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The Principle Of Efficiency

On February 19, 2010
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

Measure your responsibility foundation to what you give and receive, correctly increasing the dimension of your self-image.

When he was student, Mikael Karvajalka, in order to make a living, asked the great doctor Theophrastus Bombastus Paracelsus von Hohenheim to accept him as his disciple and teach him that complex science called medicine. After a good thought, the doctor accepted, especially because he needed someone who knew the local language. The doctor took the boy to the barn used as hospital and told him to talk about the plants used by the locals for their healing properties.

While talking about plants and their properties, Mikael nodded his head in admiration and said:

- You are a lucky man, doctor Paracelsus ! If you will ever work for him, the king will reward you with a lot of gold, land and green forests.

After a wild look at him, the doctor answered:

- My luck is the traveller's verge and the joy of picking up as many good teachings as possible, nothing else interests me beside science. I know that I will sometimes become the best doctor in the world and the most illustrious doctors of the high universities won't be worthy even of tying the laces of my shoes. Should I be seeking wealth, I could have worn silk and velvet, I could have worn golden necklaces for a long time now, but I am satisfied with the bleak clothes of a traveller and the poor man's food. You will never increase your knowledge by staying at the courts of kings or emperors. In order to have knowledge, you must trustfully shake the hands of those who understand the language of nature.

Leadership: Does the amount that you pay through a manifestation of essential qualities determine the level of skill acquired through an assessment test?

If you haven't read the novel Mikael Karvajalka by Mika Waltari, I warmly recommend it. It's not a medicine book, but an adventure one. But it is very well written and you will certainly learn a lot of interesting things.

Doctor Paracelsus had a stubborn wish to learn new things. He increased his knowledge studying at the universities in France and Italy, by traveling in Spain, England, the Netherlands and many other countries, making contact with many other masters of medicine. But he didn't choose the path the other doctors did – who imagine they could learn something by staying warm, eating fried chicken and wearing silk and velvet clothing.

But he chose the path of science, devoted body and soul to the suffering people, he was in a constant search of cures and remedies. Sometimes, he would wake up in the middle of the night and wander on the fields for medicinal plants, should the position of the stars be favorable, making various observations. Or he would rest near graves in order to study the specters of the dead. He didn't fear the vicinity of bodies filled with worms, nor was he sickened by their stench.

Doctor Paracelsus always ardently sought the company of strange and simple people, not only the company of the learned and noble ones. From the honest and intense desire to help everybody and because he was an extraordinarily skillful doctor, his reputation grew enormously fast. His advice and treatments were priceless and the people, satisfied with his seriousness and kindness, always relying on the skillfulness he so often proved, always came back to him.

He always increased his self-worth and life value by manifesting an essential quality: the tendency to assume a higher intelligence. This intelligence, regardless of how we understand it, was hardly ever linked to the sublime of an ambition or the sublime of an art. But rather to the sublime of an experience expressed by a rhythm of the soul drawn from the appreciation with which it offered its teachings and knowledge.

Do you assess yourself as a whole that almost pushes the world away with its maturity and perfect operation, or as a whole which enables the perpetuation of high ideals through the value content that you possess?

Valuing means to really love your innate qualities which make the people around you gain a new perspective of affirmation.

Endeavour and perseverance will determine your level of efficiency. If you are willing to work with great joy and from all your heart, if you have a strong appetite for novelty, you will be able to obtain maximum results and you will be admired and respected. Your endeavor and perseverance in gaining as many abilities as possible will be rewarded by a high level of efficiency. The more you will "train", the more your level of efficiency will be higher and the more you will become masterful in your field. And, with no doubt, the performances you will obtain will determine your level of success.

A very good doctor recognizes the symptoms of every illness and knows how to put an exact diagnosis. And depending on the particularities of each case, he can establish the type and duration of treatment. He knows how to distinguish between illnesses, for example, between pulmonary cancer and pulmonary emphysema. They are both important illnesses of the respiratory apparatus, but they have different symptoms and specific treatments. Some symptoms last for a few days, are less important, disappear and reappear regularly. Other symptoms are tardive and appear in the patient's final months of life. Other illnesses are very rare and can be differentiated with great difficulty and others are very frequent and easy to recognize. The importance of knowing every illness is necessary in order to make an earliest diagnosis as possible, in order to apply an effective therapy.

The representative function of efficiency is an affirmation of practical life that embraces not only the material, intellectual and moral activity of man, but also the causes that produce another value.

Just like a doctor, you will master perfectly your abilities and you will raise your level of efficiency just by practice and long research, but more by direct experience rather than by theoretical and scientific analysis. If you don't try hard to become an artist in your profession, if you don't devote yourself body and soul to work you won't be able to raise your level of efficiency and you won't have exceptional results. And the impact on your people will be insignificant.

The principle of efficiency is a prerequisite self-image that can be correctly increased through the value you produce through the uniqueness of your value. This principle can only be defined in terms such as "benefits outweigh the costs."

If you want to become an ace in your field, learn how to be curious, try to find new things, apply the knowledge you gained day by day and Insert them into the summary of other people's qualifications.

* Note: Mika Waltari - Mikael Karvajalka, Editura Polirom, 2005.

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