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The Progressive Transition From Static To Dynamic

On March 06, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Promote your personal authentic values in order for your leadership model’s definitive construction to be visible.

I have always liked the series of movies with the character „Zorro”, lonely, isolated, rebel. In The legend of Zorro (2005), the wife of count Alejandro de la Vega, alias Zorro, is kidnapped and obliged, under threat, to collaborated as a spy with the government of the United States of America.

Overtaken by his deepest fear, desperate by the terrible idea that the life of his wife is in great danger, Alejandro de la Vega, alias Zorro, under disguise so that he wouldn’t compromise himself, with the mask to hide is identity, starts off with a lot of heart and courage to follow the conspirators, wanting to save her – just like a dauntless warrior, firmly convinced that he could win in front of a challenge unseen before. With his comprehensive, bright and profound spirit, with his relentless and lively zeal, he rushed, not blindly, but charily on winding Transitions, unexpected and unknown, in order to unmask the most feared, the most bitter and most evil of his enemies: count Armand, the new lover of Elena, his wife.

Armand, dodgy like a fox and conceiving the trap the hunter has set, knows how to trick Zorro and, dodging justice, manages to insure his success by some clever combinations. But Zorro, this unusual man who guesses everything, gives as good as he gets and, following the Transition of events, concentrating all his skillfulness, power and intelligence, success by a clever plan to annihilate the plot. By keeping his determination to the end, but endangering bot his and his wife and child’s lives, he finally succeeds, but only though a miracle, to attain his goals.

Leadership: Can you assert yourself as a unit of decision and action capable of changing the course of events in circumstances in which an injured person is unable to visually perceive the causative agent of a rescue intervention?

Never forget what I’m about to tell you now. It is not Zorro’s show that is essential, but its psychology, which appears ever clearer exactly in the moments when he dedicates himself to a heroic purpose. His greatest merit is that has always seen first the inadmissible inadvertence between words and unethical facts, which contradicted any provisions foreseen by law. This obsession, continuously latent, to hide his identity and to show his value by following his inner calling to rise to the height of his high ideals became ever more acute in the most unexpected moments, exactly when people most needed help.

Zorro always appears as a unit of decision and action. He finds the necessary resources to maintaining and continuing the transformation process of his personal leadership by following his strong feeling of a higher respect and the highest consideration for the human being. Zorro first established what people wanted the most, and then he moved heaven and earth in order to impose himself directly in any situation.

Excellent results can be obtained very easily when the basic unit of your leadership that you practice is well established and very resistant. This fundamental unit involves the ability to decide the fact that a certain situation is under your attention and your control, developing the best strategy for attaining the proposed objectives, assuming responsibility for any failure.

Leadership: Do you fulfill the conditions of a positive self-image that allows a causal assessment around the reality that you impose as a verdict of the judgment of your own conscience, without it overlapping with the room for maneuver of your sensitivity?

Just like the kidney has a special role in the humoral adjustment of blood pressure, so your ability to integrate yourself in the lives of others, by transmitting your feelings and disposition, has a significant role in the adjustment and good development of your activities. It is deeply rooted in conception that the form of manifestation of the being that progressively becomes aware of itself can only be a closed unity, as demonstrated by that reality accepted and experienced through a mixture of emotional or moral coercion.

Of course, before analyzing the state of mind of a “savior”, we must analyze the state of mind of the one who is trapped in the reality of an affected self, sensitive to context, as Elena was in the film. Her soul content referred to unfavorable circumstances that no one had elucidated, and her spiritual tendency was to redefine the space of her own sensibility, and the viewer who would have tried to penetrate the vibrant ensembles of this space would not have known exactly where they were.

Not getting involved in actions meant to prove your responsibility and showing off your skills is like living in a dark room from which apparently you can’t get out of. The good news is that you can program the quantity of light coming in the house by transforming yourself in something better, freeing your inner resources for the exteriorization and understanding of personal intentions. The intensity with which you get involved in the development of your actions depends on the quantity of “light” with which you fuel your leadership – by adequately configuring your potential and the personal motivations, and the degree of promptness of the “activation” of your emotions.

Leadership has as a main determinant a form of manifestation of the being that progressively becomes aware of itself, in the light of a reality that has not been fully deciphered in all its consequences.

The Progressive Transition From Static To Dynamic has the role to signify “your awakening” by cultivating a sense of appurtenance to the community or to a group of people and by aligning to their expectations and needs.

Always, in order to accomplish something great and in order to maintain the good relationships with other people a supreme, irresistible and absolute authority is necessary. This authority must fulfill the following qualities: supremacy, wisdom, kindness and force. It’s the same authority that Zorro always had. He promoted his authentic personal values (such as honesty, integrity, respect, communication or compassion), thus shaping the definitive construction of his leadership model.

Conclusion: The Transition from static to dynamic signifies to let go of that state of expecting something (even in the presence of great words) and to get to action, an action motivated by feelings of justice and fairness in favor of those in suffering.

Your value will increase if you do it relentlessly and without expecting the eternal gratefulness of people. Facts, not words are those that matter. They will express your personal values.

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