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The universe of an artist who feeds on the euphoria of creation

On June 14, 2016, in Leadership 360˚, by Neculai Fantanaru

Broaden your horizons of perception of existential reality by pointing to the merit of questioning the subtleties of sensitive thinking, specific to artists who know the way in which symbolic mechanisms work.

I very much enjoyed reading Victor Ieronim Stoichiţă not only because of his talent of presenting the great masterpieces of pictorial art, but for the merit of questioning the subtleties of sensitive thoughts, specific to artists who know the workings of symbolic mechanisms. For example, in his book “How to enjoy a painting”, we are moved by the possibility of enjoying several paintings through the background intelligence of an expression able to substantially streamline communication even with those without practical exercise of art.

But first of all, we are introduced into a universe of perceptions of belonging and interconnection to a universe that is vibrant, full of personality and expressive force. Take for example a passage from his wonderful work about art, with reference to a page of history:

“On a famous page of the Hall of 1767, Diderot exclaims in front of an anticipating picture of the future painter of the Louvre:

In what enormous obscure and mute depth will my eye wander now? At what prodigious distance is sent the piece of sky that I glimpse through this opening ! The amazing degradation of light ! How it diminishes while lowering itself from the top of the sky, along the columns ! How the shadows are pushed by the light of day from the entrance up to the exit ! You never grow tired of seeing it. The ideas the ruins awake in me are tremendous. Everything disappears, everything is lost, everything passes, only the world remains, only time endures. How old this world is ! I step between two eternities. A torrent crowds the nations at the bottom of a common precipice. I simply want to stop at the edge of it and avoid the stream that flows alongside me.”

Leadership: Do you take into consideration the essential tendency of an artist that reveals himself as a glimpse thrown over the course of history, pretending to be fulfil himself as omniscient through a prolonged life experience?

You can put in a favorable light what you experience at a level of knowledge, from the perspective of a borderless liberty of self-determination when you start juxtaposing the two parts from the content of the expression: nothing is lost, everything is transformed. And, at the same time, you should know how to apply them in the case of explaining certain phenomena and processes important for personal development. Such as phenomena of interference between logic, science, and free imagination, or the processes of producing ideas and combinations between vision and negation.

The artist measures his talent with a superhero in a parallel universe through a reflection act that is not only possible but necessary, as in a play of mirrors, with a brush in his left hand and a few colors of the palette in his right hand, which occasionally introduces another space and time. He is the past and the future of the same image, evoking an atmosphere and a state of mind in the mind of the viewer whose happiness comes from being seen in the mirror of a fictional reality, moving between two eternities: an eternity of “here and now” and the eternity of a glorious life.

The compatibility with the precision of measuring the parameter "I am a Universe" can be affected by wat you feel at a level of knowledge if you fail to reach a high level of thinking only when you cannot bluntly say about yourself that you represent a "Totality." Well, in Diderot’s case, this totality is a well-known knowledge of the way in which the symbolic mechanisms that build the meaning of a new “new man” attitude in an anticipating picture of the future.

The man who aspires to new heights of progress is the result of a mixture of the two identities, with particular significance, which he undertakes on an existential and professional plane. Only through this mixture the modification of the structure of a functional relationship, expressed through "Am I a Universe?", becomes possible, with the help of a psychological and revealing experiment that highlights the depth of the spirit of incorporating everything into one, no matter how small and insignificant – but which can always be transformed.

"Nothing is lost, everything is transformed" – is the motto of brilliant minds that understand how the Universe works and how to integrate themselves within It so as to produce a ceaseless expansion of matter.

Leadership: The principles outlined in your creation correspond to the pattern of development that is accepted by a regular, simple expression: "Everything that surrounds you becomes an extension of one single meaning?"

Viewed as steps of a pyramid that you can climb only in accordance with certain rules (developing clear leadership concepts, organized in a logical, coherent and convincing display, consistent with the message that you send), these representations must guarantee you value, a type of importance, a certain weight, ensuring you the green light to the area of interest, competence and training of your supporters.

The Greeks had a term for art that may seem strange: tehné, meaning craft. For the leadership embedded in your "creation" to be able to face any criticism, any shield, any intellectual, ideological or educational-informative hindrance, the messages, concepts and principles you convey must meet the development model they accept.

Is this monitoring and evaluation mechanism of how you promote your creation based on novel "You-They" reports?

Leadership is based on knowing the "Artist" inside you. And this knowledge full of emotions, full of truth, differentiated by a transitional horizon that can make your evolution accessible, becomes, in the minds of our time, the only way possible to achieve perfection.

The message of an artist who regards himself wisely is the real representation of an image picked out of a deep knowledge of life marked by a deep meaning: “Everything disappears, everything is lost, everything passes, only the world remains.”

The Universe Of An Artist Who Feeds On The Euphoria Of Creation is constituted as a meditation on existential reality, which at any time can be customized with a creative message, like: “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.


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