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The Secret Language Of Leadership (I)

On February 18, 2011, in Leadership Magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

Assess properly the feelings of others, for the dimension of your leadership to grow.

The first step in the most favorable direction for leadership is to reconsider your attitude and opinion toward other people. Leaving time pass, you will certainly form a very different picture of those surrounding you. I'll refer once more to the movie "Pretty Woman (1990)" to emphasize better this aspect.

The Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel. At one point, between the manager Barney Thomson and Vivian Ward, the lady companion of the controversial businessman, Edward Lewis, there is a discussion. Concerning the manager, he was very determined to expel Vivian from the hotel as soon as possible, because she, being a prostitute, could affect the hotel's reputation.

Being an educated man, with a sortable character, the manager tells Vivian in a subtle way, but using a soldierly tone, that he will make an exception to the rule and accept her in his hotel, due to the presence of Mr. Lewis, who was an important customer. But when Mr. Lewis would leave, she would become unwelcomed there.

Because she wasn't a woman recognized in that "sophisticated" world of luxury and wealth, Vivian nodded, once more pained that someone scorned her. She had been warned ! Well warned ! Thus, she had to obey.

Predictions didn't become true. Vivian's stay for a week in that luxurious hotel didn't cause any unpleasant incidents, controversy or inconvenience. On the contrary, it was a great blow especially to the manager's pride and frigidity. For she had a genuine will that drew strength from her own aspirations to show that she can be someone else, she can rise above her condition – that of a prostitute, and she can become a "lady". She succeeded in being noticed by everyone, being considered one of the most beautiful, elegant and mannered women in that hotel.

Leadership: Can you find your motivation to be someone else in the case of an image that is commonly attributed to the meaning of "rigorous experiencing of life"?

If we are to examine the space of human representativeness in which there is an obligation to raise the individual to the rank of a "tolerated subject", concurrent with an unlimited source of heat called soul, and if we seek the balance between predictability, malleability, and responsibility, then we certainly will not be able to perceive the symmetry between value and price.

An image that is currently attributed to the meaning of "rigorous experiencing of life", has as a unique element of analysis that intensification of the contrast between appearance and essence, that is, between what you are in danger of losing and what you are able to gain.

The man whose merits and honor are avoided, tastes from the bitterness of life as intensely as the painter capturing someone’s attention by presenting his self-portrait: with humility and rebellion.

Can we equate the significance we are trying to give to what happens to us, causing a painful affective discharge, with the meaning we attribute to the stories behind our image, which eludes social reality? Can we try to see people as objects we are surrounded by, stemming from the field of an unconventional design?

If we look at people as rare objects, often possessing useful value and at the same time aesthetic value, analyzing the role of our combinatorial capacity in the process of creating a successful model, we will be able to compose the beautiful or the sublime in the extent to which they belong to the category of values that go beyond the field of aesthetics. And the aesthetic, as someone said, we have no right to make it absolute, but to dwell on it in the tension of maintaining certain moral, ethical principles that serve the truth to high standards.

Leadership: Can you approach the meaning of a certain action of human behavior by investigating the motivation from which it originates?

A science-derived formula that does not relate to the beauty you can admire and study for an extended period of time without getting tired of it, is the following: "Observe what you do not know and do not refuse knowledge". It is not about that hard to perceive beauty, which only brings special thanks if you observe it from a critical perspective, but rather one of knowledge behind the image you give to the world that starts with complete doubt regarding everything.

People are not objects that can be found in almost all interiors, with the same practical status and with the same ability to "like". Which, when we get bored of them, when their price is low, we can change for something else.

We are a bunch of reflections that can clarify our existence in a mysterious world, full of increasingly subtle and persistent colors, which checks the exact configuration of our own version of beauty: inner or outer.

The question we need ask ourselves comes from an internet user: "Do we have the strength to look at the configuration of our own subjectivity and to uncover, from underneath the ashes of doubt and mistrust, the seeds of values once dear to us, but insufficiently expressed?"

Subjectivity is just an attempt to give personal experience a meaning that will console your pride. And the insufficiently expressed values relate to what you decide to do and the end result you want to achieve in the conditions of a double form of risk: the need to express your stance on the negative outcomes of your life and the need to defend your principles under the conditions of a lack of interest.

Leadership focuses on how you use reality so that others’ perceptions of you are identical to your reactions to their attitude.

The Secret Language of Leadership relates to the connection that is created between the perception of the reality that guides the actions of man and the things seen through emotions, uniting distinct elements of identity under certain discursive conditions. These elements can be rearticulated differently under certain circumstances of producing an impact at a level of consciousness.


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