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The Quest

On May 06, 2016, in Leadership T7-Hybrid, by Neculai Fantanaru

Raise the stakes of modelling mentality that helps you fulfill a vision, by assuming the attitude of intervention in the course of things that follow a unique trajectory.

I finally had the opportunity to contribute, step by step, in the immediate vicinity of an explanation that didn’t take the truths of science into account, to the birth, growth, and spread of the powerful need of showing a different side of things than the one known by the everyone. I wasn’t doing anything other than merging within the mind many aspects of opposing meaning and reaching a conclusion I didn’t know beforehand, from the same feverishness and excitement with which Gandhi sought to show a new way of action of his race and its religion on the basis of ancestral beliefs, formulating its ancient passivity.

Many imperfections were in the exposures of an image other than the real one, in the face of a theme that gathered and systematized as many references as possible, through the action of an intense flow of changes resulting from the influence of a state, a phenomenon or an event less usual, to which any argument seemed to find its purpose. In one way or another all these maintained the structure of an application of the type "Test di visione".

Obviously, I would get involved in a search that seemed to not have a purpose, like the gnostic seeking a divine reality, a kingdom in this world, which is only an illusory shadow of a fantasy, without finding a plausible explanation for all those observed that could trigger a real change.

As if I were guided by an axiomatic truth, a synthetic model of approaching a knowledge through a radical empiricism, based on the crossing from the peculiar to the general, from the simple to the complex, forcing continual reflections and analysis, to a continual explanation of the idea of quantity (0, infinite] from which had to be extracted the infinite in order to obtain a quantity with the maximum highest real number. Something like this was not possible, and this was precisely what I was trying to do: I would make the impossible possible.

Leadership: Does the ultimate goal of your knowledge aim at a greater mastery of the beliefs you represent at the level of reflection of a reality beyond itself?

My quest was in fact related to the progressive acquisition of an increasingly complex knowledge that would be a copy in accordance with the reality of an out of the ordinary world, in perpetual change and where innovative and revolutionary evolutions can take place. The beliefs I represented at the level of reflection of a reality beyond itself, constituting the supreme goal of my knowledge, had as a main stake a more sensitive and richer participation in the construction of a suspenseful, wonderful story.

Leadership is a way of approaching the knowledge that places the idea of process, change, and development in the center of the preoccupation of searching for a new reality, in the light of a revelation that needs to be manifested through things, facts, and happenings.

When Christopher Columbus discovered America, it actually led to the emergence of a new reality, extending the world beyond the boundaries known up to that time. When Albert Einstein formulated the theory of relativity, he demonstrated that the time and the distances of an event measured by two observers generally have different values, but they are always subject to the same physical laws. It was a point of view at least out of the ordinary, but perfectly suited to the evolution of reality.

The version of reality that you adhere to is given by the search for a higher knowledge through the direct experience of events, reinforced by the power to anticipate the effects of your decisions and the result obtained by applying them.

A specialist in emergency medicine from Florida, named Alfredo Alvarado, crated many years ago a method of distinguishing patients that could’ve had appendicitis from those whose pain probably had other causes. Thus, by using the score of Alvarado (Mantrels), doctors could identify those that had appendicitis and could be taken directly to the operating room, separating them from those suspected of appendicitis who needed to be watched.

Any change is an enhanced version of the findings you make vis-à-vis a reality that is completely “foreign” at first, but which proves more fascinating and more overwhelming than any darkness. The result of the experimentation of a continuous analysis and a careful observation, achieving in this way an engagement in a phenomenon of conductivity of the particular instances that define surrounding elements (with the prediction value of a significant event), is constituted in a sort of separation between harmony and chaos.

The result of this experimentation represents not only the stakes of a modelling of mentality, but also the modelling of the structure of correlations between the variables that influence the production of world phenomena.

Leadership: Do you feel compelled to find an explanation for the "quantity" idea from which you have to extract a well-defined value to get a real number?

Instead of looking forward to the fulfillment of a vision closely tied to the reality of life and the world, asking questions that cannot be ignored, maybe we should observe the way in which it was already fulfilled, adjusting with absolute precision those points of view that are not necessarily opposites, but rather complementary.

The idea of a "quantity" is attributed to particular things that participate to the formation of reality. While the real number represents the measure that each thing takes when you relate to a world depicted in terms of striking irregularities. To extract a well-defined value to obtain a real number, with that creative feverishness of finding the new, means to bring an extra argument concerning the behavior of things in the research and evaluation phase.

Leadership, being made up of that creative force that contributes to the popularization of certain ideas or opinions can have the advantage the possibility observing, step by step, from the immediate vicinity of an explanation that doesn’t necessarily take into account the truths of science, various similarities and analogies with surrounding things in different experiences.

This process of observation doesn’t take on the role of showing a different side of things or of the reality known by everyone, but that of spreading the powerful need to exercise the ability of initiating and refining a search.

Leadership related to the search for a new reality is equivalent to extending consciousness to a greater freedom of will and imagination, in order to accumulate a knowledge meant to give you the status of “colonizer” of a new world.

The Quest aims mainly to spreading awareness of an attitude of intervention in the course of things that follow a unique trajectory, from within an imaginary which must continually face reality.


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