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The Special Part Of Leadership

On April 08, 2008, in Leadership Mindware, by Neculai Fantanaru

Evaluate your leadership potential in such a way that the product of the creation you experience through the process of sharing resources (vision, approach and concept) is oriented towards numerous possibilities to expand its content.

The working method of the two artists works perfectly, without roughness. Collaboration always has eight precise successive moments. First Sergei Eisenstein shows the famous composer, Prokofiev, the editing of the sequence. Then the sequence is timed and the director expresses his desires for music. He artistically expresses these goals: “Here, here it must sound as if someone were snatching the baby from a mother’s arms”, or “make it sound like you hit a bottle with a cap”. Prokofiev is always delighted with such artistic indications.

The composer then returns to his hotel room in Alma-Ata, where he transposes the timing noted in a certain number of measures according to the tempo that the music of the sequence is to have. On the plan there is then a metronome, a chronometer and sheets not yet written, but with the notebooks divided into measures and scribbled with all sorts of notes on its meaning only. Once the frames of the composition are thus precisely fixed, Prokofiev composes the music that belongs to this pre-calculated network of measures. *

Leadership: Have you understood that everything that exists outside of you serves moment by moment your path of self-discovery through creation, taking into account the plasticity of an authentic expression?

A modern perspective of the creation you experience (as a wonderful adventure in a whole new world) contributes considerably to the development of cognitive activity in the service of a progressive development of notions that highlight an authentic expression of emotions and thoughts.

The very composition of the various approaches and the knowledge of the notions is a challenge and a mirror of yourself as a creative individual. Immediately, this modern perspective of creation must include the thirst to expose a vision closer to freedom of expression, remarkable possibilities for developing a valuable, concrete and interactive content, which sums up a series of repressed desires invested by the artist in the message of his work.

Of course, the transfer of emotions and vision to other people, through artistic creation, explains how the plastic means (line, color, sound) can appear in everyday life. For example, when you meet a new person who reminds you of someone else, that memory immediately provides you with information, a suggestion, a certain peculiarity regarding certain phenomena, consequences of actions and simple processes, related to the influences of art, which extend through the whole field of artistic creation.

Or only in a harmful personal context, or in a social context that does not predispose to intellectual evolution, the transfer of emotions and vision can be described as a matter of truthfulness, as an undersized tendency of the form you give to the content of your creation. This perspective of vision plots with a sandy substrate, without claims of exclusivity in the disclosure of quality information, conventions and language clichés, can generate a multitude of research and experiments that shed light on how people tend to repeat the pattern of relationships between ideology and how it constructs the new imaginary of the collectivity.

Therefore, the product of the creation you experience through the process of sharing resources (vision, approach and concept) and which can be oriented towards many possibilities to expand its content is closely related to the reflection on the various approaches to life situations that you could integrate, from the point of view of analysis, in a theoretical or practical field.

Therefore, your exterior serves the path of self-discovery through creation when what is contained in it can provide valuable information on the characteristics, purposes and actions that lead to the development of the idea of capitalizing on the vision you render about art and its relationship with life.

Someone on said that the big questions of life are about art and its relationship with life, about the “being playing a role” and the relationship between aesthetics and ethics, about human action and heart seen as mystery, theater as falsehood and, at the same time, authenticity, all these being the themes that build the body of the creation and that also give it a stake of theoretical relevance.

The Special Part Of Leadership emerges from the act of rediscovering the self as a look at the world around which the deepest meanings of art, the mysteries and the peculiarities of creation are most often deciphered.

And here intervenes the plasticity of an authentic expression that stipulates that everything you observe and everything you know can be translated into a language whose stake is the recognition of the potential to give birth to a new dimension of depth in man and art, new creative tendencies, and an authentic vision capable of displaying a wide range of means of expression, such as: words, verbal messages, beautifully outlined ideas, conceptions of a new individual self-form, images of a new perception of reality.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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