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The Too Distant Realm Of Unknown Ores

On June 10, 2012, in Leadership That Lasts, by Neculai Fantanaru

Sweep across the horizons so that to get closer to the realm that hides the entire mystery of the world and universe.

From the moment when I was interested in something, I became inaccessible to any occupation. Always and everywhere, I was guided by this unilateral vehemence, the fierce manifestation of the inner impetus to new approaches, the complex pursuance of the most bizarre and unique issues related to the senses and feelings that exceedingly strained, like a bow ready for shooting, the vital resorts of the human manifestations.

It was about a total frenzy, unprecedented (paradoxical to those like me, whose concerns were related to practicing sports of performance) suddenly sprang from the fierce chase after the most precious, purest, and most significantly active in the world: science. The science of life, time, thoughts, of correlations and interdependencies, of the mystical chains, who lead to the appearance of an imperceptible world. Of eternal values transforming the feelings ​​into alternative energy, negative and positive that exists in the human being.

The command of destiny was above the height of my aspirations. Or, were intertwining? I felt that I had given in exploitation a huge reservoir with great potential sources of regenerative human energy. And I had to take care of its maintenance. I was a traveler thrown into the harshest and the most sinister realm, having the difficult, costly, horrendous task of exploring it entirely, but approaching it into a surrealistic manner, with the risk of losing myself in its depths.

Leadership: Are you able to trace a boundary between the Science of Life, which teaches you to schedule a meeting with destiny, and its mystery?

Thus was born the magic, the mechanics of understanding the human nature. Its charms, the holy material, blooded by the chain explosions of the warmest or coolest emotions, of the most cruel aspirations of the soul - that only he, the fierce explorer of the realm of illusion and reality, by means of many characters, created and performed at the highest rate of professionalism, could give them a harmonious form and a huge energy. Like a sculptor who shapes the basic foundation of any being, with the well-sharpened chipper of his own thoughts and feelings.

The characters created by a recipe studied and improved for years, in the image and likeness of those who bear in their soul when joy, when pain, dressed with the brightest combination of white and black (because these colors are characteristic to human character and its development) were externalizing their feelings in the most various ways in order to give the impression that they are perfect and should not be adjusted at all. Living trunks, full of sap, of their passions and impulses, were showing all their asperities, seeming so much more convincing.

The science of life is what I learned from what I experienced during my experiences of solitude in the sphere of the present moment, of being harassed by intimidating thoughts, relative truths, programs installed in my mind by the power of God. Many miracles I have experienced during my prayers to strengthened my patience, in hope and in faith, to ease the continuation of the adventure called "Small Changes", in my humble corner of heaven, from my room.

Magic takes place within your initiation in the deepest mysteries of life in the form of another character, close to what you have in mind when you are caught in the game of manifesting the reality you create around the idea of ​​"illusion".

I was saying in one of my webinars that leadership throws you in the "jail" then strengthens your confidence in you, in your science, saving you from a prolonged "sleep" and a damaging denouement.

I notice, listen and wonder about the absolutely ridiculous way that many of those so called leaders of various companies and institutions are approaching the leadership. I think many of them are completely missing the magical essence, that internal illumination of the refined man, prudent in terms of knowing the human nature in a context of "self-reflection". And by the way of approaching the transition from "white to black" during their evolution.

Like some angry fools, they rush in the cell walls tapestried with prints of their own reality (lacking measurement and often the soul) struggling in the invisible prison of a glory built on the work and sweat of others.

Being pushed more and more into a void of indifference by an uncharacteristic vision of just and pure people, inappropriate of founding a healthy leadership, caught in the net of inability to live up to the demands imposed by the most important virtues. They create a certain type of leadership by themselves, on some grounds just as flimsy as the crickets’ hind legs adapted to jumping - only that they skip over all that means "human". The illusion of disillusion.

Only those determined, but also full of finesse, whose true value lies into the greatness of soul, are able to unchain the bold spirit, and can evince the qualities of a spirit explorer. Thoroughly researching every feeling, every emotion, every impulse, every thought that tries the human being, the eternal values that transform the feelings into alternative energies, negative and positive existing in it.

Leadership: Can you place yourself in a direct relationship with the confessional self in the context of an experience that qualifies you to weigh the value of a creation that exceeds its price?

Furthermore, I observe. I have all the reasons to state that, in reality, the art of leading appears differently than was understood by a number of individuals in senior positions, who fell as being influenced by the idea that the way you guide is due to charisma, personality, eventually to personal merits. Being deprived of any kind of achievements, their only support being marked by numerous "recommendations" or by a long and rich experience in their field of work.

They, just like some condemned, imprisoned in a dark room, have formed some false opinions about leadership (or insufficiently large, which does not open new horizons) not based on careful observation, and which does not focus on the mechanics of understanding the human nature. They are not able to see in themselves an "exemplary true leader" - an unsurpassed investigator of building the human potential, a stylist sure of himself.

Could I be wrong? Or, maybe, first of all, the leader should not be a creator, an unsurpassed artist of perceiving the finest senses, a fine connoisseur of inter-human relations and resorts by which means they are regulated, having the man and his understanding in its spotlight?

Putting yourself in a direct relationship with the confessional self in the context of an experience that qualifies you to weigh the value of a creation that exceeds its price is to relate to an image that always remains in your mind for the formation of a broader horizon of understanding the world.

The price of a creation, on the line of valorisation of novelty elements, is established by a transfiguration of conception and vision to the reality that you compose and govern.

The realm which is continuously expanding

Leadership is a too big realm, too rich, and too distant for being robbed and destroyed - a sort of Atlantis that could never be swallowed by the sea in one day and night, sank into the depths of the fury of a tsunami during its most prosperous period. It is a land that continuously extends, farther, through the power of leaders to reveal the hidden realities of the human being, by their ability to capture the most expressive manifestations of the human spirit.

Very few manage to get closer to this realm, to widen, like a tireless pilgrim in search of light, of the great revelation, as complex and as incomprehensible of the human being. Few people are proving to be elite sailors; few have the courage to soar like a Nansen, like a Magellan, and as a Columbus into the unknown and unpredictable, and to succeed in acquiring, triumphant, the true wisdom through their efforts.

Most of the leaders are in a constant search of a reality that does not belong at all to that distant realm that hides the entire mystery of the world and universe: the man (no one has fully found his capacities and high energies).

Just as the best way to gain money is to invest with wisdom, so the best way to manage your leadership progress is to penetrate deeper into the realm of human existence, exploring it all, digging up each hill, each mine, discovering each ore. Without getting lost in the abyss of the fear of the unknown, of the indolence and indifference towards the fellows whom you lead.


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