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The Principle Of The Constant Of Being (III)

On August 28, 2012
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

Effectively direct your attention towards yourself, in order to discover those qualities and values that will favor your further development.

It seemed to me that just in one night, I made a leap over a decade: I rise high above my being. I felt a little betrayed by me, because I had broken my preservation instinct. However, in this hidden and reforming agitation of thoughts, of conflicting claims, I was crystallizing a new aspiration that could be beneficial to my existence.

Just as the first people that arrived in America believed that had found by chance the heaven on earth, the second Garden of Eden, I enjoyed immensely the thought that I had found by chance a door, a way to get out of a moral dilemma, la pénétration a l'intérieur d'une fenêtre du temps , that could condition my further development.

I wanted to penetrate the last resorts of the great mysteries of life, to understand the points, the mechanisms that maximized or minimized my existence in this world, to such an extent as to fertilize that "something" in my mind still imprecise. To find my place in this adventure of knowledge and guidance in an age, where the extraordinary competes with the incredible.

I understood that I can be someone else, that I can live both now and in the future, behind a well-tuned mask. Have I distorted my true personality? I think I was obsessed by the idea of an understanding, deep and endless, between me and what I could be. Maybe it was the only way to reveal myself, to make known my responsible and determined experience, as if based upon a secret that I was hiding for an eternity.

Leadership: Do you have to make a compromise between the understanding that you can be someone other than what you are and the manner to reveal yourself as a knowledge of an earlier experience?

I could not deny, with a kind of deep despair, which was obvious, and triggered in my subconscious a whole madness. Like an uncontrollably tidal wave, the secrets of an unprecedented rebirth overflowed around me, just as there are mysteries of good and evil. Life and deeds, my thoughts and my feelings were manifesting, I think, into an unexpected dimension, full of color, magic and in constant motion. I deliberately refused to see and understand the reality, the truth about who I was.

In fact, there was nothing serious, immoral, and wrong with me. It was unique only the stake put into play during the process, in which I resonated with my own Ego. As if I had plunged into a restricted area, into an empty space, undefined, in which I could create, as a correlation between my searches and the need to know myself, a new profile that would be used exclusively for emphasizing the contrast between the two characters, between essence and appearance. The prospect was overwhelming. And fascinating.

From certain points of view, I was afraid that I will never grow up. I felt abandoned me, in an attempt to add new meanings to my life. That brought an unique and shocking image over my whole way of being. I could not imagine that the line of communion between me and the one I could be, could stop at any time, and the immense effort of strengthening my ego to erode such as the riverbeds after a great flood.

Par excellence, I had to be what I always wanted to be, and not a betrayal which flourishes later in the thorns of searches. I had to understand the warnings of a transformation, of a new growth, of the inner revolution that could accelerate my becoming, and to become aware of its power. Only thus, I could understand myself, to figure out my mission, and my true inner motivations.

Leadership: Can you extract gold from the lessons of life to create yourself a relevant image on your entire way of being?

A forecast or a positive calculation of the probable trajectory that it is followed by your own development path, will stimulate more your involvement throughout the process of knowledge and adaptation to the new situations of leadership.

The thing that brings an unique and relevant image over your whole way of being, is the "gold" that you draw from the lessons of life. It is that level of maturity that comes from a greater knowledge and, which makes possible the completion of your own way of "To be" the continuous reference to your own values . It is the feeling of superiority towards yourself - that you are not whom you were, you understand things better, and you look from somewhere above and more correctly.

Leadership: Your evolution is consistent with the factors which act at rather profound and subtle level?

The maturing process is an important part of leadership. The line of communion between you and the one you could be may be interrupted at any time, and the immense effort of strengthening your ego will be useless, if your maturation does not evolve in a harmonious way. When your searches towards a perfect "becoming" and the need to know yourself intertwine, only then they will be outlined more clearly, little by little, your true qualities and values.

Effectively direct your attention towards yourself, in order to discover those qualities and values that will give a beneficial meaning to your further actions, and that will favor your subsequent development.

Certainly, it is not enough to want the development of a phenomenon in a certain direction, to understand the warnings of a transformation, of a new growth, for it to be achieved, especially if your evolution is not consistent with the factors, which act at rather a profound and subtle level.

The vertebra that unites Leadership with Personal Development

You can achieve a high degree of maturity, you can turn towards excellence when embarking on this adventure of knowledge and guidance, in a world where the extraordinary competes with the incredible. For each of us are being pushed, like the current of a river, into an area where the road is bordered by conflicting claims, by aspirations that do not meet fulfillment, ideas and goals that are unachievable in the rhythms of contemporary life.

The externalization of a false identity, the existence of a distorted perception of yourself, constitute just as many gates in your development. This thing distorts your true personality. And therefore, you will hide your true identity behind a mask. Just as the coal and diamond are made up of the same element, so leadership and personal development, which conditions your existence as a "Man" not just as a "Leader" are united by a single vertebra: the potential to be what you are in reality.

Do you feel that you abandon yourself in the attempt to add new meanings to your life? What is the factor that brings an unique image over your whole way of being? Do you understand the warnings of a transformation, of a new growth that can accelerate your "becoming"? Do you deliberately refuse to see and understand the reality, the truth about who you really are? Can you live both in the past and present, and especially in the future, behind a well-tuned mask? Is the only way to reveal yourself to be someone else? Have you unraveled your mission, and your true inner motivations?

The principle of the constant of being (III) stresses the idea of transformation, channeling your need to explore new sides of your personality.

To take aside the curtain of time, and to foresee your future is a desideratum pursued by all. However, only those who were able to know themselves, to develop the "native" of them, to follow the path of perfection in accordance with what they are, and what they can be, will manage to do this.

Karma is Karma. But it can be shaped in a positive sense and beneficial to us, through and by us in accordance with the current realities.

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