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The Stake Of A Destiny

On January 04, 2016, in Leadership Impact, by Neculai Fantanaru

Step into the throes of a great spirit, measuring your own strengths after the aspirations you want materialized in lasting performance.

I had to get used to the irreparable situation I had come up with despite the extensive research efforts of my own world, anchored to a rethinking of the division of the present, by reformulating the equation of equilibrium of the finite element called "chance". Or luck.

Everything interfered with an unusual landscape with a spiritual charge, more widespread by the intervention of providence itself, facilitating the opening of a possessive action on the actualization of reality. Enlivened by an excess of zeal in the context of the process of adapting to the norms of the laws of this world, as no one has succeeded, I began to raise the bar when circumstances became favorable.

There is no greater spiritual reward than knowing that you are favored in the struggle for conquering a dream, to which all the forces of good and evil tend, in a complex cause-effect of a single unexpected and inexplicable effect through the known causes.

An odd thought seemed to whisper to me, like a rose petal that was prematurely loosened from a bud hidden from the sight of the world. A huge thrill prepared me for a revelation: "I expect a feverish night, but my bracelet I leave as an inheritance to you !"

Constantinople was the test stone of Sultan Mehmet. The conquest of this city has been the subject of his dreams since childhood. There was something between him and Allah, who could somehow merge them together in a single way, in one meaning. At the same time, by conquering Constantinople, he could prove himself to be superior to all his ancestors.

In vain, wise elders waited for him to break his neck, they died first without understanding the meaning of life and the cycles of the human being. Mehmet was what he was living, he was the man of change, the man of the future. The time that has passed, passed on his side. That is how the prophecy was fulfilled.

Leadership: Can you see in a new light the sphere of the totality of causes determined by "chance", having the opportunity to redefine them beyond the horizon of events decided by God?

Nothing stays unshaken in the face of a lightning strike. And a place to shine like a lightning is, of course, for all those who follow their dreams. But as no one learns to swim in books, dreams are not touched by just sketching them on paper. First you need to know where to turn your attention and who you need to face. Yourself or God? The stake of a destiny is the world. And its glory is eternal.

The absolute essence of a becoming whose connecting elements are signs and predictions, under the influence of the dreams directed by a power beyond that of your own, are extracted from the extensive research efforts of your own anchored world to a rethinking of the division of the present.

And the present, from the point of view of the consciousness that indicates the true level of spiritual and intellectual preparation you have reached, becomes a kind of window to something far more comprehensive than life experience. Towards a horizon of meanings that give meaning to existence. An open window is a triumph of resounding accomplishments due to a routing of the present reflected in the future, called coincidence or hazard.

Leadership: Are you trying to open a window to something more comprehensive than life experience?

The present, gaining through the profound understanding of the phenomena that take place around the significance of personal renewal, cultivating principles, values, and knowledge, can facilitate the opening of a possessive action on the actualization of reality. It is divided, in the context of the process of adapting to the norms of the laws of this world, in two forces – one positive and one negative, one plus and one minus.

By the first force you can prove to yourself that you are superior to all others, through the other (the result of the first) you can extract that sense of totality, starting from the effects and causes of your initiatives.

Leadership can be better dealt with today as an attribute of your exploratory assets – such as interest in a special passion, or a victorious individual destiny. But he has his roots in the past that you built in your favor, looking for a meaning that warrants you dedicating your life... and death to.

With every chance you offer to yourself to look at yourself differently, you are closer to increasing your state of efficiency in relation to the value of the totality of a certain individual being in the long run. One that exists in everything and is asserted by a highly developed possession of the course of life.

The Stake Of A Destiny that takes a history, is the world in which you integrate first as a force of attraction, then as a reaction force, then an occupying force. In the end, it remains to establish their effectiveness in terms of the favorable change in the evolution of the world.

I quote for the conclusion of this article the description of a book belonging to poet Tudor Gheorghe Calotescu, as presented on the website publisher Absolut.

"The History of the Moment" by reference to the Universe conveys life in a moment, ephemeral and short. It’s a second in nothingness and a thread of dust in infinity. Everything, life, feelings, the world materializes from the known to the absolute and relativizes, reflecting immenseness in a dew drop, defeating the universe over a micron.

Such a history is a sedimentation of successive lives, of retreats found in moments of enlightenment in sensations, in thought, and in the memory of the world reflected in man.


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