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The Supreme Impulse Of The Heart's Will

On June 01, 2013, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Let yourself be led by that inner force that draws your future, avoiding the zone of turbulence that disconnects you from your normal way of being.

I came into possession of the numbers that could open the safe. The diamonds could have been mine. Even if I were able to act firmly and surely, in a single burst of courage, it is also true that I would have had to live with the truth. With the relative humility in the face of that overwhelming life situation, where I would have had to confront my own mirror, the right man inside myself.

Some masses of tissue in the body and the brain still generate strong currents, a sign that there is still inside me that unknown activity of stimuli, signals and reactions that urge me to take action. I respond well to challenges, especially when I am concerned about something urgent. O serious form of feeling that furiously palpitates inside me, the alluring thought of a victory over the immeasurable and unpredictable on the broad front of doubt.

And these currents, like angry waves that uncontrollably come and go, create around my whole being a strong, but fluctuating magnetic field. Or the amplitude of the magnetic field is adjusted and accentuated by the voice of my heart that constantly cries desperately, firmly commanding me: "Do it ! Do it ! Do it !".And God has no power over it.

Leadership: Do you show humility and a sense of heart to recognize the truth in perceiving an Ego forced to make sense of an expanded consciousness experience?

And yet, I do not think there is anything more beautiful than to indulge in high intensity currents. It is a kind of turbulence that weighs heavily on my own being, increasing my adrenaline, creating the impression of an excessive lack of measure, doubled by an elusion of reason. I run the risk of crazy and demonic overestimation, which somewhat manifests itself by the absence of an understanding of my nature. Who am I, what have I become?

I swiftly cross the well-defined territory of my vengeful being, where the activation energy of the combining reaction between the two reactants is produced: courage and determination, which cohere, forming a single reaction product: revenge.

Yes, I have to take my revenge. I must make a new attempt to get out of the uncomfortable space of my concerns and weaknesses, concluding an agreement with myself out of which some unilateral obligations should appear. I must quickly fix the connectors loosen by so much opposition to myself, to connect them to a device that mobilize me to go beyond the boundaries I have been used to so far. Generating a force able to cope with all impulses determined by the general principles and rules of morality and conscience becomes a priority.

I climbed the hill where the castle of doubt towered and I visited that giant building, flanked by strong fortifications, called trust. I would have probably regretted that I climbed up there if it weren’t for the wonderful view, dominated by an endless feeling of contentment, freeing myself from the reeling thought that I was weak and did not respond to the heart’s impulse when I was supposed to.

Leadership: Do you take into account your vulnerability of not having a pillar of support in times of hardship, in order to personalize an evolutionary experience in what fits you as a way of avoiding confrontation with the self-image?

Do you have the courage to face your own mirror, the correct man within yourself? Do you respond better to challenges when you are concerned about something urgent? Does a form of serious feeling palpitate within yourself when you bury your old way of being? Are you bound by emotions to take a step forward in the uncomfortable space of your weaknesses?

The objection that I express, admissible in this context, based on the saying: "If you do not like what you find, look elsewhere what you are missing!"cannot banish the demons of those purely personal failures that circle man. And, obviously, does not take into account the set of specifications regarding human complexes, which bind his characteristics and manifestations in a given situation.

This objection that he who fully serves his development cannot denigrate his identity can be rejected by identifying a continuum of depth in the You-I-Past-Presentrelationship. My reservations concerning the alleged parallelism between the reaction force, which has an adverse effect on the human psyche, and the braking force that cancels the opposite effect, concern in particular the opposite operating rules that must be fulfilled for man to fulfill his life.

Confronting the self-image is proof of profound continuity in the You-I-Past-Present relationship, as a form of response to the weakness of not being able to free yourself from the passion of living in a selfish way.

When you step into the future, trying to forget your past, you are almost inevitably filled with the feeling of emptiness, unable to notice a change in the overall appearance of life. And as past always lives in you as an imperative presence, your only chance of "recovery" is setting that form of "revenge" of restoring your power to rise above your own operational failures.

And leadership does not go well with human inconsistency and vulnerability of not having a pillar on hard times. He who cannot live with the truth of his own self in the present yields to his lower nature, which relates to the past. And he is therefore forced to live with the relative humility in the face of overwhelming life situations, when he becomes powerless to defend himself against the war of his present and past self.

Can you evaluate your leadership in relation to your impulse to reinvent yourself to the boundary between “being someone else” and the condition of curbing your impulses of awareness of your own alterity?

Not daring to confront your own mirror, the correct man within yourself, who is able to keep your identity (and its values) intact, you get to a point when you touch the "tension" of life, you get to indulge in high-intensity currents that reduce your functionality, sign that there is still in you that activity of stimuli, signals and reactions, which urge you to take action – alienating you from that field of awareness, assumption and fulfillment.

The physicist Oliver Wendell Holmes enunciated this truth when he said: "A mind that acquires new frontiers because of a new idea will never return to its original size."These words can be interpreted as follows.

The idea of being someone else, of getting away from the well-defined territory of your real identity, overshadowing the line delimiting the frontiers of understanding, will temporarily relieve your situation and condition of being. But it could never justify the inability to restrain your impulses. You will return to the original size of existence, opposite to the perfect state of unity and wholeness.

The price you have to pay to get out of the uncomfortable space of concerns and weaknesses, being too high, will confirm or infirm your suspicion – that you are a man that cannot restore his course of life.

Leadership effectiveness depends on how your mistakes, made out of ignorance to change yourself, in conjunction with your impulse to reinvent yourself, personally affect you.

Alterity is the tendency of man to see himself differently than he is, in the light of what he is willing to pay to be freed from the pressure of the past, from the constraints of an austere existence.

The Supreme Impulse Of The Heart’s Will designates that form of human expression that cannot be harnessed, the rapid growth of the tendency of living alone in a place of impotence, consisting of the inability to restore a state of affairs that turns out to be against your real nature, entering into a kind of darkness that disconnect you from your normal being.

If you want leadership to have the allure of a river flowing without interruption,let yourself be led by that inner force that draws your future, avoiding the zone of turbulence that disconnects you from your normal way of being.

* Note: Flawless (2007)"


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