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The Silent Truth Unfolded In The Book Of Life

On January 22, 2014, in Leadership Deluxe, by Neculai Fantanaru

Perform countless incursions in the hidden world of reason, so that you climb to a higher level in your personal development.

I was engulfed by doubt. Was I truly in front of what the philosophers call argentum vivum? The investigation process of what could determine a fragmentation of the connection with the stodgy improbable of an imaginary world was in alignment with the most innovative tendencies in art, to use the operation principles of a closed and very complex space. That demarcate science from pseudoscience.

Performing countless incursions in the hidden world of reason that was accomplished only through science, guided by understandings and metaphysical suppositions or by the philosophical concepts of time, altogether relying myself on systematic observations, I went beyond the inability to understand the connection between value and identity. Which defined me in relation to the expectation horizon of a foreign authority that continuously monitored me. I started to find out who I truly am in relation with an Ego oversized by a relatively enticing imagination, but distorted by an Alter Ego that always made reproaches to me.

Was I fighting against the current, against my own conscience, against my own intellectual structure that filtered every identity imperfection? The various phenomena of knowledge, feeling, and will, by reference to certain things and the way I saw them, were subordinated to a reason that seemed to have long existed before me and to which I was hurrying to obey.

Leadership: Do you accept to be the slave of a reality clad with appearances that place a perspective of great significance at the limit of what you think, justify and apply according to an addition of knowledge that does not give you the opportunity to get rid of the "wandering" element?

I had put myself in relation with the construction elements of a personality that made me feel disproportionate, thus deforming the true conditions of my connection with objective reality. The detailed study of the battle field where the two orientations confronted each other, one towards self-knowledge, the other towards experimentation, sometimes in an abstract direction, enhanced the increasingly closer cooperation with science.

The incursion in my own world, adapted to a certain context in which what I was and what I wanted to become could be separated in time and space, had become a part of the hidden science that only alchemists knew. Only the alchemists were able to decipher the cryptic message that God implanted in each human at birth. This science had the ability to unite and bring together all my knowledge attempts in a whole, giving me the opportunity to remove myself from the element of "wandering" which came from the perspective of the being I represented.

What is my meaning? In order for me to answer, at least with an estimation, to this exhaustive question I had to take seriously what I thought about myself. More than that, what changes in me in relation with what happens to me as I get closer to the meeting point of the two moving axes: science and life experience.

The knowledge I tied my existence to was a consequence of the intangible reality feeling, a plunge into a time and space without coordinates, no landmarks and no exit, more a desire to capture a significant part of the vitality and imagination of a creator of fiction which crosses the paths of truth. An alchemist expressed this using the metaphor: "Immerse your mind in Hermes’ light spring, so that it can guide you towards the truth."

Leadership: Can you create certain conditions of self-exploitation in trying to regain genuine authenticity, without turning the existential background into a vulnerable side of your personality?

The impenetrable foundation on which an authentic leader supports himself, the protagonist of a continuous becoming, is truth. Knowledge that denies or supports the truth of what a man-leader is, cannot be perceived and processed only at a mental level. But especially at the level of template-reality in which he agrees to create certain "illumination" conditions, to operate the self in the attempt to retrieve basic authenticity. In turn, this authenticity rises against its number one opponent: the lack of credibility in the context of an identity crisis.

Beyond the difficult barrier of self-knowledge resulting from personal examination, at the crossroads between the science and pseudoscience to be in agreement with yourself, you must learn to use your heart and intuition. Genuine authenticity is given by the strong belief you serve with devotion to a knowledge, guidance, or grace that does not appear to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and that cannot ignore the level of reality that you experience through your deeds.

When you refuse to listen to yourself, it so happens that the strong contrast between the Ego and the existential background accentuate a vulnerable side of your personality. Do you let yourself guided by understandings and presuppositions that hinder your capacity to accurately define your complex and defining component? Is this component based on the intimate feeling of your own value?

A lack of credibility regarding the application of the measures assumed at a personal level for regulating any disputes that arise from self-listening, unwilling to believe the continuous signals of a rational mind that try to make you understand how much you know and accept yourself as a unique entity, can stop the passage to an extended self-conscience. And it limits your understanding and interpreting about what defines you at the border with the aspects that bring you the weakest motivations.

Leadership: Can you configure a DEPTH trigger that could ignite the break from subjective reality?

Between the science of knowing yourself and leadership there are more cache lines, which are separated by a switch: that stodgy "improbable" of the imaginary world you fall deeper into. These cache lines store in the conscience everything concrete and abstract in terms of perspectives, ideas, and situations. Examining altogether the alternatives regarding the availability to detach yourself from the most persistent opponent – the oversized Ego from a very subjective perspective.

Someone once said: "Truth is the object of our understanding, it is as good as our will, and the understanding can’t be charmed with a lie unless when it will be able to choose an apparent evil." Thus, we see in which subtle way the truth of what we are propagates into true leadership, how it is installed in terms of value, among us, here, on our certainties regarding the way in which we evolve. Towards good or towards bad.

Subjective reality refers in this case to that inner reality, places on the most subtle scale of our becoming, which doesn’t take into account the echo of exterior reality, going beyond the reference framework in the relationship with the very coherence of our life experiences.

You can trigger the break from the subjective reality you find yourself into, by configuring the "DEPTH trigger" that directs your thinking towards a science of reasoning and judgment unsuspended by the surreal and improbable. This trigger doesn’t represent anything else but a burial of what you have been, in favor of what you must be.

To understand the role of reason behind creativity, based on the experience of filtering a transcendent reality, you have to listen to what the Ego tells you of yourself through truths that no one has ever seen and which can only be discovered through a poetic virtuosity.

The Silent Truth unfolded in the Book of Life emphasizes that human value achieved by self-knowledge and assuming your own person. The possibilities of becoming and perfecting the native elements existent in man, as a prerequisite to progress, offer the opportunity of a deeper and more efficient approach to leadership.


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