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The True Masterpiece Of Art

On March 26, 2017, in Human Resources, by Neculai Fantanaru

Measure your passion for leadership, demonstrating that the ambition of immediate knowledge of a final effect serves as a starting point for the confirmation of a new revelation.

I thought of everything and I would think up everything within the meanings of a work of art of an unknown author. In each stage of the question filled anxiety, which calculates its troubled accents depending on the idea revealed by the evolutionary trends of the sickness, everything challenged by the adamant destiny, a new dimension of the idea of form, order, sorting, was brought forth.

Secretly, challenged by the great size of the mistake and remorse, within me bloomed frustration, as a sort of burning of the sense of obligation, close to the world of Dostoevsky’s characters, a state so passionate, so feverish, to which only the apocalypse was immanent.

I will not say that I did not lose myself, refusing to let myself be morally trained, and perhaps, I needn’t do it, in such an experimental adventure, the follow-up of the happening of being restless, facing the relentless effects of the virus’ transformation through resorts of genes that turned the purpose of life on earth into only a chance of survival.

But I will look upon wandering as being a fragment of the inferno in which man is scientifically associated with a predator, in carrying out a divine plan from the perspective of unpredictable and transmissible mutations of the virus.

The extreme points of the function of seeking any inhibitor of the virus, in an underground of life, were those extreme points of the function of measuring my impact with the darkest reality, where I had to see the end of it in any I could.

In a way, I knew what was about to happen, the idea terrified me, without any retouching, without any kind of reserve. I was the proof of life’s penalty after all the harsh laws of science and final judgment of God.

Leadership: Is the beautiful, as an individual understanding of the fact that you can use the laws of life to create new ways of surpassing the limits of reality, an answer to the recommendation of the echo that blurs a state of weakness?

Nostradamus was walled in because he would not let anyone enter his chamber. This intimate and discrete character is an answer to anxiety, a concern for the future, an affective state characterized through a diffuse feeling of insecurity, a penalty for the systematic analysis of the repercussions this type of intimacy radiate.

The diagnosis of this psychological affliction is established from the acceptance of the saying "you must believe in nothing in order to understand everything". In such a case, the final impact over the concentration of the ambition to live goes from a few fractions to a few dozen percentages, then immediately drops to zero.

A more refined version of yourself becomes the only construction material whose resistance to compression increases in time, hour by hour, as the comparison between effects and causes, natural or arbitrary, or authority and freedom increases. A version of yourself whose form, nuance, and aspect are dictated only by the survival instinct and the need to cover yourself in an echo devoid of whispers, but alive and extremely dynamic, of the type "who escapes here alive is a hero". The echo will go around the world in search of the hope of defeating the malignant forces of evil, of the unnatural reality.

The daring to dangerously go beyond the limits of reality is a painting in which all others are absent and only you exist.

Before promoting leadership, you must take into account the path towards opening yourself to a vision referring to the relationships resulting from the carrying out of a divine plan of creation offered by the perspective of a harsh and uncertain reality (in which countless factors interact) and the demands of your own calling for adventure in relation to the instinct of surviving "all by yourself."

The state of strength is given by man tendencies towards unifying any information from the environment towards the direction of aspiration towards an absolute law: "you cannot deny your actions without denying your guilt or excusing your moral failure." And the state of weakness, beyond the limits imposed by the harsh reality, is given by that experience of joining man with a set of persistent prejudices and myths such as: "I can’t survive alone."

The True Masterpiece Of Art is to surpass the limits imposed by fatality. People follow leaders if they demonstrate that the ambition of immediate knowledge of a final effect serves as a starting point for the confirmation of a new revelation.

Such a revelation, transposed into a role of force, can sound as such: "I am the only one that places today before yesterday" or "I am the only one that places pain before joy."

* Note: World War Z


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