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The Principle Of Self-Understanding

On April 21, 2017
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

The way you contribute to understanding the reality that chains you, outlines the real world of perceptions about the value life inspires upon you.

For the first time, I understood that my own survival depended on the survival of the world, as the skill of a painter depends on his motivation for painting, knowing that the profound inequality between the sick and the healthy was the result of the multiplication of an original gene – that of evil.

An unprecedented lucidity in the analysis of reality, an adventure of the spirit in constant contact with the exploration of matter, the overwhelming explosion of a madness that naturally crossed the meanders of unnecessary self-giving, all seemed to spring from the depths of a life beyond my horizon.

Like any other mortal, just a little more favored by the hazard and the very occurrence of a mysterious phenomenon of faith in the plan of an unknown God, I constantly reformulate my convictions, reexamine the rules of an increasingly hostile environment – rules introduced into the structure of reality claiming the priority of an earlier application: "Stay Alive ! "

Immediately, the guiding force of deduction and prudence led me on an uninformed, harsh path, where everything seemed to be detached from the dark memory of the painter Edgar Freemantle of Duma Key. I still had a lot to suffer, to be patient and to learn until I would reach writer Todd Burpo’s finding that "Heaven exists".

Obsessed with the pleasure of seeing, discovering new adventures, confidently turning into a dominant position for the sake of authentic humanism, which puts me in the position of a tormented artist between the inspiration of his genius and the dark despair of the mind entered into dialogue with God, who is one and the same with the defending of thoughts, I had begun to regard myself as a victory of life over death.

Was it a symptom of a psychotic state? Only the unexpected entrance into Dante’s inferno opened up new horizons to transcendence, to new sensations, to new knowledge, especially since within my subconscious a basis of evil had already formed.

Leadership: Do you adopt an attitude of pushing reason towards forming the "New Man", pretending to be confident in a dominant position for the sake of the authentic of your own Self?

One of Humbert Humbert’s narratives in the Lolita novel illustrates the same attitude that I approached, an attitude of pushing reason somewhere …beyond…, based on a certain negative emotion that had to be consumed in some way.

"I sometimes dream that I tried to kill you. Do you know what’s happening? For example, I am holding a rifle. I target an invisible enemy that watches me with interest. Oh, I pull the trigger, perfect, but the bullets fall soft, one after another, from the lousy mouth of the barrel. My only thought in those dreams was to hide my fiasco, for my enemy to not notice it, who slowly began to get angry."

Fidelity to yourself is determined by the value you give yourself when you have to accept your limitations in the fight against your imperfections and wanderings.

With intensity, within my essence were justified the aberrations, prejudices of a moral that favored the tendency to excess to adopt the sense of concealment of helplessness, the fault of my own failure on the red flame of the prestige of the finitude of an existence preceded by nothingness.

Then I would affirm: behold how much I can live if I push my quest for a limitless experience, a tragic question of recapping the reasons why I refuse any invitation to the color, and the answer I was afraid to find out. Or maybe I was too sentimental.

The one who gives himself a unique value of the type: "I cannot correct my spiritual outbursts" is closer to show himself delighted by the tense atmosphere of the dream than the one who gives himself a unique value of the type: "I feel capable of playing in the final."

The attitude that leads to leadership is often a replay of the final between what hurts you and what turns you into a dreamer, from which the consciousness of the spirit of unity emerges victorious.

Certainly, I was no longer a Michelangelo of my own life, having the opportunity to model my fate as I please. I was rather the inexpressive, loaded contour of an alter ego revolted against the failure to engage in a play of situational perspectives, both rational and irrational. I was a Humbert Humbert who defines himself through the coloring of a fallen world, bearing a burdensome role.

The authentic of your own Self that can revolutionize leadership is formed by the force of the responsibility to relate to your imperfections and mistakes, and in their shadow to discover yourself as a consciousness of value in relation to a "totally different" man.

Does your response to the demand of a hostile environment present a peculiarity of the limitations of access to the rationale of faith in a truth that frees you and gives you the chance of a new beginning?

The Principle Of Self-Understanding can be formulated as follows: The way in which you contribute to the understanding of reality that chains you, shapes the true world of perceptions of the value life inspires upon you.

To understand yourself is to fight with reality without creating setbacks for yourself.

* Note: World War Z

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