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The Principle Of Human Value In The Present Continuum Of Eternity

On April 11, 2022
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

Your value is neither higher nor lower than the one you set yourself in the race against destiny.

I would have liked to turn the purpose of my life into a magnificent idea, an unprecedented combination of experience, talent and ambition, to make the right decision for the first and last time for which I would not regret anything. No previous interaction with other ideas had proved effective and profitable, no opportunity to assert myself had gotten in my way. With the same warmth with which fire burns forests, I would have liked to focus all my energy on a proposed, well-thought-out and defined goal, to turn myself into a kind of Magellan who, with that great intellectual effervescence emanating from a tenacious and ferocious temperament, turns the purpose of his life into a magnificent obsession.

But really, things are not as they are in books, and books do not change things nor great ideas, and do not even separate the purpose from that simple but fixed idea, able to orient your personal and professional life more easily and precisely, with little effort. It is not at all easy to overcome your mental limitations and increase your self-esteem, aiming as high as possible, inspired by the enthusiasm and energy of great events. Indeed, if I had a fixed idea, and believe me, I had many opportunities to fabricate such ideas, perhaps I would have acted like a magnifying glass: I would have focused all my energy on the goal.

Despite this, I sought an alternative to success under the influence of a conscience that helped me to be better, more understanding, and to overcome some of the limitations I had, and finally, as a prophetic calling, to prove the finality of an idea in which people are willing to believe. As in the case of Magellan, I started from a wrong idea, una cosa da poco, and ended up with a victory: the progressive realization of the Great Hermetic Work, this mega-waterfall called Elekmesithus (an unsuspected momentum for eternity), flowing from a huge cliff at the edge of a precipice: “The Ego’s Mirror”.

Leadership: Does the distance you travel to success help to create a sense of greatness, in parallel with the formation of the feeling of “sense of human value organized in a representation of the Supreme Self”?

Eventually, any attempt to be someone else becomes a fertile ground for overcoming the Ego, a justification for establishing a distinction between the Supreme Self and the Divine Self with the intellectual and speculative support of the soul: Thanusintreck(the unity of true faith founded by Christ) which man cannot reach without exclusive divine support. It also requires a solid knowledge of alchemy. And so, trying to observe objective reality through the mirror of my own subjectivity, completely unbelievable, I began to amplify my self-esteem, aiming as high as possible. Over seas and lands, over all time constraints, over all distances under the womb of the world.

The Supreme Self has measured my worth, which can be translated as “I have become the person I aspired to be.” It is a symbol of aspiration for perfection. Or an indication of aspiration for spiritual freedom.

In the end, all things, all events, everything that’s happened to me, conjunctural or preferential, led me to get a broader view than I was used to. Knowing that energy is always in the direction of thoughts, and that intuition, through a subtle sense of greatness, always makes its way into the laws of the mind, I was able to overcome my conviction of self-worth. Only immortal time will prove how forgotten the world I had built myself as a kind of frivolous mediator is, before I set out on a journey that never ends. Or if it ends, it actually resumes.

Leadership: Does the momentum towards the absolute materialize through an exemplary decision taken to the limit of genius, thanks to an exemplary deed that spreads at the level of promoting the myth of total destiny?

And what else remains to be fused, between faith and denial, between discipline and spontaneity, between rigor and freedom, than the powerful deed, coveted by all and done only by me, that gentle caress of the crown of victory: the discovery of a new fundamental force of nature, translated by the exemplary determination, taken to the limit of genius, to reach the truth about me.

Yes, it was possible. In a single moment of my life, in an astral second – burning as the sun, held by geography in an archipelago of encouragement — I realized that I could do more than I thought I could. And that changed everything. It was man who understood nothing more and was able to comprehend in his own loneliness, like a whirlwind of glory, the heavenly, universal praise, transforming it alchemically into an act of the descent of God into man and the ascension of man to God, through faith and free cooperation.

The chance for an absolute boost materialized into a prophetic sign that was beyond imagination. Perhaps from the beginning he had to adhere to a certain algorithm that ordered in ascending order the elements of a vast knowledge of the main diagonal of a given matrix, guaranteeing the obtaining of an “Ab Solutus”, the effect of a speculative push towards intelligible heights, la forma de una carrera tumultuosa hacia el infinito del mundo.

Remember what I’m telling you now. In its immensity, and in a single moment, the power of God can fill wandering spirits with the highest science, but only at the appointed time, only when the stars align and when Mercury is not retrograde. So, the only thing that fate has asked of me, in a time of turmoil of transition, has been waiting for the pre-determined time, a heavy burden for the unbelievers, a glorious work for those who will perform miracles.

Leadership: Can your pursuit of success be interpreted as an exhortation to “abandon yourself to a more distant view” until you reach a degree of consciousness that is the very measure of a prophetic capacity that never ceases to amaze you?

Especially from Magellan, destiny demanded a high price before he became the hero of the world after the accomplishment of the exemplary deed. And the writer Stefan Zweig best illustrated the great value, the brilliant superiority of the work of genius, the sublime manifestation of latent energy focused on the heavens of eternity:

“A man always achieves the maximum possible only when his deed becomes exemplary. And in this respect Magellan’s example – his almost forgotten deed – has always proved that an idea, if carried by the wings of genius, if always carried determined before a passion, he is ultimately stronger than all the elements of nature, and his great deed has shown that one man, with his short and fleeting life, can turn into a reality and an immortal truth what had been only a wish, just a dream for hundreds of generations.”

This is no exaggeration. This is the pure truth: my value is infinitely greater than I ever thought possible. But one important thing to keep in mind is that only a man of unwavering will, willing to sacrifice everything he possesses in this earthly world, will be worthy to embrace between the wings of infinity an idea capable of crossing the threshold of eternity. For an act to gain time, to snatch a particle from infinity, it is not enough for its author to embark on a long and dangerous journey, he must return with the most precious win that exists in this world: a new consciousness.

The purpose of leadership is as follows: “The value of man is given by the measure of his conviction of his own worth, as the only way to reach the level of the power of Destiny.”

The Principle Of Human Worth In The Present Continuum Of Eternity actually reveals man’s power to impose himself in the face of a destiny which, even if it imposes much torment and suffering, leads him to the fulfillment of an exemplary deed that will ensure his leap to immortality.


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