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The Snapshot Of Magic In God's Universe

On February 23, 2020
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Leadership IQ-Light by Neculai Fantanaru

If you want to be more than an artist, then you have to become invisible and omnipresent for the ordinary world accustomed with the obsolescence of ephemeral things.

I would still have something to say about Freddie Mercury, regarding the video “A kind of magic”, considering the fact that I could imagine his personality as a strange, powerful, privileged presence, merged with the sacred of an unparalleled thought. A thought full of situation upheavals, full of contradictions, full of inspiration. Such a creator of effects and cyclically integrated lights in an impressive scene setting, decided to strengthen the rule of the kingdom of shadows with a deity accepted as supreme: “I’m the one that exists behind the unknown.”

Invested by the astral power with the sacredness of an emotional structure specific to the sensitivity of the genius artists who turn anything into magic, Freddie seems to be the result of the definitive establishment of the mystical point of view, of the spatial directions in the world of optical phenomena. A factor more powerful than light. Rather, a place where light does not reach directly, but only through the “escape” subterfuge in front of a reality check, through the subterfuge to create a more sumptuous appearance not only when it rises from the ground, combining the supernatural with the natural, but bringing its spirit to perfect harmony in relation to the surrounding elements.

A consuming fire, a sun and a shield. One spirit and one illusion. Embodied by the judge king, the preacher or the poet inspired by the museums of a world squeezed with sensitivity, Freddie plays the part with the greatest passion for the fake, but a fake that can be concentrated in a new direction of projection of the enlightened being, attracted to the center of ineffable gravity. A magician is a playing card that you cannot play with on your fingers, for the simple reason that you did not come into its possession, more than that, you lack the flair to read it symbolically.

Leadership: Does the creation in which you find yourself as an openness to the depths of the eternal world, give you the pleasant experience of feeling closer to a “divine” status always revealed in another hypostasis and in another place?

Illusion is a stranger that you think you cannot find because you are driven by an image that does not support any reflection, maybe just a projection on the mental screen of an Ego that cries out: “I am more than I have become ! ” In the magician’s eyes, burning like two candles in the dark, so many times hidden under another mask, the opening to the depths of the eternal world is mirrored. A world so fascinating that you can never get bored of it.

Well said a Romanian writer named Cornel Ailincăi: “The eye is the organ of knowledge of the glory abode through which the spirit crosses into the world, where the soul is spent for the hope of salvation.” But no one can read the eyes full of color, full of dreams, full of “theater dust” of a magician. And the magician says to me with confidence, and only to me it is revealed sincerely: “Turn to me with an eye full of your own gaze.”

The art of being a magician is sanctified by divine grace. The lively soul is drawn to God by an unstoppable force, a clear-dark explosion that drives after it and the body, until levitation and teleportation, all being able to outline a unique aura of mystery, perceived only timelessly. In the mind and soul of the magician, so often misunderstood, a better world is assembled through boldness, sacrifice, the spirit of good organizer, the spirit of creation. This is usually not taken into account by anyone.

Freddie Mercury is a God because his magic is immortal, because the mechanics of his magic are invisible to those who do not understand the language and grandeur of art to be the point of communication between the real and the possible, in the form of the materialization of the imaginary. This is the message of the video “A kind of magic”.

Leadership: Do you contribute to the building of a knowledge derived from the triumph over the image effects that reveal an avid awareness of authenticity, considering that the value of a creation is the link of the experience that characterizes you?

I made a secret of the art of magic: that of myself being a secret, which I now make available to you. But you are not paying attention to my words, and you have already lost sight of the essence. My world is another world, in a metaphysics of spirit. The true magic is to steal as much of the viewers’ attention as possible, but to leave them with a hint of truth, just as great painters leave a minor signature in one corner of the painting.

I also think that Freddie Mercury is a magical world, which I could describe by the magic of a world that wants to be superior to all the others. His inner world is reflected in the direction of what that is crystallized by the accession process to a concept such as: “A mortal can only win his greatness through a unique manifestation of artistic knowledge.”
The representation of this world, definitely touched by the ideal of eternal greatness, for which any mortal would leave his head with great respect, is like the cross of Jesus: it must be borne by artistic expressions, by style figures, by a series of symbolic hypostases.

What makes him a formidable creator himself, the unrivaled master of the show, an artist who births mastery from the effects produced by an interpretation of the self evaluated according to the different conceptualizations of science, is the ability to capture the authentic sense of its superiority in the vibration of a sound of awakening in another life, given in the verse “This rage that lasts a thousand years”.

The sound of his music brings to life the numb, unfulfilled spirit, leads him to freedom and gives him spirituality, the experience of regenerating through movement and liveliness. Everything is magic. Please believe me, I’m not Freddy Mercury, he would never be able to describe me as only I can describe him through a process of alterity. A great soul recognizes its greatness only in front of a double.

The great defining knowledge of the artist’s personality is the personalization of the experience of meeting yourself in the variant of a manifestation of the creation experienced in a dual role, as a revelation of the absolute.

The Snapshot Of Magic In God’s Universe is configured as a kind of artistic moment of great exception, which you cannot separate because you are beginning to be part of an alternative world, ampler and more spectacular. Once you’re trapped in it, you also want to be a magician, a supernatural phenomenon.

This artistic moment was staged right now by a director whose name I pass onto silence…

* Note: Queen - A Kind of Magic

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