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The Prisoner Of A Prodigious Thinking

On August 31, 2014, in Leadership Know How, by Neculai Fantanaru

Create an objective image of what you want to be without positioning yourself within a variable context of evolution located at the boundary between known and unknown.

I wasn’t like one of those beings found within formulas of a reality without truth, without opening, with no turning back, full of contrasts, of which only Cyrano de Bergerac, in his journey towards the sun, in his boundless imagination, would have known. I wasn’t like one of those Titans of Olympus either, endowed with the power to rule the universe. Yes, it seems incomprehensible. An invisible pride tied me, like in the spell of certain obscure solicitations of self-searching, of another facet of my personality.

I felt like something was following me, the faded shadow of my own weakness. No, it was something else, an attempt to build a unique identity, by refusing any imperfection, by denying any essence that could rise and exist higher than the subjective ego. Strange, I wasn’t sure anymore that I was the character in the screening of my own life. But only a mechanism of interaction between two extremes, bounded and boundless. A small oscillating universe in which everything is variable, in which I cannot be certain even of the passing of time, in which there are no laws, in which reality no longer prevails. But only the imaginary.

I was well positioned in this dimension of polarities, such as the hero of a famous novel that oscillated without limits between the imaginary world of books and his own inner life, in which he was locked. Seconds didn’t matter anymore, nothing could be weighed soberly, every atom of my being oriented itself towards a new frequency. This was my lining, my meaning from behind unanswered questions.

It’s not a common saying, that man, before losing his personality, is overshadowed behind the naturally tailored fiction in the most successful of pages. Everything began to spin in my mind, slowly, as a back and forth of magical words from a book without end. Everything seemed unreal, beyond my powers of understanding. Inevitably, I was obsessed with the essence of who I was. I think I went mad with this obsession. I no longer knew if I could stay the same person or not, a part of a chapter from a book left unfinished.

Leadership: Do you analyze your position relating to what is superior to your own reality, giving life to new models of interpretation of your own existence which are never repeated?

In an attempt to give life to new models of interpretation of your own existence, which give consistency to the unseen side of the variety of roles, values and expectations, developing them and implementing them into a "new world", you must analyze your position related to what is superior to your own reality.

Meaning, you have to chart the coordinates of a deeper, more complex vision, beyond the material world, that can ensure the continuity of thinking based on a different manner of seeing things and understanding life. Subjectively and objectively. Imaginary and real. But without resorting to a horizon full of paradoxes.

The power of higher thinking, by forming new concepts of yourself, inserted into the magic formula "I am a completely different person", directs the vision towards a direction parallel to consciousness, by its virtue of self-multiplying and amplifying.

This is possible through the manifestation of discontent against the sterility of the present, or by cultivating a high ideal, self-imposed, which eliminates the shadowing effects, of the mask, of the inner reality, leaving room for possibilities of imagination to materialize.

When you feel that you don’t belong to a certain place, when you feel that you’re not strong enough to assume the role of a protector of an independent thinking, you come to project yourself into the future different from how you really are. Which suggests an approach to knowledge beyond the borders of reality, accepted as the foundation of personal development. A knowledge put under the hypothesis of the subjectivity of a sensitive reflection of reality, but that provides a better understanding of the self and personal motivations. In this case, man acquires additional value, positive and negative altogether, by accepting the dependency towards a different way of being, in a context harder to understand by backwards mentalities.

The only model of non-repeating interpretation of existence is closely related to the manifestation of a new reality from the position of consciousness of not distorting the beauty of the world seen through your own experiences. And what is superior to this reality, unable to materialize in a material form, corresponds to the attempt to build a distinct identity by denying any essence of a life of significance that might rise above the subjective Ego.

Leadership: Do you oscillate between two contradictions: the duty to accept the truth of what you are and the necessity to hide it?

Dream or reality? The main character of the novel "The Network of Thoughts" wondered if what he lived is a dream or on the contrary, real. But the one who asked the question was in fact the author, Herbert Frank, and its meaning doesn’t seem to be another: isn’t it true that such things should only happen in a dream?

Leadership is part of an evolutionary process that is increasingly difficult to predict, promoting harmony between thought, existence and reality which only embraces the peculiar, which is a unique representation of identity. In other words, a leader can oscillate between two opposites: the duty to accept the truth of what he is and the need to hide it, in case it is being overshadowed in the back of the pride of being more than he is.

In fact, every leader will be subjected to the test of "living" during the process of evolution, by means of the need of materializing things considered impalpable, idealistic or impractical. By exploiting the need of identity and by satisfying the need of personal reinvention.

From the perspective of the known and the unknown, which directly influences the reality on which you concentrate, a part of the leadership might be a kind of science of the relationships between the most diverse aspects of life and the hidden aspects of the personality that comes to light only through an opening to the fantastic, after many attempts to define the notion of "innovative thinking".

The Prisoner Of A Prodigious Thinking is the man that seeks to better know himself and generate a favorable becoming, through non-linear approaches of reality, through a sharp delineation of the implausible.

But only he who creates an objective picture of what he is, without positioning himself into a variable context of evolution (passing it through the sieve of the imaginary and structuring it in the sense of present ideologies), will be able to maintain identity coherence.

Also, seriously analyze the opposite of evolution, the creation that you yourself conceive and impose upon yourself: "To be someone else."


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