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The Sight Of Eyes Reconsidering Their Gaze

On August 02, 2021
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Leadership Pro by Neculai Fantanaru

The biggest mistake of an artist is to try to catch up with that “very late”, rigid and taciturn, which cancels out any aesthetic expressiveness.

I ran the 15 km race yesterday, in fact it was about 17 km. And I ran, sometimes I stopped, I looked around, I admired the landscapes that the sun always fills with the warmth of a fairytale world. I think that the sun loves the mountains, communicates with nature, but often catches the eye especially of runners who know how to admire the beauties of a simple life, to remove the curtain of routine and to enter another reality.

I say this because I have learned to appreciate running without speed, without endurance, without the desire to be among the best. In this case, it seems natural to me to appreciate the joy of the moment and to give an immense value to the joy that only the artist feels when his sight begins to shine on the tones on which the chromaticity of his work is based.

It is explicable how an athlete can see everything through the artist’s eyes: testing his gaze, slipping freely from one element of decoration to another, receiving what is beyond words.

If you run without enjoying the beauty of the landscape, it’s like when the sun tries to slip its bright rays through a thick gauze cloth: you will never fully know the transition from one color to another. Here is what it means to run only to win a place on the podium: it is the reflection of a fragment of the fleeting beauties of life, it is an experience of imaginary rupture, a hesitation in focusing on revealing the contrasts of shapes and tones, a cross shining like a flame silent (used as a symbol of evanescent superiority).

It's too late to go back in time to look once more at what my eyes have lost sight of: getting a well-deserved place on the podium. For now, I limit myself to noting that a man who looks around and does not know what to please his eyes with, is a prisoner of a performance context that will never be satisfactory. That means being alive in your unity, but dead in your totality.

Leadership: Do you have to start from the realization of a somewhat unexpected reality, in order to be able to express in a special way what is beyond the visible horizon?

Even the farthest hiding place of the places I passed restituted its secrets, picture after picture, event after event. And if I participate in future running races, I will be more careful not to lose sight of the beauty of nature, the wonderful views, the different aspects of the places. I am sure that my clear, cheerful, unmistakable eyes will remain open in front of any dream images for which only painters know how to read the lively background, adapting it to the composition of an alternative, transcendent, symbolic reality.

Please consider my words as a testament to the fact that everything my eyes have noticed around can draw attention to an ultimate meaningful revelation, Evedeschantiss , that is, what has become inspiration is precisely the fruit of what I have admired especially. For the eyes whose sight resembles a dream are the eyes whose sight does not close after midnight, and whose gleam is glimpsed every time the light reaches a repeated pattern of angles and rivers.

Therefore, the tendency that predominates in the artists’ space is observed, affirming their dominant thinking: they gather together everything they see, and turn everything into a long-lasting memory.

Consequently, a clairvoyant eye is never a fleeing eye, but one that sees from afar what is quite close. I arrived at the finish line a bit later, but the aesthetic background on which the actual understanding of the representations of nature unfolds opened a much more spectacular horizon for me, whose immensity could only be comprehended by the most penetrating eyes.

Leadership: What exactly generated in your reality the truth that beyond the horizon you’re seeing was that visible line of artistic evolution indicated by the tendency of your High Ego to forget certain emotionally charged contents?

The sight of the splendid landscapes made me forget the wishes and the risky actions that could have led me to occupy a place on the podium. The beauty of nature, matched by the beauty of the soul, are far more important than a distant goal that does not ensure your fame, but only the justification of a pride released in small doses and for short periods.

While my eyes were transfixed on the greatness of nature, I was trying to relate to the content of the novel “Exuvii” written by Simona Popescu. She could see with her own eyes and understand things much more clearly than I could, though she thought of a multitude of wonderful nonsense, making and breaking miraculous worlds, in which she herself was involuntarily the most interesting character:

“I kept playing and rewinding an imaginary band. I was watching sections, divisions, coagulations. Strange arabesques. Dizzying rosettes like in my old cardboard kaleidoscope. Then something indistinct turned my gaze to a corner of the room. There was a blackboard with a secret hologram hidden in it. And a dissonant voice seemed to say to me: Are you afraid? And then, I don’t know… I would have liked to move, but it was very, very late.”

Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a reality from which my eyes cannot avert their gaze, especially since what happened to me revolved around a world foreign to my way of understanding things. A very good runner won over, through the wonder of art, the grace and greatness of an Eden springing from admiration for the height of artistic consciousness.

And if my eyes will ever focus on a thrilling end to the race, but without much appreciation in the artistic field, I will remember that an artist’s biggest mistake is to try to catch up with that “very late”, rigid and taciturn, which cancels any aesthetic expressiveness.

The High Ego that an artist must always be aware of – has as a foundation the commitment to describe a new vision of the world in a realistic way, through great subtlety, so that the image projected by it against the background of a work of art will never to be lost.

The Sight Of Eyes Reconsidering Their Gaze belongs entirely to those people endowed with the spirit of an artist who know how to see a work of art, in all its splendor, even behind a colorful picture, but also around a dynamic image.

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