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The Sound Of Music

On October 25, 2014, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Get out of the usual pattern of the style imposed by preferences of a rigorous vision, skillfully managing the effects which should be revealed in the magical light of your own creation.

Whenever rehearsals end, composer invites Sergei Eisenstein to attend recording. Each time the director finds a detail to be revealed, a dramatic effect that has to be stressed. "Thus we improve a lot our music effects", said Prokofiev. Eisenstein enthuses for his music. But the composer is also satisfied.

During one recording, I hear people around muttering: "It sounds so strange ! " Nobody understands what the great composer meant, until Prokofiev, noting the bewilderment of those around, tells them laughing: "Music is nothing like Prokofiev".

But later, he would candidly tell his wife: "I hear a beautiful song on the radio, and – lo and behold - it was - Arise, ye Russian people – from the Nevsky movie ! " *

Leadership: Do you draw the line where "detail" turns into an effect extending the creative dimension?

Along with the so-called originality of complexity, based on renewing correlations between "detail" variables dependent on a certain representation on the support of the line of creation, we could speak of a micro-aesthetics which involves not only content, but reports of meanings and forms considered properties of individual perception, translated into structural elements of an evolved series of improvements.

The meanings and forms attributed to a content varying, in terms of difficulty, depending on theme and spreading, in tandem with new accuracy and quality requirements contained in a style consistent with own personality, are considered more carefully and finally integrated into a new structure to support the ideal of perfection.

Here we can talk about a leadership that gives great measure to your performance and ability to recognize the meaning and form to be a uniqueness option. You need to realize by yourself and draw the line where "detail" turns into an "effect of extending the creative dimension", accentuating the need to materialize any input of meaning and form into an outstanding result.

The detail that must be revealed in order for a creation to obtain an effect of originality with a lasting impact is an exit from the classic pattern of artistic expression, followed by instilling a deeper meaning of retrieving a part of you.

This part of you is the essence of a changing world and, at the same time, the essence of a life lived wholeheartedly.

What triggers an overall reset of leadership is the ability to get out of the usual pattern of the style imposed by the preferences of a rigorous vision, skillfully managing the effects which should be revealed in the magical light of the creation. The one who said: "Due to too strict and thorough vision, an important thing can be lost, the spirit will become insecure and thus you can lose the chance of a certain victory" was very right.

Victory, on the plan of convenient activities aiming at the reinterpretation of creation’s structure, in terms of multiplication of meanings and forms of expression, screened in a modern and compact formula, is in fact a natural consequence of the reason to enter where you access is not allowed. In that dimension of superiority where the variations and combinations of uniqueness, often bounded by the opinions of others, can achieve the "Wow ! " amazing value.

The preferences of a rigorous vision differ depending on the way of expressing the Self in the midst of structural and aesthetic changes that give music the power to induce euphoria.

The Sound of Music plays that inner vibration of nature tending to study and detail, in the creation resizing stage, which can rise or fall depending on the satisfaction felt after viewing the final results.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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