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The Principle Of The Constant Of Being (iv)

On September 01, 2012
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

The way you evaluate the limits of your own world determines the result of your process of transformation.

I understood everything with a clarity that admitted no doubt, worrying like a threat for ages, like a somber prediction of the future. As if I would be revived, pierced by a divine inspiration, from an exhausting wandering, leading to damnation, which distorted the true sense of my own identity, channeling my present into a wrong direction.

In my tangled and unpredictable existence from that time, sprinkled with crumbs of feelings and confusing thoughts, it produced a profound change, une rupture de l'accord avec ma propre personnalité . A broken line that changed its direction randomly. I entered into the loop of a perpetual and tumultuous crisis of personality. Searches, betrayals, forgetfulness, retrievals, reflections, anxieties, without originating points, and without final moments. As if I had continued to live into an abandoned space, into an immature environment, insecure, quiet, drowned in ignorance.

Charged with all the burden of self-abandonment, unspoken, of a scheduled life, and entered into a chronicle of unfulfillment, I exposed myself to the danger of a blamable statute resurrection. I was not able to review and reflect on my plans while I was using my knowledge in inconsistent and unworkable ways.

Like a man brutally thrown into another world, whose landscape changes with every descent or ascension of his own aspirations, I converted into a victim of contradictions, of anarchy, of rational abysses, of my own vulnerabilities that tormented me terribly, incessantly. I hid of myself for fear of committing an act whose consequences I could not foresee.

Leadership: Do you self-examine yourself to prevent the exploitation of any existential loopholes, so as to ensure your conformity throughout the entire evolution cycle?

Only a secret code would be unraveled and cleared the cipher of all mysteries, which fall upon my being, like the waves of tsunamis that come one after another. It had to pass some time to banish the background images that consumed and turned myself into someone else, into a retrograde of the conformity of being present at a level where things are beyond words, and to restart my normal course, non-contradictory, of the positive thoughts.

I was standing like that hero unjustified by fate of Stephen Crane, on a strange realm, where was haunting bravery. It happened falls, but in the end, I went out to the surface, passing through all tests. I was there, where the black of contempt reigned for everything involving my own way of being, escaping with minor injuries on my conscience. The space between the continuous and interrupted line that united me of what I could become, filling with the fire of maturation, of self- retrieval.

A psychoanalyst might say that I was in search of a lost identity by two - in one, that exchanged blows like two boxers. I engaged in a fight with myself. I evolved into an interior and a superior linked through a symbolic instance of an absolute reality. A variety of separation of any real reference that kept distance from who I really was. A braiding all forms of exclusion of any individuality, any agreement with myself, which was becoming more and more solid, as a color that has its origins in the other colors.

Slowly, I came out to the surface of the stuffiness of dense and black clouds, which veiled me in the inopportune moment. Finally, I was able to understand what I pretended not to understand, and keep pace with the circumstances through which passed.

I had to fill that part of me that remained in the past, examining myself in terms of what I imagined I did not know about me.

Leadership: Do you Immerse in the too pronounced loop of a personality crisis to build your own identity?

You can further improve your leadership skills through a realistic approach of the human nature that has the potential to significantly change mentalities, to create continuity in your own decisions, to change the rule of the game regarding your own capacities and perspectives.

"Inside every older person is a younger person - wondering what the hell happened." Cora Harvey Armstrong once remarked.

Before training people, before changing destinies, before influencing changes, you must understand the lessons and realities of life. That sometimes are very hard, sometimes are doing tumbles, jumping freely in one place, or are throwing you on the strange realms, where the storms are haunting; disappear through your subconscious or unconscious, by suddenly bringing to light all sorts of irregularities. But that can teach you, guide, and inspire you in the process of your becoming.

The leadership direction is represented by that continuous line in your life, of the man who builds his own identity, without plunging into the too pronounced loop of a personality crisis that iterates forever. And for your identity not to depreciate, you must compose, and paint the correct portrait of the basic part of your being that constantly approaches you to whom you really are.

Have you entered into the loop of a perpetual and tumultuous personality crisis? Are you going against the need to turn yourself into a victim of contradictions? Are you channeling your present into a good direction, or you continue living in an abandoned place, drowned in ignorance?

A beautiful flower and highly appreciated does not grow on all roads, but it can dry anywhere if does not have optimal conditions of humidity, temperature and light. For your personality to be consistent with your true way of being, you must ensure to it the best conditions to develop normally. And for this purpose the number of votes that you give to your existence, must represent at least one third of the total resources, of the investments that you make for the formation of your own Ego.

A high tree, in which there are a lot of ripened fruit.

No matter how enthusiastic or necessary are your efforts to "retrieve" the true potential of a Man, not just a Leader, they must enroll in the horizon of objectivity in order to become possible and acceptable.

And an insufficiently broad horizon, which does not allow the evolution of any forms of cooperation between who you are and who you can become, for the purposes of confirmation and preserving the essential values that define you, is like a high tree in which there are lots of ripened fruits. You have to make a scale just as high as the tree in order to get to pick them all. This scale designates the compromise that you do for maintaining your constant of being.

Do not wander in inconsistent roles, which do not emphasize your qualities. Learn to distinguish between a horizon of the past and one of the present.

With what you fill the space between the continuous and interrupted line that connects you of the one you can become? Can you list at least three factors that force you to keep distance from who you really are? With what you fill that part of you that has remained in the past?

The way you evaluate the limits of your own world, determines the result of your process of transformation.

Conclusion: We are the living material, which has been shaped up to a certain age, and that is still shaped and finished by ourselves in order to become a true "work of art". However, this requires a good self-knowledge, a perspective vision of what we can become in accordance with a present and future reality.

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