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The Unknown Realms Of Reality

On February 15, 2014, in Leadership GT-Accent, by Neculai Fantanaru

Optimize your performance in developing inter-human relationships, by cultivating the ability to differentiate between what you know and what you do not know.

There was something so innocent about Ellie, so simple, almost touchingly pure that I was surprised to see how well she was managing in business and how she took for granted everything that was said to her. And yet, I was not wrong about her. I knew too well the kind of person she was. I knew her simplicity all too well now, the affection she had for me, her natural kindness.

It’s just that she only knew a thin slice of my being. She knew next to nothing about my world, a world in which you were forced to steal in order to say you won something. She didn’t know what it meant to be raised and educated in a modest way, but honest, and yet with a permanent worry of the coming days, of money, of a mother that wore down her fingers to make you look presentable, convinced that her boy was to have it good in life.

Ellie was discovering my world just as I was discovering hers. We were both discovering unknown realms. *

Leadership: Can you set a benchmark by means of a thorough knowledge between two totally different worlds, to emphasize the side of your personality that asks you to be someone else regardless of the situation?

The side of your personality that asks you to be someone else, regardless of the situation, can manifest itself as an extension of the ability to differentiate what you know from what you don’t know in the case of approaching a reality that you recognize as your shadow, a daily-life presence set to impose itself as a consequence of life circumstances, but which is not allowed in its own way.

Basically, the hidden side of your personality is revealed when you see yourself as a victim of external circumstances and inner constraints that you observe in someone else’s case, someone you admire, but cannot copy. Or someone, someone you think of in one way and in a crisis situation you realize they did nothing by tease you.

Leadership is a means of profound human knowledge in the more numerous line of observations regarding the link between certainty and uncertainty that the eventual "negotiation" implies on signing the agreement of associating to an objective reality. It becomes a "top player" in the segment of constructing perceptions that foster understanding and relationships between people.

Leadership: Are you able to experience applying two image effects simultaneously to the same character so that your personality gains some independence from the causality of life’s phenomena and events?

Two image effects can be applied to the same character of daily life: the snapshot of an extended consciousness experience, when you have to take into account everything that does not qualify you as a “self-transforming man”, and the duration of a moving event that happens during a study of another way of thinking about life.

Basically, your independence from the causality of life’s phenomena and events is only achieved through a form of reaction in front of the multitude of opinions you make about someone or something that falls within your scope.

What is specific to leaders lies in the fact that they do not think in comparative terms, but in terms of “lessons learned”. Your image in the world view, a world in which you can be anything, represents a means of strengthening your Ego whose representative character lies in the fact that it does not hide behind social masks, obsessions, morality and external pressures, that is, it doesn’t feed on the experiences of others, but from its own experiences.

Someone used to say: "Inter-relations is an ongoing process, in which a change in the share of critical determinants occurs. At first, the most important factor in shaping the attitude towards the newly met individual is the well-known "first impression". But, gradually, this is replaced or corrected by the elements drawn from deeper knowledge of positive and negative traits of that person."

Leadership: Can you analyze the man in the reflection of the most varied aspects of his personality, as to get an exploration of the significant lives and ideas of two main figures?

Like a woodpecker who moves from tree to tree, tireless, after rules known only by itself, cleaning them of insects, leadership always pries in the trunk of the great oak of truth, setting a benchmark which traces the outline of clearer images concerning people. This value can only be set through a deeper knowledge of man taken as an individual, but also by interacting with others.

Leadership, whose background elements are taken from thinking based on the principle "you cannot know unless you believe and you cannot believe everything you know", as a measure of penetration into the space of a distinct reality, is extending its rules concerning the management of relations between individuals. You cannot know someone down to the smallest of details, but you can establish a pretty good measure of their potential.

Looking closely at someone, analyzing him in the reflections of the most varied aspects of his personality, protecting yourself from the temptation to make assumptions a priori, you’ll be able to make those successive and well calculated moves from a plan that does not allow finalization of the union between two or several types of mentalities, to a plan that optimizes performance in interpersonal development. By cultivating the ability to differentiate between what you know and what you do not know.

Looking in the mirror in the form of two main figures means freeing yourself from the Ego that makes you judge the world around you, without feeling cloistered in a precarious, armored mental universe. It means being surrounded by the mystery of a forked reality: a part where you can overcome your most hidden fears and a part where all the phenomena of life come together, interact and give a totalizing meaning.

The Unknown Realms Of Reality are those elements of the human factor that does or does not favor collective or individual performance, by motivational aspects that are sometimes changing.

Thorough understanding of this unknown called "man" is essential in leadership. Whose clarity and predictability regarding human evolution and trends of establishing relations, compatible with high performance, offers numerous ways of evaluation and maintenance of those fundamental orientations that have a strong impact on society.

* Note: Agatha Christie - Endless Night


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