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The Territory Of Excellence

On March 12, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

The more important your leadership is, the greater the demand on yourself must be.

Yesterday evening, at an entertainment program, one of the guests told the following joke:

Two police officers spin along the road in their car. At one point, they avoid a hole and enter a tree. They both come out of the twisted bodywork, and one of them says:

- We deserve a bonus ! We never arrived so quickly on the accident scene.

Leadership: Can you work as a point of reference for the image of a whole made up of equal parts that can only be closed in a single position?

Do you study every aspect of your leadership before defining your excellence? Developing your potential is like tracing a map. In order to understand how to fully use it, you must first study each of its elements, so that you can extract as much information about its represented “territory”.

All our traits, qualities and skills are collected in a territory where we are compelled to act. For our level of excellence to rise, we must first develop this territory under the beneficent effect of example and guidance of a professional, a mentor, a competent team. And then, to act in accordance with the constitutive elements of the territory, without getting too far from reality.

But too often, we make mistakes by creating barriers for ourselves in this territory. We are like the police officer who limits his potential, creating certain certainties, advantages, expectations for himself, which mask his lack of professionalism. We pass through a stage of development in the opposite direction of our excellence, which does not bring any benefits.

Just like the literary text, the play is the basic element in theatre, so the basic element of your excellence is given primarily by your level of honesty to your responsibility. The development of your territory can be reached only, primarily, by an enrichment of your own perspectives and understanding to your own performance. First, strive to become a better professional, then reason on your level of performance. You will break many of the fundamental aspects marking your territory if you mirror your personality through a false excellence.

Leadership: How high is the demand on you in relation to a situation that lends itself to more behavioral possibilities, but does not conform to your understanding of what is happening to you?

The image that defines your leadership position can be composed of two equal parts: the reality that you know is possible and the reality you experience by accepting the feeling of guilt, but to which you refuse to give yourself entirely. And working as a landmark for this image means feeling self-aware, as if other people will judge you for anything wrong, for any change you could not control.

Being demanding of yourself means showing more interest in events that put you in unexpected situations, and you immediately need to discipline yourself to focus your attention on what you can do to correct them. So the more important your leadership is, the greater the demand on yourself must be, and the more you must figure out your thinking inconsistencies. Do not remove your ability to be objective and critical on yourself – abilities that you need in order to constantly adjust your transition from mediocrity and inefficiency to excellence.

Do you feel particularly aimed at by a certain amount of failure when you get up too high your level of competence? Do you limit your potential in your way to improvement, breaching the basic principles of excellence? Do you call on all your skills to clarify and refine your vision, your system of principles and values, and your philosophy of life? What parts of your territory do you disregard when your results are disappointing?

The position taken by a leader in a state of bewilderment in the face of events must not be that of a “hero of chance”, nor that of an inviolable man against whom even the will of God can do nothing. Rather, the position that a leader must adopt is that of submission to events, but acting with that admiration that starts from a moved soul, with the strength to recognize the weight of reality and the eventuality of an approach directed against one’s own beliefs.

Leadership aims at the maturing process of a man who, from an inexperienced pawn in the face of events, transforms into a man of great verticality who saves the world from disaster.

The Territory Of Excellence forms that perfect unity between your performances and your qualities. The way you act in accordance with the constitutive elements of your leadership is critical for your excellence. The more important your leadership is, the greater the demand on yourself must be.

The territory of excellence supposes having a particular self-criticism and analysis, a special power to permanently anchor yourself, so as to be able to smooth your path to the future, and especially not to “get stuck”. For this territory of excellence, leadership is like quicksand; it can swallow you when you stumble.

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