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The Rule Of Clockmaker

On November 16, 2011, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Remove the negative characteristics of people, by adjusting their behavior after those convictions and values which they appreciate, yet overlooking them.

Vivian Ward, the lady companion of the controversial businessman, Edward Lewis, never walked through such "places" - not the most insignificant trace, not even the frailest sign does not showed that she was really interested in ever going to the opera. She, a prostitute without future, without horizons, introduced to the new world, coming into contact with another kind of culture, with another kind of thinking. And yet, here they are together, in a central lodge, watching the show of the opera "Madame Butterfly".

However, something is happening. Suddenly, everything changes in her life. For a moment, she looks in herself. She, which had never known tenderness and affection, which had not known that pleasure which exists in a relationship - and that translates into love, never tasting the full joy that you receive in the exchange for your own dedication. She, with a huge ambition and strength had always kept in a shadow her spiritual powers, which always failed to honor her responsibilities towards her own heart, towards her deepest feelings.

She, which with an enviable tenacity never kept herself led by anyone, never sat tight, never being enticed by the attractive temptation of love - the secret of a lasting relationship, always hindering on time her temptation of fidelity, being absorbed only by the desire for money. She, this so beautiful creation, who endured so long her torment, by alone, which closed somewhere in herself all sorrows and all interior storms, having the power not ever externalizing herself – here, that for the first time in life, she reveals her true character.

She tries to stop the tears that invade her, but they run, unhindered, slipping gently on her cheeks - revealing her true inner glow.

Leadership: Do you feel indebted to the future to try your chance to increase the importance of your attitude towards reality, depending on the ambiguous meaning of the image you build in your imaginary universe?

An imaginary universe is a sort of memory of pain and unfulfilled dreams that exclude any kind of compromise. But this memory can be modified by the consciousness that facilitates the reception of external messages, arriving on the "sensitive waves" of the intensity with which you feel a spiritual and intellectual connection.

The ambiguous meaning of the image you build in your imaginary universe is about gaining a spiritual victory that takes you away from the mastery of the ordinary ones that give birth to passions that happen to you. Meaning can also be focused in completely unexpected points, such as stopping in front of a place with wide open doors, where you can observe the spectacular phenomenon of the "living" without being able to touch its abundance.

I remember an interesting remark of Jules Verne: "There are two distinct forces in us: that of the soul and that of the body, that is a movement and a regulator. The soul is the principle of life: that is, then, the movement. Whether it is produced by a weight, by a spring, or by an immaterial influence, it is none the less in the heart."

Leadership: Must you learn to give meaning to all things and situations that surround you, depending on the value of "WAITING FOR AN HONEST BEGINNING" introduced in the results of the functioning of a storing mechanism called "CACHE"?

In leadership, everything increases and decreases depending on your ability to make necessary changes in the hearts of those around you. Edward Lewis, from the movie "Pretty Woman (1990)", has learned well the role of "clockmaker", by adjusting with great precision that link between these two distinct forces: that of the soul and that of the body. By taking Vivian to the Opera, which brought to the fore a love story, he managed to reveal from her spiritual baggage that emotional dose that made her more sentient towards her own person. It was as if she had set the time after her heart rate.

Just as a skilled clockmaker is able to adjust the most delicate parts of the most finest clocks, so you, as a leader must be able to notice what goes wrong with people, and to adjust their behavior after those values ​​that they appreciate, yet overlooking them; to try to fully combat their system of convictions, strong, but inefficient, by bringing forward the emotional dose that is buried in them.

Edward Lewis has followed more consistently than anyone the revealing, beyond appearances, of the inner truth, visible to her only by the broad and deep understanding, by empathy, of her most intimate feelings and experiences. How do you repair a clock dear to your soul?

Can you look inside people? Can you see those few wheels, of the many that keep in motion the gear of their great system of convictions? Have you understood how does it work the forces combining their thinking with their sensing? Can you sense the intimate connection that exists between the way in which they express their attitudes and the way they manage their emotions? Do you know what parts you have to adjust that to awaken in them the lost or forgotten feelings?

CACHE is the memory that connects you with others when a widening of consciousness occurs over the whole experience of your return to the state of a being dominated by unfulfilled desires.

You can always have a "clean" run in the background of consciousness a new example of being at the same time: a source of life and inspiration.

The rule of clockmaker: "There's no way to fix an expensive clock with a hammer."

In your relationship with people, you must follow the same rule, a little bit changed: "There's no way to fix a man's soul if you do not protect all that is delicate and fragile at him, in some way, if you fail to bring forward his true feelings, or worse, if you estrange from them."

Just as a clockmaker must choose the wheels he needs in order to start an older clock, or for making a new clock, so you must step into the territory of the human soul, by listening to their inner arrangements, and to replace all the unmaintained inner wheels, which impedes their optimal functioning. You become valued on the extent of your skill.

Are you able to put in relation all the wheels and mechanisms necessary for an effective functioning? Are you as skilled as a clockmaker master?

Remove the negative characteristics of people, by adjusting their behavior after those convictions and values which they appreciate, yet overlooking them.


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