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The Tsar Of Moscow Is Not Down Yet !

On July 30, 2016
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Be that part of the immensity of the opportunity to choose, no longer letting circumstances choose instead of you.

The scene in the film continues. Basmanov arrives with the news of Ivan’s friend’s betrayal, Prince Kurbski. The monk reads on King David’s Psalm. Someone else whispers to the tsar the extent of the betrayals. The monk: "Oh, how my heart presses. Awaited I mercy. Yet in vain. People of comfort I’ve looked for. But have not found."

And then, suddenly, Ivan raised his head. And like a wild beast he cried throughout the cathedral: "You’re lying ! The tsar of Moscow is not down yet ! "

And now he decides to create the Oprichnina army, to leave for Svoboda Alexandrovskaia. "An abbot of iron I shall become." He advises with those who have remained loyal to him. He makes the decisions that will guide his steps from henceforth. He climbs back to the coffin again. He gazes upon death’s frozen features. And it seems to him that her face relaxed, approved of him.

With the hand on the cheek of the dead Empress, Ivan makes his grand covenant: "Great things I shall accomplish: ruler over the whole world I shall become ! Two Romes have fallen, the third one – Moscow ! – is standing. And the forth Rome shall not exist ! " *

Leadership: Can you live under your real condition, in a version of reality that doesn’t validate you as the owner of an exceptional destiny?

In a world in which the true meaning of human value is lost through a twist of things experienced, through a fatality of all that is happening, where only personal experience is the best life lesion, an aspirer to power can be signified real or symbolic, in the situation to settle in the existential situation of the meeting between the two categories of circumstance.

First those hazardous circumstances when he himself is astray in the mist, moving endlessly without purpose, but who unexpectedly drags the world behind him also. Then, those circumstances of necessity, representing the way certain states or domination tendencies are manifested, through the force of the potential of imposing one’s self, when he becomes "the change" because he stays true to his principles of affirmation.

We refer to chance as a way of knowing how to choose between the favorable circumstances of a situation and your inner weakness, and the Tsar of Moscow understood that what appears on the horizon of his destiny at a certain turning point must be taken as a sign of recognition of personal merits before this chance disappears.

Leadership is that part of the immensity of the opportunity to choose, without letting circumstances choose in your stead. A chance that very few understand, because in every destiny it appears at one point, but can disappear if you are not worthy of it.

And as someone wrote on an astrology blog, a balance between the two aspects must be maintained: acceptance of destiny and the efforts of influencing circumstances.

Leadership: Can you attain the immediate experience of some things without knowing at least one truth about them, only considering them as a sine qua non requirement for attaining greatness?

The owner of an exceptional destiny knows that he must travel a long path that leads to the restoration of his being, through experiences hierarchized in an ascending chain. Therefore, he turns this path into a constant concern, which on the basis of situation changes will not circumscribe to a contrarian absurd reality, but only to those repeated experiences of settling on the position of conqueror.

And a conqueror who defends his rights stoically, is always guided by the slogan: "Great things shall I accomplish: ruler of the entire world shall I become ! " These things, in any image of themselves, in any circumstance, surround a thought expressed through a kind of need to reflect on the possible connections with a hero whose superpower lies in the ability to demonstrate that he possesses that science of choosing the hare from wheat. Such a hero is able to experience an important moment with great internal combustion, but not at all externalized.

To live under your real condition, but in a version of reality that validates you as the owner of an exceptional destiny, means continuing to move forward on the path of life benefiting from the effective power of higher ideals, without conforming to them in each and every one of your actions.

Achieving greatness is a great representativeness recital on the stage of history to be defined by a reality past, present and future, that hero is considered the highest and limitless truth about the facts and wounds of history.

The Tsar Of Moscow Is Not Down Yet ! is the fruit of those personal manifestations, born from the inner fire, depicting on the great image of destiny the face of a personality full of significance formed by the constant battle with hostile forces and with the phenomenon of regression especially: be common as all others.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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