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The Principle Of Progressive Inequality

On August 07, 2023
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

The amount of privileges you grant yourself is inversely proportional to your commitment to progress and morality.

If you are passing through Copou and want to visit the "Casa Universitarilor din Iasi", this heritage building built around 1800 by Iordache Cantacuzino, recently rehabilitated and modernized, you will be greeted at the entrance by a very nice guard. He is only allowed inside the people who work in the university system. Exactly, it happened to me about two weeks ago when I just wanted to visit the new building. The gates were open. Two young men had entered in front of me. Nobody asked him anything.

I was stopped at the entrance, the security guard clearly explained to me, in a simple and direct way, that this newly restored building is actually an exclusive restaurant, but with very cheap food, to which only university students have access. And, approaching me easily, as a Christian approaches the altar, with humility and respect, the man told me that the two young men who entered in front of me were the sons of teachers, and for this reason they had free passage .

It was then that I found out that any dish at this exclusive restaurant costs about 3 times cheaper than anywhere else. For example, the price of a soup is approximately 6 ron, compared to a restaurant in Palas where the price of a soup starts from 18 ron.

So do you realize what's going on? This historic building, where all the people of Iasi used to go for a coffee, a place of culture, a space of the spirit where all the young and free generations used to confront their ideas, has now ended up being subordinated to a single institution, the UAIC heritage. Is it not the case that, from a moral point of view, no authority should prevent access to the knowledge and appreciation of our common past?

I left that place, as the painter leaves when he is disappointed by the colors that fail to express the emotions he feels.

Leadership: Can you widen the reception horizon of the image of "power" you create, remaining solidary to a cause that promotes the gain derived from an excessive generosity that maintains passivity?

A historical building can cause a broadening of the horizon of knowledge and interpretation of reality with the means of art, but the university students from Cuza succeeded in transforming a historical building into a bastion of privileges, ensuring only their entrance to an exclusive restaurant, with prices "chosen" just for them. These upstarts, completely devoid of the light of culture, did not understand the power of the following principle: "Privileges acquired through social status can inhibit commitment to the advancement of society and the observance of constructive ethics."

Knowledge and common sense do not make a good home together with upstarts. After they "arranged" ridiculously high salaries, trips abroad with Erasmus (the figures to support mobility for the purpose of learning), and all kinds of other benefits, look that the illustrious teachers, as insidious as the devil, extended their privilege area. This time, only they have the right of access to a historic restaurant, only they have the right to serve the choicest dishes at a price of nothing. All other residents of Iasi are asked to leave the building, possibly to look outside the gate.

In reality, however, it is not about the confirmation of any authentic vocation aimed at the promotion of Iasi values, but about the polyvalence of interests that, of course, will never find their confirmation in any innovative note to enrich the culture (made with great passion and thoroughness ). These sneaky individuals, who have reached the leadership of the faculties, using the resources of the institution strictly for the benefit of the members of the "family", have neither the time nor the vocation of reflexivity to deepen the understanding of the following principle: "Abundance of privileges feeds inertia and erodes both progress as well as morality."

The more ignorant you are in the field of knowledge, the more prone you are to make subtle maneuvers in favor of yourself and to create unjustified advantages for yourself !

The total lack of commitment to morality and progress, thereby denying the common heritage of society, results from the excessive accumulation of privilege. This can be considered a regression or decadence, a reaction to the crisis of values, as society moves away from positive values instead of progressing and improving. If we think about it, the access allowed only to "family members" in this historical building, follows the Cosa Nostra model, because the faculty leaders have managed to transform a symbol of Iesian heritage into a bastion of their exclusive privileges.

Good, but who are actually the teachers at Cuza? Please check for yourself what I am telling you now. They are an extended family, an external unit of interests, anchored exclusively in materiality. Here all the teachers are relatives: husband and wife, children, neighbors, friends, cousins, cousins, nephews, i.e. an enormous system of "connections and relationships" guided exactly by the model of Al Capone who protected and promoted his family members in his organization .

And if Al Capone led a criminal empire dealing with alcohol smuggling, gambling and prostitution, here in Cuza University we find an empire of impostors who overnight became "intellectuals" who, creating privileges through their hierarchical position, succeed more and more to lead to the diminution of the contribution to progress and to the departure from edifying moral norms. In case you didn't know, in the last 30 years Cuza University has become a real business, thriving, profitable and dark, built on the backs of naive, good-paying students. All those who took over the leadership of the faculty, all from the first to the last, voluntarily entered the fertile ground of corruption.

Leadership: Can you direct your efforts to transform your authority into an effort to open up the investment space, aimed at the authenticity of an initiative of the "what you give, you get back" type?

In other words, Cuza University has become an octopus that operates without any scruples, leading to a decrease in effort towards progress and a departure from constructive moral behavior. Crowding into every corner of society, this La Piovra extends its tentacles in all directions, in all the cities of the country, through branches or connections with other faculties. Of course, the members of this large family do not understand aspects such as: "every success in professional activity is a step towards the realization of moral values" .

How do they know such a thing? The more privileges they create for themselves, the less industrious and less willing they become to contribute to the advancement of science or to the observance of edifying moral norms. People who do not have knowledge always have materiality as their objective.

Let's see something else. Any book written by these "personalities" contains almost twice as many biographical sources as the number of pages in the entire book. You wonder if they managed to come up with even a single sentence without the "inspiration" provided by others. Even the title of the book should have a footnote. And if you ask any teacher what a blog or a website is, you will be totally amazed: 99% of teachers don't have a personal blog in the 21st century. They still haven't managed to say two words, from their minds, on a web page. They have no idea what change or technology is, they have no idea what is going on with their lives. They are all water and earth, from the highest to the lowest. So small and insignificant intellectually, and so powerless before the divine will.

Leadership: Is it possible that the manipulation of the perception of reality results in a controlled performance through the secret application of a "distancing effect" from the audience?

Okay, but you may be wondering what is corruption? Well, corruption is these games of interests, endless arrangements, tricks and scams that family members resort to in order to get their "portion of soup" at a reduced price, and without anyone else but them tasting the other gastronomic masterpieces of the master chef. And the soup always has a different, more sophisticated taste, when you order in as many luxury restaurants as possible, from different corners of the world, and especially when you don't have to pay anything. Everything is paid for by the university from the students' money. You know what I mean, right?

The man of many privileges is often the furthest from contributing to progress and morality. As proof, when I was a student, consulting the book of a certain teacher, in a footnote I found a weblink that referred to a work written in English from which whole pages were translated and copied word for word, yes even in the work They. Then I realized that the young lady translated entire pages from different books, gathered them into one work, and probably thus became a great teacher overnight. Total nonsense, isn't it? Exactly the type of Elena Ceausescu who, although she was illiterate, abused her husband's authority to put her name as "co-author" on the works made by others.

In fact, I believe that many other family members followed the same procedure to become teachers, and no one checked their papers. More than likely, if someone took the professors' papers to the "puricat", he would find more cases of plagiarism than he can fit in his thick cheek. Not to mention, the professors' PhD theses have completely disappeared from the face of the earth. No one knows what is written in those doctorates which, however, brought them a lot of benefits. And that's because the university's family is guided by the firm principle of obscurity: "Let no one find out, everything must remain hidden from the world."

Leadership: Does the privacy with which you secure your access to the exercise of power provide the opportunity to control how the public perceives a certain situation?

But the truth always comes out. Precisely these individuals, disguised under the prestige of the teaching profession, are none other than false teachers mentioned in the Bible, they are the traitors of the nation that Constantin Noica spoke of almost a century ago. And, the more privileges they manage to create, the more they will be inclined to commit abuses for the benefit of the "family". Everything for the family, and only for the family.

Perhaps, soon, all the museums in Iasi will come under the Cuza University, and will become "exclusive clubs" of the family. At the Sagrada Familia . And the other Romanians will no longer be able to visit them, even if these buildings are part of the national cultural heritage, but will be forced to look at them, as much as possible, from outside the closed gates.

This is the rewritten history of Romanian betrayal.

Yesterday afternoon, climbing the Copoului hill, an elderly man, about 67 years old, was pulling at the gate to enter the "Casa Universitarilor din Iasi". It was very hot outside. The man, a simple tourist who had just come from Tulcea, stopped to drink something cold at a nicely arranged terrace. Unfortunately, the lock with which the gate in front of the building was closed signaled an elitist restriction, suggesting an unjustified exclusivity, an intentional separation between the privileged and the rest of the world.

The lock is the sign that the people of Iasi, the university students, have gone on vacation. And when they are on holidays provided by the university, access to a building of great historical value is forbidden to the public. Even when they return from vacation, access to the general public will still be restricted.

It is important not to forget this injustice, to express our dissatisfaction and demand equal access to our historical heritage.

Quality leadership must be guided by the following principle: "Success based on moral values becomes a professional success only when knowledge does not become a tool to unjustifiably restrict the rights of others."

The Principle Of Progressive Inequality refers to the abuse committed by people lacking morality and culture, to obtain benefits for personal benefit. The principle can be formulated as follows: "The amount of privileges you grant yourself is inversely proportional to your commitment to progress and morality."

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