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The Principle Of The Constant Of Being (I)

On August 18, 2012
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

See things from the perspective of what you can be, acting in accordance with what you are.

I needed someone to know me, and yet to not know me. A witness of a great transition to a "something else" temporary imprecise. Someone to perceive me not as I was, but as I could be after a great transformation, a stormy night, une rencontre avec moi-même . To forget about me, then remember me. And conversely, as some kind of vice versa.

A judgment without knowledge? or A knowledge without judgment?

Darkness shrouded me with all its power, devastating and cold, like I was a seashell. I felt it almost like a giant ready to crush me, as a huge structure mentally imposing, a mystifying unit obstructing any compromise with reason, any motivation for appropriate participation in the great "becoming".

The permanent mask of separation from any real landmark

I was increasingly plunging in the enslaving abyss of oblivion, ignorance, misunderstanding of the past, deterioration of my own nature. I was condemning myself, like Chuck Noland in "Cast Away" , putting my permanent mask of separation from any real landmark, which concurrently subjected me to a process of self-oblivion. As if I had received an order from Mephistopheles himself to destroy the entire world, starting with mine, because it revealed all that remained artificial in our relationship.

Like a living cell, my conscience was constantly struggling to exist, simply because its existence represented a reality that came out of the anodyne and anonymity. I deepened myself into a state of confusion and disorientation, at the bidding of a totalitarian utopia. I was ashamed of my glacial and unfeeling silence to the man I was and who had given me more than anyone, but who humiliated himself so much in the eyes of reality by the seeming indifference to his own self.

I took care to hide it all. The deepest breach of my existence was created by the desire to know if I had or not control over my own being. Only thus I managed to discover the most obscure mysteries of the good side that was in me, the highest peak of the art of creating new forms of understanding and impact on my way of being.

I felt the pure joy of refinding myself.

Leadership: Which is the factor that can turn you into "someone else"?

Self-knowledge, the reason to be or the image of what you would like to be, are all reasons for a life full of responsibility, doubled by the awareness of the significance of your future actions as a leader.

You can make decisions that positively affect your leadership and your qualities only if you create new forms of understanding and impact on your way of being. Conversely, a self-knowledge which does not encourage you to abandon yourself to your nature, to your own mechanisms of "self-recovery and defense", which does not encourage you to exercise better your exceptional qualities or abilities, will have difficulties in keeping up with the leadership that you want.

Which is the factor that prevents you to get closer to who you really are? Do you let yourself shrouded in the consuming and cold darkness of an uncertain self-knowledge? Do you sink into a state of confusion and disorientation that makes you uncertain of what to expect from yourself? Do you submit yourself to a perpetual judgment without knowledge? Do you hit the flow of a judgment without knowledge?

The way you look at yourself resides in the knowledge you are remembering more and more after you have turned into someone else.

To increase your level of self-acceptance and motivation, you must discern reality and your own thoughts. If you do not personalize the path to yourself until you manage to unravel the darkest mysteries of the good side that characterizes you, you will not be able to significantly smooth the path to making the right decisions. Likewise, you will not be able to embrace the values that can guide your judgment and actions towards effects, not causes.

To a man conscious of the irreplaceable ability of his own model to be, confident in the inexhaustible depth of his own being and who guides his actions in this regard, the future will only reserve him the confirmation and amplification of these expectations, by developing new appropriate forms to express his Ego.

You are the most lucid witness of the great transition to a different way of being someone else. Whatever leadership brings, your success will come together with the way you use options that reveal your character viewed from the perspective of the past.

Try to see things from the perspective of what you can be, acting in accordance with what you are.

The principle of the constant of being highlights your way of being in those astounding situations, when you think that no one watches you, when you do not recognize your qualities.

Cogito ergo sum – you think, therefore you are and not just that. You must direct your thinking to yourself in order to discover those qualities that will give a benefic meaning to your future actions and will foster your further growth, making you "someone else" in the great mass of leaders.

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