adding an emotional dimension to an imaginative process that amplifies the experience of knowing in ONE?

My dream corresponds to the discharge of a deep spiritual experience through the obsessive reflection of the image of a “Double Delight” rose, and it does it well, through the creation of a famous artist who knows how to see in a painting too full of his own being. My notes full of metaphors, full of thoughts, full of color, confirm this. Me and the dream. The eyes of these two coordinators of the creation of the world are distinguished only by the closeness of the spirit of nature, a spirit evocative of art, of light, of feelings. And the rose secretly watches over our resonance, being the common denominator of the noble alliance between the act of creation and the spiritual being.

One day I will try to write an aesthetic treatise about my deep eyes, so that my so serene, affective gaze encompasses an entire artistic horizon. To enliven an artistic object is a fiction, but to animate a body of nature is a mobile perpetuum of the order of a surrealism that can be explained by the connection between the language of the work of plastic art and the metaphysics of a turned reality.

Of course, I would not try to describe a psychological phenomenon that appeared during sleep, especially regarding art, without following the irradiating force of some revealing metaphorical nuclei in relation to the transcendence of another world into my world. The dream sees through my eyes that art of dialogue between the sublime thrill of the pleasure of experiencing an endless story and the sublime thrill of the spontaneous delight gained in the face of the eternal artistic mystery.

The experience of knowledge in ONE reflects an important element of the resemblance between God and man, namely immortality – obtained through the prism of a true creation that deliberately mixes the register of the fantastic with that of the miraculous.

Finally. If after everything you read here I left you the impression of the veracity of the dream that makes you think seriously, taking into account the compromise between an archetype of the imaginary and an archetype of human sensitivity, it means that I have succeeded in approaching the essence of art: the fiction full of vitality, the opening of the flight to the sky of another, unforgettable world.

In this way, the subtlety of a philosophy of being, prone to attempts of art to define myself in terms of the concrete plan of nature, in fulfillment of the agreement between vision and vocation creator, could be given the fruit of a new form of inwardness: Samizordesthru , proof of the subtlety of a poetic experience hidden behind a metaphorical image.

My texts are full of subjective experiences. Sometimes, the interpretation of words with double meanings is passed through a projection of unconfessed desires. Symbolic language does not always provide the right keys to the open locks of the souls of all my readers, but for those who understand it, it builds bridges from heart to heart. Perhaps this is a defining aspect of surrealism, and will always remain present in an effort to move an entire world toward a single ideal: total freedom of expression.

The art that can contribute to the popularization of leadership has as a trigger the look cast inside a dream of centuries lived (as in a story) with the eyes of an artist capable of creating completely unexpected and incredible masterpieces.

The Principle Of A Dream Formed From A Single Glance has the power to move an entire world only if the artist manages to reproduce the resemblance between a language full of symbols and its transposition into a surreal world, of essence, which does not fall apart.

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