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The True Measure Of Leadership

On January 12, 2013, in Leadership Deluxe, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to be proactive in the essentials of life, without creating pressure on your own authority.

In the volume that Mihail Sebastian wrote about “Proust’s correspondence”, we find these disturbing lines: “Almost all of Proust’s letters, even those of his youth, are written under the imminence of the end. The thought of death is always present in his letters. If he receives an invitation, proposes a meeting, or sets a deadline, Proust is obliged to add the actual, current, and always plausible for him clause of death that can revoke everything.”

Death can come at any time, for people sad and overcome by the hardships of life, said Mihail Sebastian about the writer who had been suffering from asthma for years in a smoking room with cork walls.

Irreconcilable with Proust’s death, inconsolable, moved by this tragic fate, Mihail Sebastion isn’t even given the modest luck to feel his own death looming, to prepare for it, to rebel against it, to write a single line in the cold light of its approach.

Leadership: Are you able to maintain the greatness of being reconciled with who you are and what you are at the most pleasing point of life, so that you can create an identity close to the trajectory of a destiny revealed only through an antithesis?

In what variety of situations do refusal and disapproval turn on in yourself ? Do you sometimes fall into a growing state of overwrought, or in an increasingly depressing state? Does all the essence of your life distance from morality? Are you a system that can maintain the most terrible fire or a system that isn't able to react on impulse?

A man thrown in the middle of life's turmoil is, in reality, a navigator swimming adrift with his head down until he sinks in his own doubts. Nervous stages of incoherence in thoughts of his involution. Such a man reflects his last strength not only on his existence, but also onto the other people around him, causing a rupture between them, that sometimes can't be fixed.

This chaotic movement forward that creates a certain pressure on man, takes place when in doubt, when negativism leaves its print over his personality and evolution, thus strongly destabilizing him under the most different aspects. It becomes a torture to share with others some of the most varied experiences. And the agglomeration of defining components in a small exploitation space, where his real identity can't be fully controlled, firmly entails a reduction of his own values.

Romanian poet, Mihail Eminescu imagines all the breath of life in the spiritual controversy of man as a kind of antithesis: “Time is fleeing, time returns, All is old and new as well.” By this, we understand the character of the man who is closely related to the difference between you from yesterday, today and tomorrow, but at the level of motivation, emotions, performance, destiny, associated with the sensitivity and the weakness to leave yourself prey to doubt, despair, instinctive bursts.

Leadership: Does your vision of life help you better understand the dimension of the consciousness of what you are experiencing as a practical attitude towards a being marked by an irreconcilable duality?

“Today I understood that to act, to love and to suffer really means to live to the extent that you are permeable and accept your destiny as a reflection of a rainbow of joys and passions”, Camus once said in his “Notebooks”.

This means entering in a dark area, of unrest, and remain there stationed without having any positive vision of life and of your own identity. It's the moment when you reach the limit of your own inability to rise above disorienting life events. An impoverishment of you self, which perpetuates, grows and becomes uncontrollable. And it won't change by itself unless a third party intervenes, at best, or only then when the deed was committed, meaning too late.

You will never be able to develop your maximum leadership potential if you don't block negative infiltrations, such as depreciation, self-esteem and your own social status. Ensuring continuity to your evolution, without overlooking that warning which enters into force every time you approach the forbidden area, you will be able to embrace all those diverse aspects of reality.

A being marked by an irreconcilable duality, being reached by the limit of its own inability to rise above upsetting life situations, readily agrees to represent an affective image in a behavioral and psychological plane, by not producing any emotion to one without such provisions. The reproduction of the affective states in satisfaction, evident in the case of an unhappy denouement, with many reproaches and reprimands, is reduced to a mere memory of the fact that it had them.

Leadership: Do you jump outside your destiny, not knowing where to return afterwards?

An an incentive in your process to better the quality of being a Man, you can use a strong point, a fundamental feature, or a certain conviction that would ensure the permanence of value. Approval. Accept the inevitable and try to overcome it, be at peace with yourself and take full advantage of any apparently desperate situation that tries your character.

The Romanian writer, Emil Cioran, said something worth citing. "Nobody loved more than me in this world and, nonetheless, if it were offered to be on a plate, even as a little child I would have exclaimed: "Too late, too late ! " What's wrong, what happened? – Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong, I jumped outside my destiny and I don't know where to return, where to run..."

If you continuously approach new areas outside your area of "being", you will, almost certainly, step away from quality leadership. That means jumping outside your safety perimeter, where positive feelings and thoughts are protected and guaranteed. You will lose yourself in an area without any strong coverage. And thus, all your life's essence will distance itself from moral richness, risking defeat by the unpredictable and becoming vulnerable. Uncertainty, fear, vulnerability, formally intertwined, will create an apparently functional, but fragile and unstable structure.

The “low” trajectory of a broken destiny has as a point of suggestion the grinding of an Ego always on the existential limits between being and nothingness, in a delirium of suffering strongly supported by the lucidity of a non-assumed commitment.

The True Measure Of Leadership is the power to break away from that “Too late, too late” in the diffusion of a culture of diversity and manipulation, in which each existence has insignificant value, conditioned by the satisfaction of material needs, such that the “leap” you make out of your destiny will not be too harsh when you suddenly find yourself with “everything in the bag”.

From the end to serenity is a small step that the conscience perceives at the level of faith, transcendence, self-suggestion, personal transformation, initiative, at the level of collective mentality or at the level of control and information.

* Note: Serghi, Cella - On The Spider's Thread of Memory, Polirom Publishing House, 2013.


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