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The Realm In Which We Never Get On Time (I)

On January 25, 2013, in Leadership XXL-Pack, by Neculai Fantanaru

Give yourself the possibility of a rigorous and fair self-assessment, by making the retrospective analysis of your own limitations, constraints, searches and expectations.

Two old men were sitting face to face. One of them was Sheriff Ed Tom Bell. Who would better analyze this right, clear and fair conscience, at that moment when all the memories were overflowing, when all the strains, exhausting and barren, were manifesting in the form of some reserves, and would have told with a shadow of doubt: "What would happened with him?"

Everything that was allowed by society, determined him to submerge or to get stuck even harder in their own world, more and more rigid. His words were circling around the destiny, the dramatic confusion that precedes a change of direction: "I feel overwhelmed. I always imagined that when I will get old, God will come into my life. And He did not come. It’s not His fault. In His place, I would have the same opinion about me, just as Him."

Lacking in vitality, without appeal, Ed Tom Bell, was standing in the same indifference, which was shown by the knight Gaudin de Sainte-Croix, when he saw himself face to face with the fatality – the unexpected arrest, which, as like hell, was swallowing any hope of life in him.

An exhaustive wandering, which led him to damnation. Everything in him was questioned. He was expecting to all the worst. And he was caught and "arrested" in that tragic brawl between past and present, suspended in a state of acceptance of the inevitable. Did he expect to get into another realm, where there was not so much evil, so much passion, so much vanity?

But patience, why so much hurry? Redemption always asks for pending. Before the heaven is hell that keeps you prisoner, like a powerful wizard, in your own life, hostile to you. And this wizard who commands the spirit, more threatening than ever, had a plan, to what it concerned the old Ed Tom Bell. *

Leadership: How do you fulfill your role of supporting the expression of emotions from significant life experiences as well as their control and inhibition in terms of perceiving a reality that exceeds you and from which you cannot escape?

Are you open to unexpected changes? Is it everything within you questioned? Are you caught in that brawl between past and present, suspended into a state of acceptance of the inevitable? Are you falling prey to some inner worry? Does your existence stand under the sign of a general disorientation? Is your life running in the pace of a monometer, functioning according to strict laws?

A leader can be built in years. However just as well, he can be destroyed in an instant. When the wonderful and rewarding journey comes to an end, when in the upper stage of his existence, the reason, feeling, belief, passion - the rudders and the sails of the destiny’s ship, sailing adrift, no longer provides security. He has to perform his role through a strange symmetry of the reversibility of his events, his deeds and his intentions, that is, to prove a permanent Deja Vu that can have another ending.

Refusing to get anchored into reality, refusing to accept a certainty dictated by your own thinking and by an objective reasoning, the flagrant denial of your own being, determines the appearance of an existential crisis, by imposing a radical change and deep of content, not of surface. The reality to which you have to pay close attention to and watch with the utmost responsibility is like a book that you cannot open at any page with the intent to understand it fully, but must go through every statement from its entire content that is dedicated to a different area of representing the world and its laws.

Leadership comes today, tomorrow passes, or is not it? Depending on the reasonable price, established by your existence. A subtle deviation from the direction of movement under the influence of the lack of firmness in decision-making and action is proof of insecurity in the face of a reality that surpasses you and you can not escape it.

Leadership: Do you address the problem of reality seen as a sum of negative perceptions about the quality of life, so that it is a question of distorting actions and events that have taken place through a change of self-image at the level of subjective evaluation of the values that represent you?

Usually, when the black part of your existence hits you, it makes it eagerly and fiercely, like a machine that cuts the trees mercilessly, and makes it decisively and relentless forever. You are forced to accept the situation, no matter how you are amazed, and intrigued.

When will you understand that the leadership’s future does not belong to a ripped and a throbbing existence? The leadership is nurtured by the alchemy of an existence in equilibrium, authentic, victorious, through a constant struggle, in order to increase performances, through the value’s measure that you bring to the world, applying the knowledge gained in everyday life hypostasis.

Life is a quick consumption of youth or an aggravated prolongation of old age, depending on the doubts and mistakes you suffer when your system of values ​​is overthrown. In leadership, it is needed a new fundamental approach that would have a strong moral and sentimental dimension, not a false metamorphosis through which you lose yourself. The leadership does not support the slow, clumsy and painful process of forming a new personality.

In vain, you push your limits up to a sublime heroism if you give up in front of the complex reality, worrying, disappointing, poor in noble ore. Especially if the essence of your nature, in the conflict with the reality, is characterized more and more by cowardice and weakness in the strength of your wisdom. Changing your self-image at the level of subjective evaluation of the values you represent occurs when you treat the idea of immutable fatality with the carelessness of a man swept away by the swiftness of time.

Your leadership will also be deprived of essence and strength, if your existence will flow in the pace of a monometer that functions after strict laws.

Leadership: Can you transform an important moment of your life into an unforgettable experience that perfectly complements the visual content of unrealistic imagery that urges you to limit your horizons?

The leadership is not negotiable and not for giving appointments. It is ephemeral, changeable, demountable, repetitive, floating, silt collector, measurable, adaptable, with key or remote control - depends on the way you behave, understand, and treat it, especially if you manage to adapt to the tandem "You" and "Him".

Do you feel watched from behind? Are too soft the steps which count the crumbs of your shadow on the ground? Are you stumbling over? The fear of the stalker paralyzes halfway your hunted being?

No, you cannot get rid of the stalker than confronting him directly, with conviction, with the evidence and arguments, with the dignity’s lightsaber. Turn bravely your head. Who is it? Regress? Stagnation? Helplessness? Fall? Damnation? Monotony? Loneliness? Barriers represented by the different way of living and by the fragile beliefs that places you on opposite sides? Or the cruel reality that caught you up?

If you are not able to always bring an extra value to your experiences, if you cannot add new horizons to your life, and you feel only the cross of the impotence, if you can no longer repeat the steps which took you forward towards success, if your professional existence can no longer create and manage a substantial portfolio of achievements, and yet, you continue to plead for a fantastic ideal, it means to commit a crime. It means you dare to defy the reason, and to give yourself up to a fairy of a moment that can be called madness or vain illusion.

Do you take a fair fight. But one that is already lost?

The self-image is the opinion you form of yourself at that time when you have accumulated your life experiences, thus becoming wiser, when you feel that everything is falling under the spectrum of loneliness.

The Realm In Which We Never Get On Time marks the beginning of the end, is the sign of self-depreciation, misfit to the new environment, more complex and more alarmingly.

Just as a in a good detective novel there is no sentence, no meaningless word, even so in a leadership, in which the performance has a critical role, there may be no agreement, no interim with those, whose existence submerges or gets stuck even harder in derisory and insignificantly, in the deep mire of erosion.

Give yourself the possibility of a rigorous and fair self-assessment, by making the retrospective analysis of your own limitations, constraints, searches and expectations.

* Note: "No Country for Old Men (2007)"


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