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The Principle Of The Spiritual Universe

On January 07, 2011
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Leadership Principles by Neculai Fantanaru

Everything that happens around you has an echo in your soul.

Edward Lewis was not only a handsome man, but also a very important one. And his greatest passion, which turned into a huge business and with which he had created a million-dollar empire, was that of buying companies in a financial impasse, breaking them down and selling them at a much higher price.

However, once arrived in Beverly Hills, things had to take an unexpected turn in his life. Needing a lady companion, he hires a prostitute, named Vivian Ward, a young woman with no future at first sight, but which seemed to meet the features necessary to him for achieving his goal, giving the fact that she was quite attractive. In return for 3.000 dollars, Vivian accepted Edward's proposal, carrying out her role, living with him in a luxury condo and accompanying him on his business meetings.

At some point, they have a discussion, whose substrate would change Edward's perception of himself. Edward told her about his father, the president of the third company he had taken over and which, out of hate for his father, had sold it piece by piece.

Vivian drew near to his ear and, wrapping him in a gentle and clear look, at the same time, asked him: "And that made you happy?"

Leadership: Are you ready to discover a version of the life that is happening NOW so that you represent the enhanced version of a prolonged and resounding echo in someone else’s life?

Deep thoughts always find an echo into a big heart.

There are circumstances when the difficulty consists in the very answer. In the moment of silence which suddenly dropped, bitterness seized Edward's soul. Only then he realized what he actually was: a destroyer of worlds. For, he didn't build anything, but he liquidated companies, broke them down to pieces, selling them piece by piece. That means he ruined people's lives, deprived them of the fruit of their labor. The conclusion he reached alarmed and determined him to change the perception of himself and of his business.

The end of the movie "Pretty Woman" is unexpected. Edward Lewis has reconsidered his position concerning his offer to purchase Morse Industries. His interests have totally changed. Instead of buying and break it down, as he initially wanted, and as he proceeded with all other companies, Edward decided to help the manager of that company, for it not to get into a financial collapse, signing with him even a collaboration agreement.

Edward Lewis was not the same man as before. He realized that he can build something, not only to demolish and destroy.

Leadership: Is the relationship between what you are and your external action based on the ability to accept yourself as the equal of a passing victory or as an equal of a consciousness that confronts the dominant instinct?

Moral wounds may be hidden, but they never close. There is a constant battle between your facts and your thoughts. If the facts are one step ahead of your thoughts, then they win the battle, and you risk becoming a "destroyer of worlds".

Edward Lewis was a decent guy, well-educated, but entering a relationship with Vivian, a prostitute with no future, but special by the simplicity of seeing things, he realized that he had all the necessary resources to build something and to gain just as much without to dismember companies and ruin lives. He reached to this observation after that Vivian made the summary of his "occupation", that of a destroyer.

That strange, touching spark of "dignity" could change Edward's spiritual universe. Realizing that he can be better than that, he finally reoriented his business to something edifying.

Leadership is the mark of self-revelation that can only be achieved through a perfect union with a culture of life that emphasizes the validation of feelings of loss and self-blame, and not just obtaining colossal victories.

I will never forget the observation that once did the writer Alexandre Dumas: "Moral wounds have this peculiarity - they may be hidden, but they never close; always painful, always ready to bleed when touched, they remain fresh and open in the heart."

You can have no money or influence, but your intentions to be the best and the most edifying. Conversely, you can have power, but your intentions to be destructive. To keep your heart at peace and your conscience unalarmed at any time in your life, you must learn how to coordinate your thoughts with your acts. You must establish a direct relationship between your interests and subsequent consequences. Try to see, judging everything on your own, listening to your heart, if what you are doing it is both in your benefit and in the other ones. Remember that nothing is unchangeable, including intentions and thoughts that you have.

Conclusion: The human soul is a "mixture" of feelings made during his life, and, which largely govern one's actions. If this universe is dominated by feelings of hatred, revenge and resentment, then the consequences of your acts will be destructive.

Keeping your mood of rejecting the claim of building the "New Man" because you dare not recognize yourself as a happy man, praising yourself sometimes with what you are not, is actually destroying a world reflecting a level of consciousness sufficiently elevated to realize that behind each individual there is a divine spirit that should be worshiped.

The weight of leadership is man’s ability to overcome a resistance measured by the amount of energy and mood with which he travels to the destination called: vanity.

Everything finds its echo into a big heart. We should often think who we are, what we want to do, what we will offer to those around us and reconsider our position.

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