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The Soul Opens Its Horizons Alone

On December 01, 2014, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Take the liberty of redefining yourself, correcting the error of obeying the past that follows you.

It was rumored that the unfortunate one had once been a naval officer, jailed for Bonapartism. True, thought the Count, God made me float above the waves and flames. And so, the poor sailor lives in the memory of a few storytellers. His terrible story is told at the fireside, and those who listen to it shudder when they hear how he pierced space in order to sink into the depths of the sea. He was number 34. They say he was so accustomed to darkness that he could see a needle in the darkest corner of the cell. But it took him ten years to be able to do it, thought Monte Cristo.

Yes – he thought – this is the stone I was sitting on. Here is the trace of my shoulders, inscribed on a wall. Here is the trace of the blood that flowed from my forehead one day when I wanted to smash my head against the walls… And these numbers… I remember… I wrote them one day when I was calculating my father’s age, to know if I would ever find him alive, and Mercedes’ age so I could know if I would ever find her free. Once I’ve done the math, I had a moment of hope… I had not thought of hunger and unfaithfulness. I no longer asked for freedom, but remembrance. More than anything, I feared going crazy and forgetting.*

Leadership: Do you resort to concealing the truth by establishing a different truth, or to distorting reality by projecting an unreal world?

You cannot hide your past, just as you cannot choose your parents. Truth, characterized essentially in that it thickly covers itself with confidentiality and non-disclosure, but doesn’t eliminate the pain of losing yourself in the game of life, in the interaction with the past that you remember through a sort of subjective constraint, is the first of the coordinates that define your personality in moments of deep emotional movement.

Truth is a kind of victory of reason to withstand the pressure of events in a constructive way, without leaving behind a false image of the reality you endured in an attempt to give meaning to life. To justify the concealing of truth through the fact that you feel guilty, confused, not knowing how to find liberation and peace, by refusing to answer consciousness’ solicitation of tricking these feelings, actually means to consent to your suicide, to deny the best in you, it means to lose all the momentum towards the heights of personal fulfillment.

The distortion of reality through the game with the possibilities of confessing experience, of your own disappointments, of your identity shadowed by a past insufficiently blurred, may cancel the report of succession between overcoming the obstacle called "the fall into an unimaginable abyss"and the positioning on a perfect stage of life and society. Memories are a hint of the truth invested with a vote of confidence, completed with the trend towards inferiority complexes, an indictment against your real nature that contributes to the perpetuation of counterfeiting your self-image.

Leadership: On what relies the truth of a consciousness that sits above reality, knowing that what binds you to the person you cannot compare with someone else is the apanage of a fragile Ego that feeds on a permanent blackness of memories?

In leadership, this can be translated through the fact that you’ve wasted your possibilities of controlling the "error" of recognizing yourself as such or, rather, of discovering yourself too late as an exponent of the power of doing what very few manage to do – to connect to the truth of what you are. Leadership is the force of answer to the areas affected by adverse experiences, by the lack of understanding of what is good and what is bad, offering high operational capabilities in training processes. Leadership begins with what you are when you are deprived of the freedom of choice and are forced to develop your ability of personal responsibility.

Resorting to concealing the truth by establishing a different truth means to make abstraction of what you once were, and to be in agreement with what you know you’ve become. No wonder writer Alexandre Dumas confessed: "Only the weak see everything through a black cloth. The soul opens its own horizons."

This implies man’s freedom in redefining himself by correcting the error of obeying the past that follows him, maneuvered by an unseen force, but countered with a responsible attitude. Truth is an important moment in the preparation of man for the actual confrontation with an Ego who experiences the humility of constantly experiencing a true process of consciousness.

Well said the powerlifter Konstantīns Konstantinovs: “Memory is another reality in which we participate with a double existence – the present and the past. Our life is in fact only an accumulation of memory.”

And I am of the opinion that the truth of a consciousness that rests on such an existence, is measured by the feeling of the inability to see beyond its own limits, needs and imperfections.

The consciousness that rises above reality is that inner voice that urges you to certain actions, but it does not motivate you to serve a place and a time that is repeated through the feeling of nostalgia, sensitivity and devastating loneliness.

The Soul Opens Its Horizons Alone designates that rise above the past, that liberation from what you came to be at one point: a prisoner of pain. The distortion of reality through the projection of an unreal world is equivalent with living as a prisoner who doesn’t have the right to open the door of his prison and escape – even if, normally, you’re a free man. The present can become, through the process of remembrance, a permanent oscillation between the two worlds – that of reality and unreality – modeled by thoughts, feelings, shadows and desires that surround you.

The world of the modern man, as a product of reason and feeling related to the consciousness expanded in the present, ensuring the full value of his dimension of a distinct entity, operates through an exclusive algorithm, divided into two steps. The first step is to liberate yourself of confusion by knowing what you need to avoid remembering. The second is to accept yourself as a promoter of an approach that aims to dismantle the old identity and to construct a new one.

This algorithm, amid a strong feeling, experienced mainly as a reflection of the past and present, turns leadership into an equation of identity’s continuation.

* Note: Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo, Youth Publishing House, 1957.


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