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The Statue That Does Not Gain Life (I)

On March 21, 2019, in Leadership FX-Intensive, by Neculai Fantanaru

Be the sublime experience of the spiritual being in the world you created without pretending that you are someone other than you really are.

I like to admire other peoples’ gardens, the neat ones, full of flowers and trees, with a stylish look, orderly and yet natural, spontaneous. They seem to suggest an incursion into the secrets of an art that has successfully passed the test of time. Most of all, something in me seems to disregard the flow of weather whenever I see a new décor, a new flower ensemble, a more special cradle, or a combination of nuances placed on each seedling.

Somehow, I feel close to artists able to give the painting the vibrant and vibrant color of the buds and leaves harmonized between them by a detail strategy that captures and disconnects from daily agitation, bringing you to the small, but full, significance of the present.

To admire is the first work of “to analyze”. I observe the person in charge of the garden, the attention being directed to the tools he works with, the materials he has at hand, but especially the way his own decorations grow. Creativity exists only in the case of an artist animated by his hands, who know how to gracefully touch each blade of grass, each leaf remnant, with that delicacy with which you spread the color on the easel.

Each blade of grass and each leaf has its place in the garden. Some people harbor their personal vision of plants by arranging them as a puzzle, without any concern for contradictions.

Leadership: Do you fight to maintain the appearance of an image of imagined happiness, as it must be created by an artist of nature, even if this torments you on the inside more than you would ever be willing to admit?

A few days ago, I saw an old man who gave instructions to his faithful servant: do this, do the other, that is beautiful, that is not, etc. It is like a parody to notice an individual point the finger, but does not possess the rare ability to transform reality into a dream and the other way around. But the old man, the same I always see without him seeing me, never puts his hand on the rake, doesn’t cut the roses, doesn’t plant, doesn’t dig; you will never see him pushing a wheelbarrow.

His real happiness is to show off his tremendous appreciation for beauty, but without feeling the experience and the charm of the taste for the beauty carried by art, without being able to express his artistic sensibility through a material and spiritual practice. He poses as an honorable gentleman, admirer of the finest arts, but he lacks that constant kneading of muddied hands, that expressive movement of colorful hands is unknown to him, he lacks the ability to work without pause until late in the evening.

Not even watering the plants seems to be included in his “resume” of skills. There is someone specially paid for all these delicate chores. He discovered Facebook. He is content in taking pictures, the fruit of a subtle deception, a false assertion of his way of being, as if he were especially skillful when it comes to gardening. But all for the sake of fans and likes.

Art and science are united by the same determinative function: to create the amazing force of nature willing to let itself be transformed by man’s spiritual experience.

This gentleman finds his refuge in the condition of a great lover of nature, but in the middle of his heart is the pale copy of a statue without life, even if he would never recognize his ignorance to the concrete of life and of divine creation, even though he would never recognize the limits of his own importance that he seeks to exert with great autonomy.

Of course, I do not want to bring arguments about the character that enormously betrays this spineless and frail man, for just as you know how to deal with your garden, so too you know how to do everything and you have done so your whole life.

But worse than this is that this man has not learned to communicate with nature after so many years of life, he cannot feel the ephemeral of the cherry blossom, he cannot feel the touch of the earth as a gentle blessing, he cannot knead the earth in his palms like a dough or feel the vibrations of the earth beneath the barefoot. And this is more important than any leading function.

Sir, careful not to dirty the gloves your gardener works with. And a good gardener does not work with gloves.

Leadership: Can you perceive the image of your being as a sign that you have entered a world where you need to know from the beginning where to seek it to ensure the fulfillment of the ideals that you carry in your soul?

The gardener communicates with nature and can change the personalized code of a décor, not because it is in his power to “let it be seen that something was done by his hand”, but because he shows his care for the environment without focusing on the real way of operation of the “one man show” representation for the spectating passerby’s.

A true gardener does not use the temptations of appearances to animate the living, the works of nature, in its image and likeness, but remains faithful to the aesthetics of the virtues of pragmatism, efficiency, fidelity, sensitivity, affection, diligence, skill, etc.

In leadership, it is important to look at the gardener’s image as an exhortation to deeper thinking on the transformation of things that do not end their life cycle, but make up that reality of the eternal “Now” in the way of a personalized experience through the attitude of a caretaker of a place of virtues.

The ideal that the leader carries in his soul is the same one I wish a gardener touches: to resonate with the spiritual power of creation made out of effort and soul.

What kind of gardener of human souls is the one who does not feel what plants endowed with the power to grow from seeds planted by his hand feel?

Here the emphasis should not only be on man’s features, but on the characteristic features of the work discipline he practices, highlighted by the planting and care of the flowers in his own garden. Care for nature, care for Creation, care for environmental conditions, respect for the rules of a good household, respect for beauty, respect for well-done work, attention to detail, attention to the richness of nature and its variety of manifestations.

Leadership must be seen as the ultimate method of gardening activity as a means of control and registration of nature.

At the same time, the theme of gardening is placed at the center of a wider problem, related to the powers associated with the image of an undisturbed, fulfilled happiness, to contribute to creating a delightful decoration that contains a moral, spiritual reward, not one that will rise to the height of a pedestal (standing out) that is essentially very flimsy.

The image of happiness carries within it the possible void of a lost life, a deception, if the garden becomes a territory of duplicity.

Leadership is a deciphering of life in the direction of addressing the condition of man who is not content to know only what he sees with his eyes but who is able to capture through the filters of will and sensibility the whole essence of Creation transposed into a garden made by his hand.

The Statue That Does Not Gain Life highlights the personality of the man who never knew that feeling of refreshment, of a steady good mood, of a permanent cleansing of thoughts, due to the proximity to the nucleus of life that is “an artistic intervention in nature in order to rediscover beauty on another scale”.

Even if he knew how to talk about art (as from books), such a man would never be able to produce art simply because he could not embrace the immenseness and depth of Nature. We have so much to learn from nature. Let us feel before embracing…

Someone said it well at one point: “Nature is the most expressive model for an artist; it must move away from the artificial and capture the natural. In this case, the artist is the «wandering son» who returns home, to Mother Nature and God the Father.”

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