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The Principle Of Background Perception

On July 11, 2021
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

The image you bring to life through creation corresponds to a comparative visual representation between what is hidden and what is revealed.

The match begins, the Italy-England final. I was never a football fan, although I played football in my youth. Sounds really weird, doesn’t it? And if I only watch the final, at every European championship, it is because any important match can give an important lesson about life.

I’m not a supporter of any particular team, but I hope it’s a good match. It’s already 1-nil. Did the show start or end? Because that’s the way it is in football, just like in life, we like to score, and after we score, we no longer play a good game. Surprisingly, the true calling of man in this life, the right to be a performer in the light of the primordial chance to score a new success, can take a radical turn: the temptation to be good at any cost may be in fact too much of a demand on the part of a man without any skill in the field of quality and efficiency.

Whereas what does a beautiful game mean? It’s when both teams are balanced, when there is fair play, and when both fight to get a positive result, not necessarily a victory, but an entry in history, or a fans' favorite rating.

How important this is to know. Recognizing and changing our attitude towards life is similar to the liberating ecstasy of the public at unimaginable heights, at every stage of emptiness.

Leadership: Can you increase your chances of experiencing a moment of remembrance by proving that you can stimulate your imagination to represent on the mental screen a vivid image whose artistic force is amplified by an incomparable inner tremor?

Football does not need special conditions or excessive attention to take care of the “eternal inner space” in which the content of your life takes place. Or moving away from what you enjoy doing, just to train for the exam of life, is defined as a period of reconnection, meditation and mindfulness that helps you reduce your stress and anxiety.

I would add something else. Football is not a creation meant to awaken spiritual feelings, to stir in your past and to be viewed with sensitive eyes, like the eyes of a painter who boldly redrew his life. Football does not fall into the category of inexplicable curiosities that make the poet transgress, through the consciousness of belonging to the being, all the obstacles of space and time. Rather, I believe that football is just the temptation to seek the happiness of the moment in an event full of glory that does not belong to you, but to the titular players. So, as I said, it’s all about resemblance and comparison.

But the comparison with football is a figure of speech that consists in associating images, situations or characters in the same visual area of the spectators. Let’s try something else. Imagine yourself in the position of a painter who transposes on canvas the images created by the poet. In this case, here’s how things look, as someone sees them and wrote about it on a webpage:

“The dominant color will be dark blue because it represents night. I will use the cool colors to express the moment of the day in the poem and to create as real of a picture as possible. I will highlight two lovers and I will also highlight the moon and the pale light that it emanates, in order to create a more romantic atmosphere. In the background I will paint the waters that shine in the moonlight. I will use the shadows next to the leafless trees and the light only around the moon.”

To conclude. In order to complete the physiognomy of an inner resonance phenomenon, so the physiognomy of this unsurpassed phenomenon of comparison and cause-effect relationship, we must try to look at things not only from above (from the height of a glory that soothes our thoughts and souls) but also very close, very deep, in the light of a painting whose subject exudes passion and movement, in warm, pink-orange colors, and whose model of inspiration cannot be revealed, but only intuited.

Leadership is the reality that you perceive or create about an image whose composition consists in elaborating a form of comparison of the self with your mirroring in a legendary moment.

The Principle Of Background Perception has as its first consideration to take into account that form of reflection of reality in human consciousness, through which we understand a process of comparison between an image that moves through the impression of something living, authentic, experienced directly in fact, at first hand, and an image of great finesse whose essence is the inner meaning of the being.

Let’s always take into account the content, the sum of the elements that constitute the internal structure of a thing, which appears as its essence and conditions its appearance, when we want to understand leadership or pictorial art.

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