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The Soul Of A Lost Treasure

On April 04, 2013, in Leadership XXL-Pack, by Neculai Fantanaru

Enhance the value of your existence, by fighting against the factor that pins you down in submediocrity.

Solitude is now the only touchstone for Laura Quinn, the only way to rid herself of the connections to the world, her only ally against that cancer that slowly bit her away, day by day, eating her whole life, pinning her down in mediocrity. You have the feeling that you are looking for shades in the wrinkles of this being who only ever knew office work, you suspect that it is building a truth that is convenient to an invincible power that allows it to succumb to instincts of adapting to cumbersome captivity, as it is called, fraudulent, freedom.

The truth is that she cannot share with anyone the same fate of the man revolted by the whims of a strange Providence. For one moment, she was alone on the patio, lost in a bleak thought. Without allowing ourselves to be touched by her beauty and her kindness, we will subtly examine her features like they belonged to an infinitely sensitive and discreet person, that that had been abandoned like a convict in a dark world, where she could die of sadness and despair. Because that’s what she ended up being.

The primordial factor that freezes you in sub-mediocrity is your presence in a place where the past and present meet in a destiny centered around the notion of "end of the world".

Gently, her eyes scrutinize the darkness of the night. Indifference, contempt, distress. The remains of refinement mixed with shards of pride. By her tense, pensive attitude, with tired eyes, as if everything in her was falling apart and building itself together again like a chemical bond, generating that sever reaction of its own nature that can’t occur the other way around – we can notice, of course, that amalgam of poor, bleak feelings that take over her completely, like a somewhat virulent germ when it affects a highly-resistant host that defends itself well against it.

But what is the nature of the bond that forms between the defining elements that make Laura hope and dream about the moment when she will completely forget everything, when all that matters is only herself and nothing else? To feel the light, to feel the life, to feel that awakening and godly touch that’s missing in her life, the one that heals every sadness, every pain and every suffering.

Leadership: Is your intervention in creating a beautiful result allowing you to access a reality created from your own essence which, through her negation, manages to transform a story into one person?

There are thoughts that one should never reveal in front of anyone else, because by revealing them you awaken such a mystifying pain, especially in the one who harbors them. Colors, lines, spaces, mixtures of elements cu certain meanings, unequal forces that were tested, used, then revised repeatedly, forming natural glue that hardens and becomes very solid.

And these kinds of bonds randomly disposed in a freestanding system that doesn’t have any light source, thus creating a dim spiritual essence, acquire secondary meanings. By transforming Lara Quinn in a "Mo", an aimless robot that manifests itself as tendency, the diligent tendency of hiding in herself, of abandoning her most precious values and everything that she considered as being part of her reason.

Also, we can’t be indifferent towards her Ego and her attitude. Her head lifted towards the skies, as a form of respect to God, her only trustworthy ally, the only one that understands her. The sum of her thoughts, as some sort of prayer that nobody needs to hear, take her from one state to the other, opening once more the doors to her heart.

All these small gestures easily betray an enormous power: hope. Reminding us of a character from Alexandra Dumas’ novel, Eva de Chazelay, who even though was helpless and suffering, deep down inside she was hiding a treasure, a multitude of qualities that waited to be revealed. Chazelay Eve’s story is synthesized in one person, Laura Quinn, who often denies the essence of her connection to God, but never abandons the complicated the possibility of a new creation representatively called "New Man".

Leadership: Do you have a major role in the vision you form of a destiny inspired by the saddest truths of life, directly proportional to the pride of being considered the primordial mark of a generic belief in the sphere of interrogation: "What voice was heard coming from beyond the end?"

In "Memoirs", writer André Maurois said that "it is a great madness and almost always punished for you to come back and want to relive at the age of forty everything you loved or enjoyed at twenty."Laura Quinn is of this age, and she does not even have the luxury of exteriorizing herself like others to give alarm signals about her intellectual and social condition. Solemnly, she accepts a dull destiny only with the hope that something will happen in her favor, without discerning the errors of her own life, without seeking to correct them through illusory solutions.

Basically, Laura Quinn has a major role in her vision of a destiny inspired by the saddest truths of life, that she always orientates after the direction of the wind of change, making sure that all her activities take place in line with the hope of a new beginning. From the a spiritual over-flow, she acquires the necessary energy to fulfill all the goals in the short term, it is the responsibility of her wisdom to appreciate every day through the small joys offered by the fragility of the still unspoken dreams, even if the majority prove to be some chimeras, some vain promises.

Even less clairvoyant people could have read the mystifying passion on Laura’s face, the tearing pains that threw her in the unfathomable abyss of disdain. Understand and step away, dear human being ! But the simultaneous command of her agreement frequencies can’t fulfill the partnership relationship, the one-on-one relationship between the inner and outer worlds.

Only an instantaneous burst of the soul could change her mood. Only another thought, more intense and better optimized could bring her serenity back. Only one component of the system that defines her as human can react in a temporal framework: magic, stepping out of the critical area, going towards something else, towards a new beginning. A step that must be made with full confidence in the great world of life.

Leadership is the potential positive area created by the vision that you form about a destiny inspired by the saddest truths of life, a destiny that can be challenged at any time, turned to the cardinal point called "A parable point."

The Soul Of A Lost Treasure points out the tendency of shutting yourself in, of abandoning your most priceless values that always guide you further on. If you want this treasure to be accessible, then enhance the value of your existence by fighting against that factor, which keeps you stuck in mediocrity.

* Note: Flawless (2007)


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