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The Principle Of Parallel Worlds

On December 14, 2010
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

Let the people have access to the world you build, otherwise you'll never be able to integrate to their world.

Someone earlier made a remark that left well etched in my mind: "Nowadays, it requires two things: first, rich people need to know how poor people live, second, poor people must learn how wealthy people proceed."

These words spoken with great wisdom reveals a sad reality, but true - that there are great distances and communication barriers between people. They also show that worlds, poor people, as well as the rich people will always remain two parallel worlds until they will not find each other until they will not unite and will support each other with the utmost seriousness and with great spiritual joy.

Leadership: Do you have the pretension to enter and live in a dimension of eternal dominion, if you yourself cannot master the impulse of overestimating yourself?

Closed world of Captain Nemo. If you read "2000 Leagues under the Sea" by Jules Verne, you precisely remember about those three companions, Aronnax, Ned and Conseil, which the fate threw them on Captain Nemo's vessel. For ten months they have led an incredible life, sequestered in a huge submarine traveling with great speed, obeying all that time totally to the captain orders, who initially promised them freedom, but never kept his word.

While, initially Captain Nemo showed him very gracious and friendly, those three have realized very quickly that he was not interested at all about their fate. No mistaken. All three were considered puppets by Nemo that he managed the way he wanted. He never had listened them with interest, has not granted importance to all their requests and wishes, but kept them hostage, feeding their hopes of freedom only with empty promises.

Those three companions never knew where they were heading. Nemo was a commander who was not afraid of anything; he was a strange person, which scared you by inducing that terrible feeling of fear whenever he wanted. Seemed he subdued at all his human feelings - wanted to stop forever those three aboard the Nautilus, that is, indirectly, to submit to a real slavery. This was the golden rule of Captain Nemo: who enter Nautilus never have to leave it so that the secret of his life and his colossal wealth which he had gathered to never be revealed.

Over-estimation is the guilt of feeling stuck in a repetitive pattern of choosing the customization options of reality, from idealism to cynicism, for which the penalty of engaging in an unaccompanied and uninvited journey should be invented.

Two parallel worlds, two different perceptions. What's the winner? Captain Nemo was one of those scientists whose merits are not properly valued and that respond by their contempt to people's indifference. Nobody understood his thoughts; no one has access to them.

If you get to find some kind of humanity to such an individual, does not really mean you fully know him. For sure you're wrong about him. When you think you know him too well, what being he is, when you think you know his simplicity too well, the affection he wears you, his natural tenderness, you fall into the trap he spread you with great skill. Eventually you will find that, in fact, his world is a world that cannot be shared with anyone, a world in which access is limited to certain people - usually the same kind with him.

You have to understand the denials and stubborn of such a man, giving him absolute obedience, otherwise he will turn into a fierce enemy before whom you have no power. If you think your insistence could somehow change his decision on any proposal that you consider necessary for your future common than you're terribly wrong. Has no sense to change his intentions as has no use to stubborn to change the impossible. A true scientist cannot make team other than a true scholar, as a rich man usually finds friends only among rich people. To have access to the world of a man like Nemo, you must have power to build a Nautilus; otherwise you will remain only as a tolerated.

Leadership: Do you take refuge in the empire of a single world, provided you reveal yourself in a heavy story about the illusion of superiority?

One of the great illusions of leadership, of which you can be defeated by at any time, is to trust God as if trusting a consuming fire, strongly believing that He will reward you with the gratitude to be His equal. And one of the most terrible endeavors of not knowing yourself is to keep moving in one direction without hearing "I feel like stopping."

A men animated by his ideas and passions will always defend his own world empire. Captain Nemo, the very mysterious man, has not showed almost at all during the road, being overly busy with his scientific work. And these three companions were allowed to know only one part of the submarine. What is clear evidence that it was forbidden to have access to his hidden world - the real one.

Perhaps we should understand the mindset of Captain Nemo. After all he built his own submarine, about whose existence no one knew. People still lived in the firm belief that all the mysterious shipwrecks took place due to a giant whale. And freeing his hostages would be to disclose the secret and his entire work to be compromised.

Leadership: Can you create a connection with the people around you without rejecting your depth of judging them through the duality of revolt and resignation, assumed guilt and criminal instinct?

What relation existed between those three heroic souls and the soul of Captain Nemo? Absolutely nor. For two completely different worlds without a bridge, it will always reject. Instead of enjoying the underwater journey as they were promised, the three companions came to regret the time they spent in the submarine. And because they could not rely on the kindness of the captain, they used the first opportunity to flee. Only by a miracle those three managed to escape alive.

Captain Nemo finally failed. His scientific world full of richness collapsed. What is clear evidence the way he approached things, the way he looked to the world, how he developed his vision, especially how he related and communicated with people, was ineffective and counterproductive. Since, he could not integrate into the world of ordinary people, paid a high price.

Let the people have access to the world you build, otherwise you will not be able to integrate to their world and will be left. Or, even worse, you will pay a heavy price for your selfishness.

Before you behave like an all-royal king, make sure you want to wear the crown whose weight can crush you.

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