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The Story Of A Perpetual Becoming

On July 30, 2017, in Leadership eX-Elite, by Neculai Fantanaru

What is never forgotten is contained in an annex, an integral part of the trajectory of his diversity, the same path imagined by a god, experienced by an alchemist, loved by a philosopher, entrusted to an explorer and driven by the force of the hazard.

I was living out of an unmeasured excess of remembering, between "remembering your own faults" and responses of "don’t know", in the totality of describing a night painting of life, just as Prince Ludwig Philip was forging his personality by changing the exceptional and unfavourable circumstances his country was experiencing.

Everything seemed detached from a non-material outward guidance of those who are seen, but cannot be known, in the infinite mystery of their differences, within the hidden interior of the incomprehensible creatures from which the thoughts full of doubt were clinging with obstinacy. As if I had been immersed in an everlasting space, whatever I would have chosen, darkness or light, I would have come to the same place, where the heart beats are not heard but felt and shared with the precision of an echo that reflects over the world.

Summing up all the attempts and tests tested so far, even though I have not always been aware of the absurdity of my efforts, which can be a mystery to any man unfamiliar with the formulas of experimenting with great knowledge, a new image of art is obtained: An eternal present. The very place to shelter my mind and its constant need to "become" something.

Out of necessity, I knew too well that there are other goods that constitute happiness, such as the passion for art and the interest given to the "science lab", reunified in the universe of a genius creator. But only one perpetuates despite the fact that it does not exhaust the whole content of the Great Work, leaving aside any philosophical approach: the depth of consciousness in which all things meet in one unique reality.

Leadership: Can the "I know" or "I do not know" answers about the side effects of "remembering" consumption be considered incorrect in the equation of the habit to relive them?

The mistakes of a wise man from whom a profound meaning can be derived, such as the confusion of an inexperienced memory or the hesitation of a consciousness related to time, is expressed by a holy feeling in front of the unknown, making everyone feel overwhelming, almost lethal.

The art of seeing it in several dimensions simultaneously, a trick of the mind stretched by new experiences, is a symptom of a deep-rooted habit in me: to see things against the current, different from how I thought them to be. To regain all my regrets and aspirations, it gives me the time to think of myself as "The Three Princes of Serendip": when I was traveling, I did not stop to discover, accidentally or through cleverness, things I was not looking for. "I do not know" turned almost overnight into a well-deserved "I Know".

Victor Hugo, whose life has submitted other meanings than those given by ordinary people, was heard after the first turning of philosophy, the true one: "God shows his will to people by revealing them into events, obscure texts, written in a mysterious language. People translate them. Hasty, incorrect translations, mistakes, shortcomings and contradictions. Very few spirits understand the divine language. The most penetrating, the quietest, the deeper they decipher slowly, and when they reach the end of their text, the work is perfect."

For a long time, I was struggling with that predestination of the proud man who would never bow before the sharp sword of unwritten laws, almost as impersonal as the judgment of God to which he seemed to lack all emotion. Conclusions of personal experiences came from the impact of the original that the alchemists, and the sages or explorers had thought of in their long journeys in the unknown, being more a question of courage, a final classification of the pulsating factors, between divine revelation and artistic inspiration. They all have the basis of breaking the secret relationship with what it means to be truly virtuous.

The most important virtue you have to acquire is a sort of temporary defeat in the face of metaphysical sin, from which you are able to resist what you already know.

Captain Sinbad and his crew find a gold tablet that leads him to an evil black magic practitioner, Prince Koura. Sinbad meets the Vizier that has the other side of the tablet, forming the map of an unimaginable treasure: eternal youth, the shield of darkness and a crown of untold riches. Together with the Vizier, Sinbad and his crew go overseas looking for treasure.

Every time there are people who swim against the water current, but also people who are led by a mysterious thread, which is called: unpredictable. Successful as a chance encounter. The hazard integrated with the work of art – divine. You look for something and find something else. Go in one direction, and strangely you are led to another. You cannot distinguish the discovery from what you have actually sought.

To take the risk of looking beyond the great ocean of divine interiority that orders triumphant deeds and man’s relationships with the world beyond the boundaries of the minimal effort of moralizing inspiration meant to deepen the perfection of the work that the height of wisdom requires by defying the projection of that Energy or Will to be, which, according to Schopenhauer, manifests without purpose and without reason.

Being a man of learning from life lessons, like an alchemist looking for eternal youth, means to deepen yourself entirely in your sweet and painful fulfilment, which starts from a continuous ignorance of the alarm signals sent by the universal spirit and continues with the struggle against a self-indulgent self, not defeated by the mysterious eternal horizons of the world.

The real glory is to keep yourself in a present that protects its past by ensuring its correct "translation", an interpretation consistent with a greater and wiser will than yours.

The Story Of A Perpetual Becoming, the true masterpiece of implementation in relation to two or more judgements to get a new one between the originating point and the final moments in the analysis of fine lines drawn characters, is an error exiled in eternity. Just as building a crystal globe means putting into operation an imaginary world in which someone put the sun in the sky.

What is never forgotten is included in an annex, an integral part of the path travelled by its diversity, the same route imagined by a God, experienced by an alchemist, loved by a philosopher, entrusted to an explorer and driven by the force of the hazard.


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