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The Reality Of The Dream That Goes All The Way

On April 29, 2016, in Alpha Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Create yourself a new identity by grabbing a territory won in the battle with life: the madness of transposing yourself into a reality in which you are the dream.

I was afraid of the bold rush of reaching the line of a boundless horizon which had its meaning of a demonstration of a painting type traced firmly, a proof of finding a great spirit, beyond the subtle game of reason called faith. Thanks to a theme that concerns both the field of artistic creation and that of science, understanding the exigencies of a labyrinthine area fairly mysterious to ordinary human understanding, I began to search for something spiritualized: the truth beyond denial.

The words of my disturbing thoughts, completing themselves in the plane of uplifting ideas that took correspondence in the fact that the understanding of science and life must be founded through the manifestation of madness, wanted to keep me somewhere, at an uncommitted midway, leniently appreciative to the windmills that stood in my way. The thrill of madness was seductive and beautiful: a symbol of pleasures discovered through a perfection defined by the truths and things that replaced la verità effettuale.

Hamlet pretended to be insane to allow himself a greater liberty of action and expression, but at the same time better hiding his intentions. Let us remember with gratitude the magicians of Christopher Priest who interpenetrated their cover, unseen waves, energy, knowledge, and experiences by fusing with fantasy elements. Let us go along with Julio Murillo in search for the faraway Shangri-La, fleeing the death sentence, only to understand a meaningful secret, an existence left in silence forever.

And let us take heed of the madness that incessantly watches us, light as the late evening breeze, where only the shadows of some vague lights called "a then from a trace of reason" exist, announcing the eternal purgatory of "it could be worse."

Leadership: Are you mindful of what you add to your exploration experience of new forms of visual expression so that you can perfectly reproduce the beginning of a new world from the perspective of what it means to live "labyrinthine" life?

The greatest wisdom slowly approaches the greatest madness, merging through a prolonged sleep, repeating endlessly as in the play of light of a fantastic mirage, being easier to maintain through a boundless experience that resists the idea of waking up. The dream is not a distant goal, but rather a reality of madness.

When you try to connect to a lesser-known area, like entering a labyrinth with no escape, but so interestingly built that you would always want to go through it regardless of the traps that lie around you, practically you begin to think of yourself as the composition of a whole set of essential notions for interpretation or reception. In fact, living a labyrinthine life means getting deeper into the core of an enigma until you get fascinated with solving it, but so that you feel complete and not distracted by the world around you.

And I was but a tool of the mind to abandon a fictional construction more authentic and more consistent than life itself, on the circumference of an imaginary circle whose radius was equal to the eighteenth part of the height of a column called: the vigor of the interpretation of a shared experience that produces an innovative breath.

How does the creator avoid the madness that watches him incessantly, sensed alike an incense burned by a wizard? How does he avoid this enclosed space in which can be perceived all resonances of an appeal to the glory of an endless perspective, akin to the petals of decorative roses thrown on an alley full of living petals? Could it be possible for him to avoid the action of entering a Moebius loop so that he will not be infinitely rotated by a centrifugal and centripetal force in diametrically opposite directions?

He cannot. The projections of his mind are always competing to prove the reality of his world, of the dream that goes on forever. Will you venture with me?

Leadership: Can you contribute to the perpetuation of a dream present as an alternative reality in a painting of your double demarche to self-knowledge, without considering yourself the extended version of a restrictive world?

The disposition to be motivated by abstract ideas, the detachment from a reality without future is that of the visionary or the revealer of a thinking based on meanings who feels the emotions his dreams stir up.

Such a man honors leadership not only because he tries to give follow his inner needs in an okay way, trying consciously to open the buds of a philosophy or of a freedom of expression, akin to Gandhi or Martin Luther King. But rather through the fact that he discovers himself from a different perspective, that of an exile into a space interwoven with reality and fantasy.

This wise old saying will always stand: You must lose yourself before you find yourself.Yes, to lose yourself in the space of a dream, in the clear and mobile outlines the upward vision of a titan evokes upon your life, in a version of the type "Reaction after state". The titan is your alternative to knowing yourself at a higher level, who teaches you in what way you must change your way of approaching a new perspective, by reconfiguring your disposition towards the feeling that you are reconnected to a different world.

The construction of a new reality begins the moment the embodiment of a dream becomes possible. You can redefine yourself from the perspective of what you are when you dream or from the perspective of what you are when you wake up.

The picture of your double approach to self-knowledge is completed by the "madness" you face in your attempt to accede to an understanding of existence in relation to the chance of experiencing your dream in reality. And to consider yourself as an extended version of a restrained world is to prolong insanity until you turn it into an element of interiority in the form of exteriority that even if your moral compass does not approve it, the creative impetus supports it.

Leadership: Can you mirror yourself in a higher consciousness of the form of a strait that always opens to a winding road without focusing on the essential points of existence that is exercised as a relative constraint?

If life has its own ascent, and the world around has its own private space, then the reality you shape alone, through a so-called passing or transformation into another person, can become a dominating feeling that fully crosses the threshold of the challenge.

And the greatest challenge the mind identifies as a broad matter of consummation, always relevant to the phenomena over which experience cannot instruct you on, is that of shaping yourself and believing in a higher consciousness – but in the shape of a strait.

The strait is a narrow area of connection between two large continents, one that is characterized through a great diversity of phenomena, the other that is emptied and divided as you try to establish a lasting bond.

The one who is committed to personal development through the process of exploring the dream, through the transformation of reason into a meandering road, into a "wandering" of the moment that can give him somewhat of a win, he risks never coming out of this strait.

You are your own creator of dreams, but also the one who crushes you, depending on the diameter of the strait in which you fit. And the essential points of existence exerted as a relative constraint towards this strait are: the concrete of a tough reality and the subjectivity of a consciousness chained in its own retreats.

The entire creative effort of man is directed towards producing an un-contradictory reality, a work of the mind that will be a landmark for a successful existential journey, in the spell of obscure solicitations of the Self that stands out in contrast with the "Alter-Ego" in a process of shaping identity.

If you want to go all the way to your dream, first think that any enigma is a challenge, a small madness, and you have to decide to say "Challenge Accepted".

The Reality Of The Dream That Goes All The Way belongs to the brilliant minds that dictate eventually and definitely. Minds that do not accept being existences silenced forever, many times perceived as a meaningful secret that no reason can penetrate.

Leadership is the ideal chance of following the formation of a new identity, through a final separation from the truths and things that replace la verità effettuale, by grabbing a territory won in the battle with life: the madness of transposing yourself into a reality in which you are the dream.

Will you be able to fight the idea of waking up?


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