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The Science Of The Eternal Man Comprised Between Birth And Death

On January 08, 2014, in Leadership S4-Quartz, by Neculai Fantanaru

Apply all the teachings of the science you serve and represent, in order to guide your value in a direction useful to your becoming.

The great Estonian scientist, Karl Baer, trying so hard to break the secrets of how chicken eggs are developed, was able to establish in the end the basis of a new science – compared embryology of the vertebrates. Basically, the study of embryos allowed the taxonomy of animal similarities.

As for myself, a man eager to climb the great pyramid of science and set the base for a new approach on leadership, I was interested in the way in which the scientist elaborated the new animal taxonomy. He discovered the most important thing: he showed that the embryo follows his own development way for each type of animals.

The echo of his theories was an innovation benchmark for me, serving at the same time as a unifying connection between two somehow different mentalities. And his way to apply the teachings and truths discovered along the research opened the horizon of my becoming as a man who rivals with the limits imposed by the framework of an unfulfilled scientific development.

The pleasant incursion in the world of science, stimulating curiosity and personal becoming, ensuring the achievement of a certain cultural and ideological distinction, turned, on such a short notice, into a multitude of interesting reflections, theories and plausible considerations connected to leading. I was so tempted to understand the depiction of the compounds identification elements that favor a certain chemistry of the individuality, it was so exciting to handle the threads of some many contradicting hypotheses that support the human model.

Only so I could figure out what lies beyond my own person: the measured value and pragmatic orientation. These two characteristics gave me the necessary tools to understand the interaction between science and metaphysics, in favor of unique approaches in leadership.

Leadership: Do you agree to enter into an endless free fall, under the pretext of pursuing an ideal of great prestige and visibility in the field of science that goes beyond the narrow frame of your experience of being an observer?

We often step blindly through the labyrinth of uncertainty looking for answers to the question: "Where to?", guiding ourselves after some considerations regarding what is allowed for us search and too little after those considerations regarding what is useful for analyzing ourselves and for self-knowledge. The science of the man eternally caught between birth and life is left crossed by the total effort, by all the acts of will, by all the commitments to penetrate the mysteries of a complex, noble and beautiful profession, that is to say, a powerful form of thought, belonging to others, but possessed by everyone as a constantly increasing self-discipline, in a certain direction.

Instead of raising our culture and thinking level from this compromising slum of the self-unknown, we dwell deeper and deeper in what is called the quarantine of decent waiting. We are enveloped by a cloak of inner rottenness instead of showing a giant enthusiasm for searching, updating and saving those ideated virtues, which are rightly cherished by human society. The virtue of being a finished work of the scientist, a confession about the greatness of creation.

While old men stopped achieving notable results a long long time ago, young people lose their enthusiasm to appropriate science that is the capacity which makes possible the achievement of some additional "incomes" with a personal value. It’s obvious that many aren’t able to achieve a connection between cognitive performance and superior results, relevant for the leadership field. They can’t see to what extent they’re able to overachieve by following other scientists course for the purpose of establishing new ways of depicting the world and knowledge.

This means to start an endless free fall, in an extreme decline, reaching the natural extension of the stage called apathy, which erases a significant quantity of those previous productivity gains of resources allotted to improving skills, in compliance with the requests of great leadership.

Leadership: How much does it cost to build a bridge over the “abyss” that emerges between involution and science, in association with a “self with a high degree of personalization” who demands the right to assert their authenticity?

In order to enable that inner look that thwarts the traps on involution and functional inactivity, analyzing all those hypotheses, calculations, experiments, theories selected in order to better endure in front of all the attraction tendencies of the thinking model which honors science, the road to a tiny part of individual development should be cleared.

The road to the inability to see the new interface for the map called "plan of opening and reorganization of the individual stage"should be cleared, following an own evolutionary professional assertion path. I can’t realize how this thing could change without assimilating the necessary knowledge to identify and analyze some new aspects of the information-substance interaction, some new knowledge resources, shaping arguments regarding the opportunity of expanding some new scientific concepts and fields of research.

Leadership is what you create under the weight of a “myself” conceived by recomposing the image of science from fragments of the teachings and truths discovered by others during their interventions throughout the world.

Do you remember Turms, the hero of the novel "The Etruscan" by Mika Waltari? He often tried to understand his being, listening to his thoughts and inner calling. Uncertain about his values, qualities and skills, he asked the wise priests to teach him what he has to knows in order to reach accomplishment. They answered to him: "Science is in yourself. Not in us."

An incursion in the world of science can be exceedingly pleasant only if it stimulates curiosity and personal becoming, ensuring a certain ideological and cultural distinction. It has to turn into something interesting, tangible, for the future, useful and accessible to the leadership you will apply in a permanent listening to yourself. To your thoughts and prejudices, to your value, to the image you create about yourself.

What costs in order to build a bridge above the "abyss" between involution and science is the connection and expense you set with the commitment to continuously improve the performances, ensuring the continuity of scientific research in the direction set by your field of activity. If you want to place yourself at the stage of "scholar" in terms of the way of consolidating the relation with excellence, apply all the teachings of the science you serve and represent in order to guide your value in a direction that is useful to your becoming.

“A myself with a high degree of personalization” can claim the right to assert its authenticity if the motivation to serve science is equal to the motivation to defend a noble cause.

Also, this “myself” must demonstrate its dignity to live under the umbrella of a glorious name of that whose resonance is recorded in the way opens his horizons in the face of a diversified and complex reality.

The Science of the Eternal Man comprised between Birth and Death aims at that free commitment to know, to learn, to overcome yourself so that you conquer the highest peaks of performance. It’s a way that implies a constant commitment, aiming towards a new ideal that could place you in the category of top candidates to the award called: accomplishment.


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